Sawyer Howitt, a Young Entrepreneur and Talented Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is a high school senior born in 2000. Sawyer has great ability to understand the operational and financial needs of a business and the connection to the customers even with no formal coaching in this area. He is smart and able to work with spreadsheets in addition to coming up with compound presentations as well as taking annotations in any meeting.

Born in Portland, Sawyer Howitt focuses on business and finance, an area which he is greatly talented. At his tender age, he has worked with people from all walks of life more so in the charitable projects aimed at supporting different areas of education funding and women rights, and internships in various organizations.

Sawyer Howitt’s hobbies are fishing and sports, but he mostly likes racquetball, a sport which is family oriented and owned by a private club in Oregon. Sawyer Howitt has gained reputation as the most hopeful player in racquetball having grown up the ranks even though he is only in high school.

Presently, Sawyer plays for the Racquetball Club of Portland and achieved most of his skills from practicing in Lincoln High school where he won many matches and rose to the top of the game. He was mostly active in the 2015 tournaments and he has the capability of playing both men’s singles and doubles as well as mixed doubles, though he has only played the men’s singles. Fanatics of this game are confident that Sawyer Howitt is talented and soon he will be a renowned racquetball player in the world.




Arthur Becker and his success in Real Estate

Arthur Becker works at Zinio LLC where he is the acting Chief Executive Officer. Before assuming this position, Arthur worked at NaviSite where he was the Chief Executive Officer. Arthur Becker is the former Director and Vice Chairman at ClearBlue Technologies Inc. As per NY Daily News, he is also among the co-founders of the Atlantic Investors, LLC. Arthur is a former Senior Advisor working with the Vera Wang Fashion Company. He served at the fashion house for approximately seven years where he made key strategic decisions for the company. Arthur Becker became a private investor in both real estate and technology after Time Warmer acquired NaviSite Inc.

For many years, Arthur Becker has been working at the Madison Technologies LLC where he is a managing member. Due to his exceptional skills in real estate, Arthur is considered as one of the most successful investors in New York. His recent property development is the Sullivan Street where he has developed 3 luxury townhouses. Arthur has the knowledge required in finding profitable investment opportunities. He has acquired a reputation as a successful businessman and technology expert. His current company where he works at, Zinio LLC is involved in distribution of digital magazines. See more:

Arthur Becker has accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience in technology and real estate for the many years he has been able to serve in the two industries. He attended the Bennington College where he got his BA in 1972. Arthur Becker also attended the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth where he studied business. In all organizations that he has worked at, Arthur Becker has been considered as a helpful and excellent colleague. Arthur Becker serves as a role model and also a mentor to many upcoming entrepreneurs who wish to venture in his field of work. He has been able to steer numerous companies in acquiring success and their strategic goals.

Arthur Becker attributes his success in the industries of Technology and real estate to hard work, passion, discipline and commitment. He has managed to create a fortune out of the technology industry and believes that there are many untapped opportunities in the industry.

More details can be found on his Crunchbase profile.

Jason Hope Only Believes In IoT

Jason hope is a huge fan of the Internet of Things. He has been researching and writing about certain technology trends for years and he has his heart set on IoT technology. He constantly says hat Internet of Things products is the best things to hit the market since the invention of the internet.

The idea of IoT is to allow simple household goods to connect to the internet to communicate with other devices. Kitchen appliances, televisions, cars, and other electronics are implementing such technology. Not only will this help households, Jason believes that businesses will certainly benefit from the concept.

Jason Hope says that the largest corporations in the world will embrace IoT like it has embraced other technologies. If all products become connected to the world, it would be just a matter of time before the biggest businesses only sell IoT products.

Eliminating the need to waste time with such simple things will make society more efficient. Public transportation would especially benefit from IoT technology by increasing safety and convenience. Maintenance issues for trains and uses will be much closely monitored on an IoT network. Accurate mapping of bus routes would also b more efficient.

Jason Hope is an internet entrepreneur and a futurist. He and his foundation are based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. He studied for his degree in finance from Arizona State University.

Not only does Jason offer business consulting, he also gives out grants to students and small businesses. He offers $500 to $5,000 for young entrepreneurs that have innovative ideas.

How Does Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions Help Clients?

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions helps all his clients ensure that they may invest well for retirement, and this article explains how he gives advice to all clients who are in need. Each client will learn something new about their retirement, and they may trust all the advice that Richard has given them. There are many new tactics that may be used for retirement, and Richard is willing to try them all.


#1: What Is Wealth Solutions?


