Adam Milstein: Working Hard for the Jewish People

On college campuses across the country many for Israel and Jewish groups are facing backlash from many BDS groups in recent years. These groups have worked tirelessly to try and counter this hate but the hate just seems to be increasing. There are many example of students being harassed and ostracized for their Jewish heritage or support. There has also been incidences of physical violence against Jewish students and fraternities. The number of anti-Jewish protest and marches seem to be increasing at an alarming rate. Many Americans are pro-Israel, however their reach on colleges campuses is limited due to a variety of reason.


One pro-Israel group (SSI) formed at the University of Minnesota because they were tired of the mistreatment of Jewish students. SSI slowly grew on campus. They began having active roles in government and pass a pro-Israel ruling that came about from SSI members. This group’s success came with focusing on being proactive rather than reactive. Soon SSI began adding chapters on campuses across the country. Their message was simple and they did not waver. SSI believes reacting positively in adverse situations gets their message across more effectively. The organization is now 5 years old and continues to spread its pro-Israel message unapologetically.


Adam Milstein is a pro-Israel philanthropist and is the national chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He co-founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation which provided services to organization to strengthen Israel, its people, and their relationship with America. Milstein has a Master’s of Business Administration from USC Los Angeles. He is married and has two daughters.

Jason Hope’s Take on the Internet of Things

Jason Hope is a tech entrepreneur who likes to talk and write about the latest trends in the world of technology. Recently he shared an article with, discussing the Internet of Things (IoT). He referred to it as the biggest form of innovation in the tech industry. The IoT allows people to synchronize different devices with each other. It’s a great platform for devices to share data using the same data. According to Mr. Hope, the Internet of Things will boost business operations around the world.

Hope also believes that big firms will invest a lot of money on this technological advancement. As soon as big corporations start using the IoT, other businesses will feel left out. So, they’ll start adopting the Internet of Things too. With time, the majority of devices will be able to connect via a shared platform. Jason Hope explains that this tech solution is a huge part of the future. App developers will compete to come up with the best programs that people can use for their daily activities. Mr. Hope has predicted that there will be fierce competition in the coming years.The IoT comes with several benefits such as minimizing waste. It’s sustainable in nature. Therefore, it will make our lives safer. Jason gave an example with public transportation. Trains use the Internet of things to monitor maintenance. The public transport sector will have to continue using the IoT to continue enjoying these benefits.

About Jason Hope

Hope is a futurist, tech enthusiast as well as a philanthropist. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and an MBA. Over the years, he has taken part in multiple innovation projects.Jason Hope offers financial aid to the SENS Foundation, an organization that focuses on anti-aging studies and solutions. Hope supports SENS because he wants to create a better quality of life. He hopes that the foundation will discover a cure for Alzheimer’s and other ailments that accelerate aging.

Boraie Development And The Provident Bank Foundation Partners For A Noble Cause

The State Theatre New Jersey was proud to make it public that the free summer movies series was returning this summer. This initiative is sponsored by The Provident Bank Foundation and Boraie Development. The movies that will be featured include Frozen, the Extra Terrestrial, Despicable Me 2, Babe, Monsters University and Aladdin. These movies will be viewed at 10:30 am and 7:00 pm on July 12, July 19, July 26, August 2, August 9 and August 16 respectively. Notably, the tickets are free. This project seeks to enable young people to watch their favorite movies with their friends, summer camps, family and other groups at the State Theatre. This historic movie place is regarded as one of the preeminent venues for live performances in New Jersey.

The vice president of Boraie Development, Hiam Boraie, said that they were proud to be the sponsors of the series once again, thus enabling the community to see different movies for free in the historic avenue. The Provident Bank Foundation’s executive director, Jane Kurek, posited that they were thrilled to be part of the exciting State Theatre experiences this summer. The vice president of development and strategic partnerships at State Theatre, Anna Marie Gewirtz, asserted that they were happy to air summer movies with additional lineup of six films.

Moviegoers will have nothing short of unparalleled experience, starting with the theatre’s high-tech HD cinema projection system. It has a 46’ Stewart film screen, surround sound and a Barco projector. Audiences can view the movies from the balcony or sit downstairs at the 1,850-seat theater. Groups of fewer than 20 individuals do not need to make reservations.

However, groups of 20 and more will need to book their reservation by calling 732-246-7469 or visit: The State Theatre ticket office is opened from 10 am to 6 pm starting Monday to Friday. On Saturday, they open at 1 pm and close at 5 pm. This information was originally published on New Jersey Stage as outlined in the following link

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development Company offers a wide range of services in the urban real estate market. The New Jersey-based company zeroes in on developing spectacular properties for their clients. Omar Boraie, the president of Boraie Development, contends that back in 1972, people could hardly walk on the streets starting from 4 pm.

