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ClassDojo: the Leading Education Technology App in the World

On April 15, 2016, ClassDojo announced that it had collected $21 million through its Series B of financing. Co-founders Don and Chaudhary said that the Series B round ended in late 2015. They added that the capital raised would help them to expand their team and introduce new features and content to benefit parents who rely on the app to monitor the progress of their children. Chaudhary stated that their goal is to give parents the power to oversee conversations at home and improve the quality of learning their children are receiving at school.

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For now, the primary mission of ClassDojo is to promote the usage of its app in more schools and homes. The 25-employee tech startup is planning to design premium content and features that parents and teachers can pay a small fee to use. The General Catalyst-led Series B funding attracted new investors such as SignalFire, GSV, and Reach Capital.  Check for more info.




ClassDojo is an education technology app that is transforming how teachers communicate with learners and their parents. The application enables educators to develop a perfect learning environment within the classroom. It also makes parents major players in the improvement of the quality of education by sending them real-time videos and snaps of activities that their children are carrying out. The company behind the innovative app is situated in San Francisco, California. It developed the app back in 2011.


ClassDojo is the world’s fastest rising education technology app of all times, used and cherished by millions of educators, parents, and pupils in about 90 percent of K-8 schools in the United States and other nations. ClassDojo’s team comprise of teachers, engineers, and app developers from every part of the globe, with professional expertise in public and charter programs. The company collaborates with other professionals from Y Combinator, Facebook, Airbnb, Amazon, Google, and Dropbox.

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Jim Hunt’s Desire to Create Successful Investors

Jim Hunt started his career as a banker but later quit after realizing the banks had no good interest for their clients. He stated VTA Publications, a private limited company that deals with the provision of valuable investment and financial information to customers globally.

Services Offered by VTA Publications

VTA Publications, which he founded in 2012, provides cutting edge information to both business and big thinker investors. The primary intention of the company is to see people who are willing to learn to do better than the banks. VTA Publications instills financial and economic knowledge to it users. They also make sure that complex financial information is simplified to ensure young investors can understand it meaning.

This information on is provided to users physically or digitally depending on the customer’s location. Jim Hunt is known for his ability to make intelligent decisions on bull and bear stock markets. Once a user requests for information, it is availed via either CDs or Booklets.

What Information?

The materials, which one can order online and have them shipped anywhere around the globe, includes; how to successfully trade using stock charts, information about the near future business options and up-to-date information on business guests on

The materials also contain practical retirement plan, which has been extracted from the Bible. Simply what VTA Publications does is reveal all useful information on that the banks and big businesses apply to succeed but don’t want upcoming investors to access.

How Jim Hunt Manages to Help Businesses and Investors

Being able to deal with clients and deliver their wants is not an easy task. Jim takes his time to listen to all his customers through creation of proper platform. This gives him the opportunity to understand them and their needs. He later finds a solution through extensive research. By the time he reveals the answer to his clients, he is already sure about its capability to function. He has accomplished several projects with his latest being “how to help his mother become a tax-free millionaire.”

Jim believes in personal discipline about his work and family. He carries all his tasks in the morning and ensures he spends substantial time with family in the evening. Every day he sets strict goals under which he divides into portions and makes sure they are achieved as planned.

Josh Verne: How to Succeed in Life and Business

In his recent podcast, Josh Verne CEO of FlockU notes that there are 5 key points to becoming successful in life and business.

First, you must be a leader, not just a boss. A boss demands respect and uses his title for his purposes. A leader must earn respect by putting the needs of his people before his own. A leader is able to align his goals with his team, so they work together to accomplish their overall task.

Win-win situations are the only way to move forward. Searching for a win-win will force you to work for the very best solution, instead of whatever simply comes first.

Josh points out that we all have two ears and only one mouth. They should be used in that proportion. You must listen twice as much as you speak.

There must be a balance between life at home, health, and money. Focusing all your efforts towards one aspect of life will leave others lacking. The important thing is to make progress in all areas to achieve overall growth.

Passion leads to success. When you wake up you must want to do something. This passion will drive you to wake up early and work late all while loving what you do.

Josh Verne has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur. In April 2015 he co-founded and is currently the acting CEO. FlockU focuses on making information more convenient and accessible for college students. FlockU also serves as a hub where students can obtain the latest news on campus life.

Josh Verne also founded Workpays. Before his entrepreneurial career, Josh honed his skills at various retail outlets. He was able to drastically increase sales generating over $200 million at these retailers.

GTL refuses to accept Securus challenge

Securus Technologies, the industry leader in inmate communications, recently offered its competitor, GTL, a chance to show off its video visitation system’s capabilities in a head-to-head challenge against Securus’ video visitation technology. GTL declined. For Securus, GTL’s unwillingness to participate in the contest gave a further boost to the widely held perception that Securus is the undisputed industry leader in video visitation systems.