Wealth Solutions is a retirement and investment services company that helps retirees above all else. The clients that are coming to his company need a number of services that will help them protect their funds, and they may ask Richard how they should invest for the future. A basic retirement account is supplanted by the services that are offered by Wealth Solutions, and Richard will begin to alter the way his clients invest.


#2: Alternative Investments


There are many alternative investments that may be used by a client at Wealth Solutions, and someone who wishes to retire well may spread around their money using Richard’s advice. Richard often tells his clients to invest in real estate, and they may use their summer homes as rentals. Someone who moves into a retirement community may rent their existing home as a source of income, or they may hold onto a timeshare that provides income.


#3: Planning For A Specific Retirement


Specifc retirement principles are applied to every account, and the client will have the ability to change their retirement date at any time. Retirement is an easier process when the customer feels as though they have freedom to do so, and they may choose to retire earlier or later given their plans for the future. A client who needs an extra decade may add to their plan, and someone who wishes to retire early may ask Richard to change their trajectory for retirement.


Everyone who comes to Wealth Solutions will find it quite simple to retire well. They will notice there is quite a lot of money to be earned based on Richard’s core beliefs, and he will sit down with each client to show them how they should retire. Retirement is not a complex process, but it must be managed by an expert. Richard Blair is a retirement expert who knows how to help his client retire now or many years in the future.


Inspiring Young People Becomes The Focus Of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson has become well known on Forbes among the NBA and philanthropic industries as a powerful donor who has spent a large amount of time seeking the best possible options for exploring the not for profit sector. The business career of Bruce Levenson began in 1977 and he now feels the time is right to begin looking to inspire the next generation of philanthropists and not for profit sector workers through the development of the “Do Good Institute” at the University of Maryland.

Bruce and Karen Levenson have spent a large amount of their time and money since 2010 looking to develop the institute with an eye on making sure as many students have the opportunity to become involved in not for profit work and volunteering as possible. A $10,000 award is made available on a regular basis to a charity or good cause recommended by students, which is another innovative approach to inspiring young people to become more involved in charitable endeavors than ever before.

Alongside the need to inspire young people to become major charitable donors and volunteers the “Do Good Institute” has also set a lofty goal of aiding in the return to success of campus learning and community involvement on the University of Maryland campus and beyond. Levenson believes working in the community is something that should be experienced and cannot be replicated Online as students look to develop their careers in the future.

Bruce Levenson has spent a large amount of time working in a technology based atmosphere throughout the evolution of the United Communications Group and in the NBA. Bruce Levenson has become a major philanthropist in recent years working with groups including the Kennedy Center for the Arts and Seeds of Peace; the Jewish heritage of Bruce Levenson plays a major role in his work as a philanthropist that has seen him financially back the Birthright Israel and Jewish Foundation groups.

Securus Technologies brings home a Gold Stevie Award

Securus Technologies took home a Gold Stevie in the category of Best Customer Service Training Department during Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service banquet, according to PR Newswire.


Danny de Hoyos, senior vice president of operations for Securus Technologies, said it was an honor the company to be recognized for its improvement in customer service.


The Stevie Awards honor organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries and the people who make them work by recognizing outstanding performance in the worldwide workplace.


The award is the world’s top honor for customer service, contact center, business development and sales professionals. More than 2,300 nominations from businesses and organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were judged during this year’s competition, according to PR Newswire. Seventy-seven professionals from around the world acted as judges for the competition and entries were considered in 61 categories for customer service and contact center achievement.


Strong recognition of the problem and commitment of the training team to help associates improve results,” one of the judges noted on the Securus Technologies nomination form. “Strong improvement in customer survey results.”


The Dallas, Texas based company is among the world’s leading providers of civil and criminal justice technology solutions to public safety and investigative agencies as well as to prisions and security companies. The company counts as clients 3,450 police and corrections agencies amd serves more than 1.2 million inmates across North America with a variety of monitoring products and services.


The award was presented during a banquet held Feb. 24 at Caesars Place in Las Vegas, Nevada that was attended by more than 650 business leaders from around the world.






Youtuber Wengie Hacks Away at Hair Hacks

Everyone at some point has woken up, looked in the mirror and thought that perhaps a beanie might be the only way to tame this mess. It comes with the territory of having long locks, with length it seems hassle also exponentially increases. But it doesn’t have to be this way, well not all the time at least.


Youtube sensation and everyone’s favorite life hack darling, Wengie, published her latest vlog tackling the most heinous of all problems, the bad hair day. Armed with ten easy to follow hair hacks designed with the lazy cat in mind, Wengie tackles and tames misbehaving hair and the problems that come with having beautiful long locks.


