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Yeonmi Park: Through Hell For Freedom

North Korea, perhaps the most secretive nation on Earth, is largely a mystery to the outside world. What few glimpses we have gotten of the nation have not been hopeful. Reports of the horrors occurring within the borders of the dictatorial Kims’ nation have been ghastly. One such report comes from North Korean refugee, Yeonmi Park.
Yeonmi was 13 when she began the journey that would inform the path her life would take from then on. Her family – mother, Byeon Keum Sook; father, Park Jin Sik; and older sister Eunmi Park – were a standard North Korean family, according to Park’s story, means that they were abysmally destitute. And while Park and her family were without food, let alone money or other amenities, they were not without hope.

After the economic downturn that came with the fall of the Soviet Union, Yeonmi’s family, along with many in North Korea, became desperate. In one interview by the New York Times, she described the food situation in her home country at the time, “It was not proper ingredients, it was whatever you had. I ate flowers, grasshoppers, dragonflies. I didn’t know they made cook books about food. In North Korea no one knows. How much food we have is all we care about, not about the taste. Everything is edible, nothing is left over.”

So when her father was arrested for smuggling, her family decided to escape. On March, 31 2007, at age 13, Yeonmi and her mother began their journey out of oppression. Her sister left just before, and her father was still in North Korea.

It was only through incredible inner, and at times outer, strength that Yeonmi survived her march toward freedom. She faced extreme abuses: sexual, emotional, and physical, along with the constant threat of starvation. Still, she never gave up. Not even when her father died of cancer shortly after finally making it to freedom.

Since surviving her ordeal, she became an activist, illuminating the situation in North Korea and the crimes of the Kim Dynasty. Her Amazon released book, which tells her harrowing story, is titled In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.

Legal News And GoFundMe With Ross Abelow

Mississippi Church Protection Act

A new legislation was created on Friday, April 15, 2016, for the state of Mississippi by the governor Phil Bryant. It is called the Mississippi Church Protection Act. The purpose of this new legislation is to provide churches with a protection program, allowing the members of the church to have a weapon in order to protect the congregation against anyone that may try to cause harm.

This law was created due to the danger and the seriousness of the crimes committed against nine church members in Charleston, South Carolina who were killed while in a bible study class. To be eligible for the church protection program a training course along with a permit would be required.

Mississippi Residence Response

This new law will also permit anybody that is qualified to own a weapon not needing to have a permit. They would be able to carry their weapons in a briefcase, a pocketbook, a holster or a bag. Many residents of the state of Mississippi were totally against this portion of the bill. They feel that is would be very dangerous to allow someone who may not be a safe person to carry a loaded weapon out in the open public with no permit.

Attorney Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow is an attorney from New York. His area of practice is in entertainment law, family law, athlete law, and matrimonial law. He received his law degree from Brooklyn Law School in 1989. He is a gifted attorney with a style of influence. He offers very helpful guidance and recommendations that can assist people who are going through a wide range of legal issues. Ross Abelow enjoys creating articles about legal issues in order to help people with their circumstances. His articles give very essential advice on a variety of legal topics.


Ross Abelow introduced a GoFundMe internet site that strives to raise money that will be applied to assist animal shelters in the city. The promotion is hoping to raise five thousand dollars that will be handed out to various animal shelters in New York City.

He started his GoFundMe campaign because he wanted to help the animal shelters take control of the homeless pet population in New York. He hopes to raise around five thousand dollars or more to purchase food, blankets, and medicine for these homeless animals. Ross Abelow is an attorney that enjoys helping the homeless animals and also people. Having Ross Abelow by your side will give you contentment and peace in understanding that your situation will be managed successfully.

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The Success Story of 7 Days, a Head of Hair, and a Cleansing Conditioner

Skepticism surrounds the effectiveness of practically anything and hair products are rarely an exception. To be honest, women are finicky creatures when it comes to beauty supplies, and most women live by the principle of knowing their hair so well that they already know what will and will not work for them. Most will admit, however, that sometimes the product is worth the price.

Wen hair products are some of the best in the field. A single bottle contains shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatments. A bottle of WEN Hair by Chaz Dean also contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins to ensure even the most unruly hair will come out looking like a team of stylists spent hours working on it. Again, skepticism from ladies still exists, so one woman decided it was time to do an experiment with Sephora’s Wen Hair Fig cleansing conditioner.

