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Taking a Closer Look at OSI Group

OSI is one of the biggest companies that is privately held in the US. Its main business is the supply of food products which have been value-added to the major food-service and retail outlets around the globe.

OSI has a rich history of food processing innovation having been in existence for more than 100 years. The company started in 1909 as a family business. It was founded by Otto Kolshowsky. It operated as a meat market and a butchery. It then grew into being the first supplier of freshly minced beef for McDonald’s in 1955.

Between the 1970s-1990s, the company continued to expand its operations and entered the European and Asian markets. During this period the company also began dealing with other products such as poultry. Beginning the 21st Century, OSI Group continued its expansion into China while also seeing a diversification in the products that it dealt with to include the production of hot dogs, bacon and sausage.

This aggressive expansion saw OSI buy a number of companies in the markets that they wished to enter. Examples of these companies include;

1. UK Flagship Europe
Flagship Europe is known as a supplier of products such as frozen poultry and pies. Its list of supplies to the market in the UK also includes mayonnaise and sauces. The deal to acquire flagship was finalized in December 2016.

OSI’s acquisition of Flagship was meant to give the company a greater presence in the European market. Indeed, the president of OSI was quoted as saying that Flagship’s portfolio complements OSI’s strengths in processing. He added that the acquisition would also help OSI better serve its customers.

2. Baho Food
Baho is known as producer of snacks and convenience foods. It serves the retail and food service markets. The company has its roots in the Netherlands and owns five subsidiaries. These subsidiaries have their operations in the Netherlands and Germany where there are also processing plants. However, the company has a presence in more than ten European countries.

With such a presence in Europe, the acquisition by OSI makes a lot of sense since OSI seeks to entrench itself in the European market. This is just as was the case on the acquisition of Flagship.

With such ambitious and aggressive expansion, OSI Group’s revenues in 2016 topped the $6.1 Billion Dollar mark while Forbes ranked it at position 58 on the Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies List.

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Bruce Levenson Sues AIG Insurance Over Lack of Settlement.

Bruce Levenson, through AHBE, the former Atlanta Hawks ownership group, has sued AIG insurance company over lack of settlement. In the lawsuit, Bruce stated that their insurance policy covered any losses that would have been incurred in the process of their settlement with the current Hawks ownership group. The lawsuit shows that ABHE had informed the AIG insurance company of the losses they had incurred during the process with the aim of getting compensated. However, the insurance company did not even respond to the settlement claim.

Bruce, through his lawyers wants the court to compel the insurance company to either accept or reject the settlement claim to pave way for the next course of action. According to Time Magazine, the current Hawks ownership group has vowed to keep away from the matter in court as the case is not between the NBA team and the insurance company but between the insurance company and the former Hawks ownership group.

In the lawsuit, AHBE is seeking to be compensated for not only the settlement but also for AIG’s breach of contract. Before the court, Bruce’s lawyers claimed that the time within which the settlement claim should have been settled has expired and therefore their client should be compensated for the time that has passed since.

Bruce Levenson is a businessman and a philanthropist. He was the owner of AHBE which was the Hawks ownership group until the transfer of ownership in 2012. In 1977, Levenson formed a partnership with Ed Peskowitz to start United Communications Group. Bruce was also involved in starting TechTarget and serves in the board of directors of the media company.

As a philanthropist, Levenson has been involved in many charity organizations. One such organization is I Have a Dream Foundation which provides scholarships to children from low income families around the United States.


Fabletics: Clothes For Those That Are Interested In Fashion

While everyone takes the time to buy clothes, it is actually not as common for people to pay that much attention to the clothes they buy. For one thing, a lot of people don’t have as much money. Therefore, they don’t have that much time to worry about fashion. Therefore, they will likely buy clothes out of necessity as opposed to buying some of the better looking clothes that are shown off as stylish. There are a lot of reasons for this. One reason is that people believe that they have to pay almost thousands of dollars in order to get something that is somewhat decent.


Another thing is that a lot of people settle for getting clothes from retailers such as Walmart and Amazon. While Amazon does have some good clothes from different brands, there are some fashion retailers that design their own clothes. As a result, they come up with their own designs. They are also given chances to sell items without having to spend a lot of money on other products. As a result, there will be some very unique cuts that won’t be found in any other stores. Customers will get to see the advantage that comes with shopping at stores that create their own products.


One fashion retailer that creates and sells its own clothes is Fabletics. Fabletics is one of the most attractive fashion retailers at the moment because it allows customers that are interested in fashion to take a look at the new designs that could catch their attention. There are a lot of new looks that people will be able to check out, try on and enjoy if they visit one of the locations. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages that Fabletics gives people is the ability to save money while finding some really stylish items.


When it comes to fashion Fabletics has Amazon beat in many different aspects. For one thing, it is a subscription service that offers customers a lot of incentive for joining them. While Fabletics does charge a fee for subscribing, there are a lot of advantages that come with the subscription. For one thing, the customer gets a free out fit every month. The customer also gets to save money. To make things even better, there is always a customer service rep that is available answer any of the concerns that the customer may have with the company.

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