Presented in the only way Wengie knows how, with wonderful soundtracks, clever edits, and a more than enough style to be contained in one video, the Youtuber and fashionista offered a few words for the wise touching upon everyone’s daily struggles. Whether it be dry hair, disappearing bobby pins, or managing Pintrest-like hair without the hard work, Wengie came prepared to answer them all.


The one hack that held a special place near and dear to this writer was the perfect solution to disappearing bobby pins. Much like chapsticks, my keys, and that hat I really liked in 2014, bobby pins always disappear the minute they leave my hand. Thankfully Wengie found the end all for always keeping track of pins with legs. A quick repurpose of an old Tic-Tac container and voila instant pin case.



How Sawyer Howitt Plans To Revolutionize Retail

Sawyer Howitt is a Project Manager at Meriwether Group. Meriwether Group is a company that helps all sizes of business accelerate their growth and improve their strategies and profits. At the core of Meriweather Group, they practice what is called “The Founder’s Journey”. This is a philosophy where they believe that entrepreneurs are answering the call to bring new things into the world.

At Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt is focused on RFID technology and how to use it in a retail space. With RFID every item in a retail store is tagged with a RFID chip which allows sensors to know what it is. There is an ongoing push that Howitt is part of where this technology will be used to remove the need to check out at a store, Instead, sensors will see what you are exiting the store with you will be automatically charged on a debit or credit card.


Cotemar Mexico, One Of The Best Workplaces Out At Sea

Cotemar is a company the redefines the oil and petroleum sector in Mexico. Offering services in the oil industry, Cotemar takes pride in being a company with a rich Mexican heritage. The company believes in upholding their mexican values and tries its best to contribute to the country through the field of oil and petroleum development.


Cotemar believes in offering the best in class services when it comes to their work. They know that by doing this, they can propel themselves to a better position in the industry which aids their growth and development. They aim to establish themselves as a prominent industry in the oil sector and plan to reach a high level of success as they stand with some of the worldwide leaders in oil and petroleum extraction.


Cotemar believes in only using the highest technology of resources while undertaking their operations. The company has some of the best technology in place to aid all their operations and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise. The company has some of the most modernized and advanced technology when it comes to the boats and other big machinery which the company uses to carry out all its operations. Through these high-tech machines, Cotemar has been able to increase the amount of work they do, increasing the overall output of the company.


The company knows that safety can be one of the most pressing issues at hand when it comes to their operations and their employees. Numerous employees are sent out into sea every day to carry out the work that Cotemar does. However, the sea can be pretty unpredictable, and natural calamities can result in some devastating accidents. To mitigate these unfortunate events, Cotemar has in place numerous security measures to make sure that their employees are safe while they are out at sea. In addition to this, Cotemar has a large fleet of highly efficient lifeboats to go to their employee’s rescue if the need arises.


Besides safety, Cotemar knows that keeping their employees in the best of spirits and taking care of their physical and mental well-being is as important as the operations of the company itself. Life at sea can be hard, but the company makes sure that their employees never have to face a troubling situation. Numerous employees of Cotemar have claimed that they love the work ethic that Cotemar has and have praised the way the company treats its employees.

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Stem Cell Treatment – How Can it Save Lives?

Stem cell therapy is becoming more popular because this powerful treatment promises that dangerous diseases can finally be cured. What are actually stem cells? Stem cells exist in a human’s body from the embryonic development and last until the end of the life.

The biggest percentages of stem cells are placed in bone marrow and the blood of an adult person. One of the most common usages of stem cell is in lung therapy. Team of experts say that cell therapy for lungs is very effective and treat different types of diseases and disorders such as cystic fibrosis.

According to, the Lung institute is one of the best places where a patient can be introduced to this powerful cell treatment. From the very beginning, the Lung institute has fought hard against all kinds of diseases.

The Lung Institute realizes that many patients have different stories posted on and come from a variety of backgrounds. Patients may have played sports in the past or have been involved with many different activities such as writing or reading books. While patients do have chronic lung conditions, the Lung Institute realizes that every patient needs to be treated with care. They also need to be treated in a unique manner because patients are not exactly the same. Treatments are developed for each patient to ensure that great results are achieved with stem cell treatment.

The Lung institute experts have a lot of experience in stem cell treatment in order to help their patients to improve their lives. The Lung institute also writes useful articles about their powerful way of treating lung diseases with stem cell treatment.

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