The WEN Hair experiment lasted one week and was well documented with photo evidence. She started after what she described as a long day by discussing the suggested serving size listed on the bottle. 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 for medium hair, and 24-32 for long hair. While she thought that was a bit much, she stated her appreciation for how immediately soft and thick her hair felt. She reported that it was noticeably soft when she was rinsing her hair and noticed less hair fall in the shower.

As day two arrived, she was slightly disappointed that her hair seemed to be greasy, but chalked it up to not thoroughly rinsing the WEN Hair product out of her hair. As the next few days arrived, she noticed that her hair was less greasy, fuller, and shinier. She did report that while styling her hair, the curls seemed to fall faster. This, however, can be the result of the hair being healthy enough to protect against heat damage by maintaining a protective barrier in every strand. Conclusively, the woman was very happy with her results, and who could blame her with gorgeous locks like that?

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Bring Out The Best Of You By Wearing The Right Footwear For Your Outfit

The right kind of footwear is all you need to make the best fashion statement of you at any time. The outfit you are wearing may be as simple as it appears but your footwear will make it superb. If you have a great outfit, and you make a mistake of choosing the wrong kind of footwear then you are doomed. First, the footwear will kill the elegance of your outfit. To add on this, it will sell you out as a bad fashionista. As a fashion lover, you should know you should understand that it is not about the expensiveness of your footwear. says it is about your unique ability to match your outfit with the right kind of footwear.

Anyone who wants to make a good fashion impression must be ready to invest their time on footwear shopping. As you, shop be sure that you are guided by the elegance and uniqueness of the footwear in question. Do not totally dismiss the cost of your the footwear as in most cases quality is relative to the price.

When it comes to footwear, it is all about collection and variety. That is you should have a good collection of a variety of footwear. This will give you much freedom and flexibility when choosing what footwear matches with your outfit. You won’t have to force a footwear into your matching with your outfit. You will just easily go to your collection and let you collection give you its best pair.

JustFab is one of the online stores that has a great collection of footwear. This online store stands out from any other store that has footwear with its wide variety of high-quality footwear. JustFab offers a wide variety in a wide range of footwear from winter boots to high heels. This online store has been highly praised for its fair prices. At JustFab on pinterest, you will be able to get your dream footwear at a pretty affordable price. This online store also offers outfits, handbags, and jewelry to give you a one store shopping convenience.

Phillip Diehl on the Demise of the Penny in the US Money Reserve

In the United States today there are many things that are open to debate. There are many ideas that officials have in order to improve this country, and some of these ideas are downright controversial. One idea which has been open to increasing debate in the present time would be the abolition of the penny.

A recent interview on CNBC Sqwauk Box (Embed Code: ) actually discussed this very issue. Philip Diehl, who is a former U.S. Mint Director and now the President of the U.S. Money Reserve was recently on the Sqawk Box news show and espoused a number of arguments for the abolishment of the penny.

To begin with, Mr. Diehl felt that the penny had outlived its usefulness and that it is “not needed anymore.” One of the main points that Diehl made about the US Reserve was that if an individual bends over and picks up a penny they are actually making less money per hour than minimum wage.

If you apply analysis to this statement, you would definitely find out that it is true. If an ordinary individual were to pick up a penny, they would probably need about ten seconds to do it. There are about 3600 seconds in an hour and dividing it by ten would leave you with 360. Thus, stopping to pick up a penny will only merit you about $3.60 an hour give or take.

The commentator questioned Diehl, saying that some feel taking the penny out of circulation would lead to inflation because some retailers would naturally raise their prices to the next cent over.

However, Diehl felt that it wouldn’t make good business sense for an establishment such as McDonald’s to upset customers by raising their prices to the next penny.

Finally, the argument was raised that the nickel is also an example is coinage that costs more to make than what it is worth acording to his Facebook page. However, Diehl’s counterargument was that the penny is “beyond hope” and that there are methods that can be taken in order to make the nickel more profitable to produce.

Overall, an interesting and educational debate that will probably continue for a number of years into the future.

