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CCMP Capital Boss led the Company in Acquiring New Markets and Business Buyouts

In the year 1989, Mr. Stephen Murray began his career working as an analyst at MH Equity Corporation where he led the Company to Merge with Manufactures Hanover’s Private equity thus contributed to the expansion of the Firm through integrating finance unit within the Company.

Mr. Murray is a specialist in making decent deals and able to walk the talk with investors that through his prowess made MH Equity Corporation incorporate many firms that made Murray being promoted to work in close cooperation with Partners.

In 1996, Mr. Murray while in his Position, led Chemical Ventures Partners and Chase Manhattan Corporation to Merge with MH Equity to form Chase Capital Partners.

In 2006, Mr. Stephen Murray worked as Credit Analyst in Training Program at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation (HMC) where he advised the Company on bringing on board the expertise from the Mergers that will help in running of the Firm.

Later Stephen’s Career blossomed, and he became the Chief Officer of CCMP Capital Advisors becoming one of the Co-Founders due to Mergers that he brought on Board. As the Chief Finance Officer, Mr. Murray was the head of Finance Unit where he advised CCMP Capital to withdraw from JP Morgan Chase & Co., an investment Bank so as to evade Impending Conflicts with the Banks’ Clientele. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: and

CCMP Capital Advisors concentrated on Middle-Markets buyouts and focused on attaining strategies that will foster evolution and development of equity investments. CCMP Capital raised to maintain a net worth valued of approximately $3.6 Billion across the Capital Structure accrediting the success to Murray that made him became the CEO in 2007. He offered a close solution to clients appealing them to invest in lending markets

Stephen Murray being the CEO led CCMP to expand its markets in North America and Europe through privatizing public institutions and diversifying property through investing massively on real estates. Additionally, he led CCMP Capital in structuring the newly acquired business in in-depth growth and development being dictated by changing market conditions. Read more: CCMP Capital Resumes Business After Death of Stephen Murray

These privatized and newly acquired Companies relied on Stephen in managing the expertise portfolio and scaling of unambiguous issues and prospect within the already established industries.

Stephen Murray also served in banking industry through forming partners with institutions like KKR & Co., TPG Capital, and Blackstone Group LP. Murray graduated from Boston College with a Bachelor Degree of Arts and an MBA from Columbia University.

An Experiment With Wen Haircare

If you’re a facebook fan of hair products, you might have heard of a haircare line called WEN hair. Wen’s creator, Chaz Dean invented several formulas of what he calls a cleansing conditioner. This three in one formula is a shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment in one bottle, to minimize styling time. Chaz Dean is well known among the Hollywood scene for not only his product line, but for being a professional celebrity hairstylist. His products are known to benefit all different types of hair, with a specific formulas designed for each type.
In an attempt to find out if Wen truly holds benefits to the hair, one woman decides to test it out for a week and record her results. She chose the Sephora marketed Fig formula, hoping to transform her thin hair. After one use, she notices an increase in volume and softness. Just one wash! She set out to find volume to make styling easier but she recieved so much more. By the end of the experiment, her hair was super soft, shiny and totally transformed. To see the difference, check out this site:

The difference between the before and after is immaculate. Her hair is clearly bouncier and shinier than ever. Plus the woman, now has a cleansing conditioner she can count on to keep her tresses at their very best. With Wen, the benefits are endless. And it doesn’t matter the type of hair you have- there is a formula for every hair type! If you want to see results, try Wen hair products on Amazon today!

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A New Super PAC Created to Battle Republican Candidate

There’s a new super PAC on the block and it is aiming to help the Democrats win more votes. This new creation already got its coffers filled with $15 million, much of it from a renowned hedge fund manager, George Soros. And its name is Immigrant Voters Win PAC.

The aim is simple: Bring at least 400,000 more new votes for the Democrats during this year’s elections in the swing states such as Nevada, Colorado, and (especially) Florida. In fact, Florida is a state with many Latinos who in the past have been swing voters. This year, Soros wants them on Hillary’s side.

Many Mexican-Americans will vote against Trump after he mentioned building a wall with Mexico and potentially deporting more than 10 million illegal immigrants, with many Mexicans included.

There are some motivated anti-Trump Latino activists already. One is Cristóbal Alex, who heads the Latino Victory Project. He feels insulted and attacked. As he said, “From the first day Trump attacked us, he called us rapists and thieves.”

To be exact, Trump referred to Mexican criminals, not to every Mexican. However, for Mr. Alex, that’s bad enough. What’s more, he also worries that a wall with Mexico would separate many families.
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Another potential target of Immigrant Voters Win PAC are the Muslims, especially after Trump’s comment to ban temporarily Muslim migration. Many of these voters are already convinced whom to vote for. So, this super PAC isn’t only about convincing people to vote for Hillary Clinton, but to come to vote in the first place.

George Soros is an immigrant to America himself. He made billions of dollars as a hedge fund manager and financial markets speculator. He’s recognized as one of the best investors in the world. He’s also known for his political actions. Back in 2004, he raised $200 million on failed anti-Bush campaign. We wonder how much he will raise now since $5 million is a rather small amount with a man who got billions and doesn’t like Trump.

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Venezuelan Singer Livens Grocery Lines

There’s a spirit alive and well in Venezuela. It’s name is music! Amidst troubling facets of present Venezuelan life like long grocery lines, as reported by Open Corporates certain people in this country have the desire to express themselves with a talent that brings joy and hope to anyone within an earshot.
Travelling musician Jonathan Acosta and his band are enriching the streets of his home town Lara, and other places throughout the country with music that is entertaining, yet brings to mind the need for Venezuelan solidarity, as it pertains to modern economic woes.

A rich and exuberant tenor, Acosta sings of the joys of living in Venezuela to throngs of weary shoppers. According to a dateas article, he along with a talented group of back-up instrumentalists, he bursts into areas where people wait for access to everyday items. His beautiful voice and traditional song styles create smiles, and even a spontaneous dance.

From classical piano and guitar performances, to unique village demonstrations, Venezuela has mesmerized the world with musical talent. Jonathan Acosta is a common-man sensation who is worthy of being noticed by the world arts community. He lends his art and voice to people like Jose Velasquez who are negotiating strange economic times, but maintains the highest quality of Venezuelan performance standards. Bravo Jonathan Acosta!