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Investigator Pro 4.0: The Latest In Inmate Communications Monitoring Solutions From Securus Technologies

Imagine there is a Don from a prominent crime family that, through dint of forces beyond his control, becomes incarcerated. Now, this Don is beloved by the local crime community. He’s so loved that despite being in jail, he runs organized crime operations from that vicinity like some kind of crime spider in the nest of a criminal web. But he’s not running his operations through those who have visitation rights. Friends and family aren’t allowed to bring anything with them, and communications are closely monitored. There’s no code exchanged in meetings–the man is clean for all observable intents and purposes. Investigators have concluded that operations are being conducted through other inmates that have meetings with visitors acting on behalf of the incarcerated crime lord. The liberated criminals pass information to satellite inmates who then relay that information to the crime lord in the prison yard. There are several suspects, but no way to nail them down and figure out who, exactly, is making it possible for the crime boss to continue his operations from the inside. Enter Investigator Pro 4.0 from JLG Technologies, subsidiary of Securus Technologies.


Securus caters to some 3,500+ correctional facilities, jails, and public rehabilitation organizations nationwide. This organization understands correctional facilities from the inside out, and have personally seen the earlier-described hypothetical situation. That’s why they developed Investigator Pro 4.0. This platform analyzes phone calls for vocal similarity. A voiceprint is every bit as unique as a fingerprint. Through this new technology, inmates can be identified communicating with “free” individuals who may have priors. It’s usually these types that are running low-key missions for organized crime syndicates.


Through Investigator Pro 4.0, police can find massive areas of organized crime and virtually clean house in such a way that the peace is truly maintained, and crime is statistically reduced.


Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Kate Hudson gets personal with you!

That’s right our own superstar Kate Hudson and CEO of her own clothing line Fabletics wants to get personal with you! Kate had an insanely delicious idea. She had such an awesome following on her Instagram account that she thought she’s showcase herself on YouTube. On this video Kate takes you through her everyday life and not in any old way either. She’ll be sporting her Fabletics, girls athletic wear.

It’s truly an ingenious move. What’s the best way to sport your athletic gear? Wear it and show your peers what it looks like. And not just standing there either. The girl makes Fabletics look as if it’s the funnest thing to wear ever; and it is. It’s a brand that is made for all the things fun gals love to do! She’s seen swimming in it and doing it with the flare that only Kate Hudson can–under water!

She’s wearing them doing all sorts of awesome exercises, running, walking and just socializing on Facebook. At one point, you see a sneak shot of her in her robe and head towel! You get to see all the stuff she does in her workaday life and on her own like the success she is.

According to an article in Ad Week in order to make the video they weren’t going to use all sorts of fancy video equipment on; but budget wasn’t the reason. No, they wanted the film to look more like the Instagram feed so they used her iPhone to do the majority of the filming. This gave a more authentic and homey, not so staged feel.

For those unfamiliar; the Fabletics line is a line of sportswear by Kate Hudson that can be used to workout or go out. It’s a club you join and pay monthly fee for the clothes.