Detractors have many words but little to say


The challenge that Securus issued to GTL came on the heels of years of hectoring and dubious criticisms on the part of GTL. Some of these criticisms were without any merit whatever, such as GTL’s ongoing claims that Securus had somehow infringed on their intellectual property rights in the implementation of their totally proprietary software.


Other claims had the color of truth but fell apart on closer inspection. These included allegations that the implementation of Securus’ video visitation system throughout the nation’s jails was motivated by corrupt or untoward ends. Specifically, detractors noted that in jails, often times, the installation of video visitation resulted in the permanent removal of traditional, in-person visitations. They contended that this was a violation of inmates’ rights. This charge was more difficult to answer, as the first part was clearly true. Many jails had eliminated traditional visitations after they had adopted video visitation systems.


However, the second part of the allegation, that it was a violation of prisoner’s rights and, implicitly, that there were untoward motives involved, is false. It turns out that there are no constitutionally guaranteed rights for jail inmates to have access to visitations, although the legal picture with respect to prisons is more complex. But, ultimately, the reason video visitation has been used to replace in-person visits at jails is solely due to safety. What’s more, inmates who would have been talking to visitors from behind bullet-proof Plexiglas and over a pay-phone-like receiver often reported a better experience using video visitation anyway.



Avi Weisfogel, D. D. S. Specializes in Complicated Dentistry

Dr. Avi Weisfogel of Old Bridge Dental Care, in Old Bridge, New Jersey, offers pleasant comfortable dental services to all of his patients, but he specializes in difficult dental cases. Many of his patients are referred to him by other dentists.

Dr. Weisfogel, D. D. S. graduated from New York University College of Dentistry after completing undergraduate degrees in psychology and biology from Rutgers University. He began to specialize in treating patients with sleep disorders, especially sleep apnea.

Weisfogel founded Healthy Heart Sleep in 2011 to study dental-related sleep disorders and Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients in 2013 to teach other dentists about sleep apnea. Later, he founded Dental Sleep Masters a group of dentists who work together and design oral devices to solve their patients’ sleep problems.

All dentists in Dr. Weisfogel’s Dental Sleep Masters researched causes and treatment of sleep apnea extensively. Ninety percent of all sleep apnea sufferers are not yet diagnosed. Dental Sleep Masters are dedicated to “revealing the inner secrets” of individuals with sleep apnea. Primary and secondary-care physicians refer patients with sleep apnea problems to them. Sleep Masters design oral devices to help sleep disorder sufferers as skillfully as other dentists design bridgework and dentures.

Dr. Avi Weisfogal contributes money to Operation Smile founded in the Philippines during 1982. A father of six children, Dr. Weisfogel believes that all patients, especially children, should have access to quality dental care, which goes beyond standard dentistry.

Operation Smile helps children all over the world by performing millions of free surgeries with donated equipment and supplies. Dr. William Magee and his wife started Operation Smile to help children born with cleft palates. Facing the overwhelming need for children’s dentistry, the Magees solicited donations and increased their staff of volunteer doctors, nurses, and technicians to meet the need.

Lori Senecal and the Globalization Tact

The Corporate Journey

The advertising industry is a very competitive environment with individuals with a different approach setting a position for themselves. Lori Senecal is one such individual. In a report by PR Newswire, she was named MDC’s Partner Network’s first president and CEO. Her career growth was credited to her successful run in KBS and the credit she received for the growth in CP+B. The secret behind all these achievements is the strategy she adopted on globalization. Senecal is a graduate of McGill University in Montreal, as a business major. She launched her advertising career with Vickers & Benson, a defunct ad agency. In her time at Vickers& Benson, she worked on the Ford account. Her efforts saw her make her next move through McCann Erickson in Toronto where she managed the Coca-Cola account. Her growth within the firm was evident when later she moved to the firm’s office in New York and worked her way to becoming the firm’s president.


Senecal’s Globalization Strategy

In 2009, it was evident her reputation preceded her. Founding partners of Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners brought Senecal on board to turn the company around. To date, she is credited with turning the agency around to focusing on globalization in a digital age. Having her on board as the firm’s head, saw the company change its name to Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners, KBS. The globalization strategy saw the company rise in the industry. Key among the company’s achievements was a merger with MDC and a rapid global expansion program through the opening of offices in key cities around the world. The firm’s biggest break came calling in 2011 when BMW named KBS its North American creative AOR. The BMW account brought in a $160 million revenue chest. Before she left KBS in 2014, other blue-chip companies such as American express, Teconnectivity, HomeGoods, Simmons Bedding Company, William Grant & Sons, Victoria Secret PINK, Harman, Boar’s Head and Vanguard among others, had generated steady revenue for the firm.

Senecal at CP+B

CP+B achievements have been credited to Lori Senecal. In her first 18 months, CP+B was awarded the global creative accounts as a result of the global presence their accounts created. Those accounts include PayPal and American Airlines.

Lori Senecal has truly created an edge for herself and inspired a generational movement showing that indeed it is possible for women to set themselves apart as industry leaders. For more info, visit