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OrganoGold Continues To Grow and Create New Markets

OrganoGold is a business foundation that has continued to grow and reach new markets and customers around the globe. Since its creation the company has continued to create new products and introduce Ganoderma to new consumers around the world. Still not widely known, Ganoderma is the ingredient that all of OrganoGold is founded on and the reason so many individuals around the world have been able to build a business of their own.

CEO Bernardo Chua has been building multi level marketing businesses for several years, around the globe. OrganoGold is the most successful and profitable of all of those businesses, and it only continues to grow as more individuals are able to use the products and experience the benefits for themselves. Originally from the Philippines, Chua is one of the most talked about direct sales marketers in the world, and maintains a popular Twitter fan base as a result.

Chua has always been focused on Ganoderma as a product, because it was something he was familiar with growing up and knew was in regular use. Before OrganoGold, Chua established and ran a similar direct sales company that created and sold the mushroom extract, but OrganoGold has been the premiere company that is more successful than any other business model Chua has created. Chua has been able to use all his business sense and experience to create this powerful business model that continues to see growth and new product creation fueled by the growing demand for more products and ways to consume the extract.

Now that OrganoGold is concentrating on direct sales through multilevel marketing, it can really concentrate on creating new products for its salespeople to introduce to their customer base. As their sales force continues to grow, it only makes sense that they break into new markets and realize more and more growth because each new client is a potential salesperson that can then tap into an entire new customer base.

Headquartered in Canada, OrganoGold currently conducts its business in forty four countries and has over four hundred thousand distributors all selling its products. The great thing about this business is that anyone is able to become a distributor and build a business of their very own with an incredible amount of support available to them. Because this is a model that is built on the work of others and a great product, it is easy to get started and realize growth within just a short period of time.

For more about the company, Bernardo Chua can be followed on Facebook, where he posts frequent updates.