The Need To Know on CCMP Capital and Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital

Employing over 50 people at their firm, CCMP Capital is a private investment firm that was voted as the 17th largest in the world’s largest equity funds. CCMP Capital has set a goal for their company, that goal is to put all of their efforts in to leveraged buyout and keeping up on the growth of the transactions for the Capital. August of 2006 was when CCMP Capital was officially declared an independent firm. All over the world, CCMP Capital has many different offices, including offices the are located in New York, Tokyo, London and Hong Kong. All of the people who work at Stephen Murray CCMP Capital are experts when it comes to the buyout and growth business of different types of equity investments all throughout Europe and North America and they are also in 4 other types of industries too. Chase Capital, Chemical Venture, Manufacturers Hanover, Capital/J.P. Morgan and Partners, are all actually where the CCMP in CCMP Capital came from.

The Behind The Scenes Look at The History of CCMP Capital

During the last two decades, the CCMP Capital company has been called many different names by many different types of people. Founded in 1984, the CCMP Capital company was at first named Chemical Venture Partners. CCMP Capital was at first supposed to be a private equity and venture capital branch for the Chemical Bank company. Around the same time as the Chase Manhattan Bank acquisition in 1996, the Chemical Bank company had decided to make the Chase name their name, and then, the Chemical Venture Partners company made up their minds and decided that they would call the company Chase Capital Partners. From there, the name kept changing and so did the company, but the company did keep one thing, they decided that they would keep the same set of values that they were built on.

Stephen P. Murray, CCMP Capital’s President and Cheif Executive Officer

As a graduate from the Boston College (1984), with a degree that was in economics, Murray was quite the philanthropist. He was an investor of private equity and in 1989, he had gotten his Master’s degree at the Columbia Business School in business administration. Being the great business man that he was, Murray deserved the title that he received from the CCMP Capital company dubbing him the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company. 2004 brought on good things for Murray, when he had co-founded the CCMP Capital company that he had loved very much in August. After that, one year later, CCMP Capital decided to make Steve Murray the CEO of CCMP Capital of fortune. Stephen Murray was a great man, and everyone will always remember him as the great business man who created such a great company.

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