As a chemistry scholar, Omar had traveled and seen different cities in Europe. To this end, he believed that he could change the face of the city by developing modern apartments. Omar purchased 21 dilapidated buildings. He built Albany Street Tower One and Tower Two. These buildings provided the populace with office and retail spaces. The increase of people in the region made Omar Boraie to develop the One Spring Street Condominium. This 121 residential unit has a 400-space parking garage, 10,000 and 40,000 square feet of retail office and office space respectively and a large outdoor space. This information was originally mentioned on NJBIZ as highlighted in the link below

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Preventative Healthcare from Life Line Screening

Life line screening was initiated in 1993 with an aim of making people aware of unrecognized health problems and encourage them to seek follow-up care with their personal physician. They are a leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings in the United States.Life line screening offers three types of health screening services that are easy, painless, affordable, and convenient. The screenings require no preparation for the clients. One of the screening services is Ultra sound where they utilize state-of- the- art dopler color flow ultrasound technology. They screen abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid artery disease, ankle-brachial index screening and bone mineral density screening.

They also offer Finger-stick blood screening to identify important risk factors for heart diseases and diabetes. They prick the soft pad of the finger and take a few drops of blood to do complete lipid panel screening, glucose screening, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein to measure cardiovascular disease and elevated liver enzymes to measure levels of ALT and AST enzymes for liver damage.Limited electrocardiograph screening is done to detect irregular heartbeat, which is a common heart condition that significantly increase the risk of stroke. All the screening services are offered so as to detect potential health issues therefore enabling the person to do something about their health. However, most of the time, screening results are normal giving customer peace of mind.

Life line screening has been providing health knowledge so as to help people live healthier lives. Their services are affordable and preventive. The facility offer services are after improving people’s quality of life. There are times they organize community events in neighborhoods in contiguous United States in community centers, places of worship, senior centers and corporations.In Summary, Life line screening has specialized in screening of health, abdominal aortic aneurysm, atrial fibrillation, carotid artery, diabetes, heart disease, peripheral arterial, osteoporosis and cholesterol screening. If you want to visit their Facebook page: Click here.


How We Use Securus Technologies to Stay Ahead of Crime

My job in law enforcement is to be able to catch criminals or try to prevent them from doing harm if they are on the run. When working on the fugitive task force, we have to really be on our game because these suspects will stop at nothing to break out of jail and then cause problems once on the run. Each and every person in the state are in danger if we can not get these suspects gathered up and where they belong in a timely manner.


Once I am on the trial of a suspect, I usually go to where they are most comfortable, back with family. I stake out family residences, tap phone lines, and even widen the net to include relatives and close friends. The problem gets worse when we are dealing with gangs, because the network is so vast and it could include many states where these suspects can seek refuge.


In order to get ahead of the crime, I go back to where it all began, the jail. With the help of Securus Technologies and their new inmate communication system, we can now listen in on calls the inmates make like never before. The LBS software that I was trained to use gives me the chance to listen to these inmates talk about things they think they are hiding from us. In the past, they would chatter about drugs and weapons in code, now e can clearly decipher their conversations and get moving on investigations.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says he Dallas TX based corporation and all thousand of his employees are working towards one objective, making the world a safer place for all to live. Now with the help of the inmate call technology, we can pinpoint where a fugitive may be when members in jail are talking about getting him help on the outside.


Sawyer Howitt, a Young Entrepreneur and Talented Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is a high school senior born in 2000. Sawyer has great ability to understand the operational and financial needs of a business and the connection to the customers even with no formal coaching in this area. He is smart and able to work with spreadsheets in addition to coming up with compound presentations as well as taking annotations in any meeting.

Born in Portland, Sawyer Howitt focuses on business and finance, an area which he is greatly talented. At his tender age, he has worked with people from all walks of life more so in the charitable projects aimed at supporting different areas of education funding and women rights, and internships in various organizations.

Sawyer Howitt’s hobbies are fishing and sports, but he mostly likes racquetball, a sport which is family oriented and owned by a private club in Oregon. Sawyer Howitt has gained reputation as the most hopeful player in racquetball having grown up the ranks even though he is only in high school.

Presently, Sawyer plays for the Racquetball Club of Portland and achieved most of his skills from practicing in Lincoln High school where he won many matches and rose to the top of the game. He was mostly active in the 2015 tournaments and he has the capability of playing both men’s singles and doubles as well as mixed doubles, though he has only played the men’s singles. Fanatics of this game are confident that Sawyer Howitt is talented and soon he will be a renowned racquetball player in the world.




Arthur Becker and his success in Real Estate

Arthur Becker works at Zinio LLC where he is the acting Chief Executive Officer. Before assuming this position, Arthur worked at NaviSite where he was the Chief Executive Officer. Arthur Becker is the former Director and Vice Chairman at ClearBlue Technologies Inc. As per NY Daily News, he is also among the co-founders of the Atlantic Investors, LLC. Arthur is a former Senior Advisor working with the Vera Wang Fashion Company. He served at the fashion house for approximately seven years where he made key strategic decisions for the company. Arthur Becker became a private investor in both real estate and technology after Time Warmer acquired NaviSite Inc.