QNet Launches Compelling Social Responsibility Initiative

QNet continues to expand its presence in India. The direct selling company has been promoting its business opportunities throughout the country. QNet has taken many steps to give back to the country that has been so open to the Hong Kong enterprise’s expansions. Through its corporate social responsibility programs, QNet has done a lot to help the people in India and elsewhere.

At Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad, the local Government Primary School will receive support from QNet and its frequent partner Lions Clubs. The support is slated to do something extremely helpful to the students in need. The program focuses on the safe delivery of water to the school. In certain regions, consistent access to safe drinking water is not always easy. In fact, the availability of clean drinking water may be limited. Available water supplies could come with health risks. Bringing clean drinking water to these regions comes with costs. QNet is willing to absorb these costs for a good cause.

QNet and Lions Clubs has worked together recently on a project centered on sending a kidney dialysis machine to a small hospital. The kidney dialysis machine would have been unaffordable to the hospital without the help of QNet and Lions Clubs. The drinking water campaign is intended to assist the Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya campaign to support better hygiene. Easier access to clean water certainly eliminates a host of hygiene-related problems.

QNet has proven to be a huge success globally. QNet is now one of the most thriving direct selling company. With offices in over two dozen countries, QNet is showing the industry what it takes to be successful.

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Yeonmi Park’s defection story called into question by North Korean sources

Yeonmi Park began her journey out of North Korea in March 2007. The 13-year-old defected from the Democratic Republic of North Korea by crossing the frozen Yulu River and making it into China. As Park tells the tale now, she had no idea she was heading to freedom. Because she grew up in North Korea the young woman had no idea what the word even meant. She now describes the concept as having been alien to her.

She found her way across the Gobi Dessert, across Mongolia, and finally to the Mongolian border. From the Mongolian border, she took a plane to South Korea. It may seem that the teenager took a circuitous route , but South Korea and North Korea never ended their war. The border between the two countries is known as the demilitarized zone, and crossing it is even more dangerous than crossing a frozen river.

The defector now resides in South Korea, enjoying its amenities of life. Upon arriving in the nation, she felt sorry for her father, who died before she and her mother finished their journey. He father never got to experience Western-style democracy or a country with so much food.

Although many people find her story inspiring, North Korea’s state media NK News, has called the authenticity of her story into question. A film coming out of the country accuses her mother of being an agent of the United States, and calls Yeonmi Park a victim of a human rights plot. Other people outside of the communist country have called Park’s story into question. She counters these charges by saying that she changed the names to protect family members still living in North Korea and the details changed because her grasp of the English language has improved since her defection.


Best Fashion Rules to Break

Doe Deere is a revolutionary fashion icon. She has made fashion choices that don’t exactly line up with the generally accepted rules of the fashion world. She has also made these choices in line with her makeup line. The Lime Crime line focuses on what people like rather than what they are expected to wear according to fashion.

Since she is so against all of these rules and constrictions on the way that young (and old) women are told to dress, she has come up with her own style. This is a style that is unique and encompasses nearly all of the elements of things that she likes. It also means that she is able to show people what they can do if they like bright and bold colors. She is an inspiration to anyone who has thought of or is thinking of breaking some of the biggest rules in fashion.

One thing that is definite about Doe Deere is that she loves colors. Bright colors, dark colors, pastels, and neons. She likes them all. There are many things that she has done with color including creating a makeup line focused solely on color. She also dresses according to the colors that she likes and never worries about what people are going to say about the colors that she has. One fashion rule that she breaks on a regular basis? Mixing too many colors and having more than one color scheme for her outfits. It’s something that she is able to do and wants people to know that they are able to do too.

When it comes to makeup, Doe Deere knows what she is doing. She also knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like. One thing that is well known about Doe Deere? She doesn’t like boring makeup. This means that she is not afraid to wear a lot of makeup on her eyes and her lips, despite fashion rules telling her that she has to choose one. She knows that a bold eye and a bold lip can both look great and even appealing to people who usually follow fashion rules.

If you don’t think that you can wear what you want to an event, you should follow some of the rules that Doe Deere likes to break. She knows that it can be hard to find outfits that are perfect for your occasion-specific dressing. She also knows that it is a good idea to wear what you like no matter where you are going or what you are doing. If you’re supposed to wear an evening gown, don’t be afraid to switch it up and wear your favorite school girl skirt with heels and socks.

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