For many years, Arthur Becker has been working at the Madison Technologies LLC where he is a managing member. Due to his exceptional skills in real estate, Arthur is considered as one of the most successful investors in New York. His recent property development is the Sullivan Street where he has developed 3 luxury townhouses. Arthur has the knowledge required in finding profitable investment opportunities. He has acquired a reputation as a successful businessman and technology expert. His current company where he works at, Zinio LLC is involved in distribution of digital magazines. See more:

Arthur Becker has accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in technology and real estate for the many years he has been able to serve in the two industries. He attended the Bennington College where he got his BA in 1972. Arthur Becker also attended the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth where he studied business. In all organizations that he has worked at, Arthur Becker has been considered as a helpful and excellent colleague. Arthur Becker serves as a role model and also a mentor to many upcoming entrepreneurs who wish to venture in his field of work. He has been able to steer numerous companies in acquiring success and their strategic goals.

Arthur Becker attributes his success in the industries of Technology and real estate to hard work, passion, discipline and commitment. He has managed to create a fortune out of the technology industry and believes that there are many untapped opportunities in the industry.

More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

Jason Hope Only Believes In IoT

Jason hope is a huge fan of the Internet of Things. He has been researching and writing about certain technology trends for years and he has his heart set on IoT technology. He constantly says hat Internet of Things products is the best things to hit the market since the invention of the internet.

The idea of IoT is to allow simple household goods to connect to the internet to communicate with other devices. Kitchen appliances, televisions, cars, and other electronics are implementing such technology. Not only will this help households, Jason believes that businesses will certainly benefit from the concept.

Jason Hope says that the largest corporations in the world will embrace IoT like it has embraced other technologies. If all products become connected to the world, it would be just a matter of time before the biggest businesses only sell IoT products.

Eliminating the need to waste time with such simple things will make society more efficient. Public transportation would especially benefit from IoT technology by increasing safety and convenience. Maintenance issues for trains and uses will be much closely monitored on an IoT network. Accurate mapping of bus routes would also b more efficient.

Jason Hope is an internet entrepreneur and a futurist. He and his foundation are based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. He studied for his degree in finance from Arizona State University.

Not only does Jason offer business consulting, he also gives out grants to students and small businesses. He offers $500 to $5,000 for young entrepreneurs that have innovative ideas.

How Does Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions Help Clients?

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions helps all his clients ensure that they may invest well for retirement, and this article explains how he gives advice to all clients who are in need. Each client will learn something new about their retirement, and they may trust all the advice that Richard has given them. There are many new tactics that may be used for retirement, and Richard is willing to try them all.


#1: What Is Wealth Solutions?


Wealth Solutions is a retirement and investment services company that helps retirees above all else. The clients that are coming to his company need a number of services that will help them protect their funds, and they may ask Richard how they should invest for the future. A basic retirement account is supplanted by the services that are offered by Wealth Solutions, and Richard will begin to alter the way his clients invest.


#2: Alternative Investments


There are many alternative investments that may be used by a client at Wealth Solutions, and someone who wishes to retire well may spread around their money using Richard’s advice. Richard often tells his clients to invest in real estate, and they may use their summer homes as rentals. Someone who moves into a retirement community may rent their existing home as a source of income, or they may hold onto a timeshare that provides income.


#3: Planning For A Specific Retirement


Specifc retirement principles are applied to every account, and the client will have the ability to change their retirement date at any time. Retirement is an easier process when the customer feels as though they have freedom to do so, and they may choose to retire earlier or later given their plans for the future. A client who needs an extra decade may add to their plan, and someone who wishes to retire early may ask Richard to change their trajectory for retirement.


Everyone who comes to Wealth Solutions will find it quite simple to retire well. They will notice there is quite a lot of money to be earned based on Richard’s core beliefs, and he will sit down with each client to show them how they should retire. Retirement is not a complex process, but it must be managed by an expert. Richard Blair is a retirement expert who knows how to help his client retire now or many years in the future.


Inspiring Young People Becomes The Focus Of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson has become well known on Forbes among the NBA and philanthropic industries as a powerful donor who has spent a large amount of time seeking the best possible options for exploring the not for profit sector. The business career of Bruce Levenson began in 1977 and he now feels the time is right to begin looking to inspire the next generation of philanthropists and not for profit sector workers through the development of the “Do Good Institute” at the University of Maryland.

Bruce and Karen Levenson have spent a large amount of their time and money since 2010 looking to develop the institute with an eye on making sure as many students have the opportunity to become involved in not for profit work and volunteering as possible. A $10,000 award is made available on a regular basis to a charity or good cause recommended by students, which is another innovative approach to inspiring young people to become more involved in charitable endeavors than ever before.

Alongside the need to inspire young people to become major charitable donors and volunteers the “Do Good Institute” has also set a lofty goal of aiding in the return to success of campus learning and community involvement on the University of Maryland campus and beyond. Levenson believes working in the community is something that should be experienced and cannot be replicated Online as students look to develop their careers in the future.

Bruce Levenson has spent a large amount of time working in a technology based atmosphere throughout the evolution of the United Communications Group and in the NBA. Bruce Levenson has become a major philanthropist in recent years working with groups including the Kennedy Center for the Arts and Seeds of Peace; the Jewish heritage of Bruce Levenson plays a major role in his work as a philanthropist that has seen him financially back the Birthright Israel and Jewish Foundation groups.