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Treat Your Pet to the Goodness of Beneful

How happy is your pet on their current diet? Are you the proud owner of a new puppy, and looking for a great way to supplement their diet? Beneful offers a wide variety flavors conveniently at local participating Walmart retailers. Enjoy s well balanced meal from your pet companion that offers additional savings with their promotional Roll Back offers. They are committed to a well balanced meal that never sacrifices quality for affordability. Beneful is known for their wholesome goodness packed within each brand with real meat, and vegetables. You’ll never want to choose another brand for your beloved pet companion.

BenefulWalmart Gives their pet friends the richness of the top meat products like chicken, beef, and lamb fit for a king. Their diet is fo used on your pet having a healthy heart, great oral care, and a balanced weight. Get sizes that will grow with your pet from a puppy to adulthood. In fact, their gourmet meals are highly preferred among smaller breeds with the same real meat, and veggies inclusion. Choose from a meal that will keep your pet happy at dinnertime. They are guaranteed to thank you with thousands of wet kisses.

Visit their exclusive website for more details on ordering their products online, and get an additional 20% offer. Beneful is committed to the longevity of your pet with the top ingredients known to the pet food industry. Take back your pets productive lifestyle with the goodness of Beneful unique pet food products for thriving dogs, and puppies.

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Freedom Financial Network Believes That Consumer Education Is Important

Back to school shopping will break your budget if you are not careful. Often, there is no need to buy everything on your child’s school supply list; you may already have some of the items in your home already. Wait until the last minute unless your child absolutely has to have all of the items on the first day of school; almost all of the items will go on sale after the school year begins.

Back to school clothing is a major expense for many parents; however, delaying shopping also pays since the children’s clothing sales start in October. Kids do not need heavy coats and boots in the first month of school, but retailers would have you believe that you have to buy everything right away.

Freedom Financial Network offers personal loans and debt settlement loans to consumers who want to achieve financial freedom. At Freedom Financial Network, consumer education is part of the company’s mission; several of Freedom Financial Network’s companies specialize in helping financial consumers make better decisions. Established in 2002, Freedom Financial Network grew rapidly, earning a reputation for integrity, innovation and security. The financial services firm has resolved $6 billion worth of debt for consumers since 2002.

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Horizon Internal Medicine Scores High Under Imran Haque Leadership

Imran Haque is the chief clinician in the Asheboro area and its environs. He has been regarded with high esteem for professionalism and passionate nature. He is undoubtedly one of the best doctors around if ratings and preference are anything to go by. First forward Horizon Internal Medicine is conveniently in a highly accessible area in North Carolina. Patients are therefore able to reach out to him for his services.

Dr. Imran Haque is always concerned with understanding the patients’ needs. His commitment to quality has earned his appreciated results from his patients. Besides, he is legally accredited with a state license to offer medical services in North Carolina. Another boon to Imran Haque career at Horizon Internal Medicine is the ability to treat and handle a range of diseases and conditions. These services include 360 resurfacing, laser hair removal, and diabetes treatment, Venus Body Contouring, dermal fillers, Botox, weight loss management and some cosmetic procedures.

About Imran Haque

He is an internist operating in North Carolina for over 15 years now. Imran is based at Horizon Internal Medicine facility and is a sought-after doctor and a specialist in internal medicine with a high success rate and positive reviews. He has been incognito for been humane and passionate for this he has been paid back with awards and honor.

Dr. Imran Haque has a rich educational background. He studied at Universidad Iberoamerican for a medical degree and later specialized in internal medicine under Salem Program of the University of Virginia. He has gone through residency and been licensed to operate as a medical doctor. He believes for success to be achieved teamwork is important and therefore values other medical experts in his team.

Other than Horizon Internal Medicine, Dr. Imran Haque has worked or outsourced by the Randolph Hospital, South Eastern Medical Hospital, First Health Montgomery hospital, High Point Regional Hospital, and Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital.


Jim Larkin Was A Hero To The Irish Worker

Jim Larkin was a trade unionist, an activist, and a labor organizer who started the General Worker’s Unions and the Irish Transport. Otherwise known as James Larkin or Big Jim, he was the first person to use the phrase, “A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.” Jim was born in January, 28, 1874 in Liverpool, England, and was raised in the slums of the city.

He didn’t much in the way of formal education and worked a spread of different jobs when he was younger to help support his family. When Jim worked his way up to the foreman position at the Liverpool docks, he realized that the workers there were being treated poorly.

This started what was to be a life-long mission of Jim’s of helping workers to be treated fairly and earning a decent wage.

In 1905, Jim Larkin became a full-time trade union organizer, and in 1907 he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union after being transferred to Dublin.

In 1908, he laid out the political agenda for ITGWU, which stated that there would be pensions for all workers after they were 60 years of age and that there would be work for all unemployed people at 8 hours a day.

By 1911, Jim was working to start-up inexpensive strikes that would have an effect, and he also made Liberty Hall the ITGWU headquarters, which was to be a cultural powerhouse to promote his ideas and help workers.

Instead of being satisfied with these efforts, Jim also started-up and became the editor of the Irish Worker, which was a paper that was very successful in pushing forward the agenda of the ITGWU.

After the founding of the Irish Worker, Jim Larkin and the ITGWU became involved in “the Great Labour Unrest.” During this time the union grew to 15,000 strong, and because of the efforts of Jim and the ITGWU, the congress put together the Labour Party.

Throughout 1912 and 1913 Jim organized many different strikes and eventually lead the 1913 Dublin Lockout where 100,000 workers went on strike for many months. The result was the right to fair employment for workers.

When World War 1 began, Jim Larkin organized large protests and encouraged the Irish people to not get involved. It was Jim who encouraged the Irish to not fight in any war that had nothing to do with Ireland.

Later on in 1914 and beyond, Jim would travel to America where he would make many speeches and inspire a great many people.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Background And Bradesco Success

Fiscal policymakers, governments, currency, the banks that circulate currency are arguably the backbone of our modern world. Without money, technology wouldn’t be so widespread and affordable, everybody might not always have food, and our world wouldn’t be as developed. As such, financial institutions often hire seasoned, educated, professional executives to lead their organizations – just like Banco Bradesco had hired Luiz Carlos Trabuco in 2009 to take over as CEO of Bradesco after a respectable 40 consecutive years with the company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in Marília, São Paulo, Brazil in October of 1951. Mr. Trabuco graduated secondary school at a young age, quickly deciding to take his talents to the College of Letters, Sciences, and Philosophy within the University of São Paulo. Following the completion of this bachelor-level program, Luiz Carlos Trabuco then went on to the School of Sociology and Politics Foundation of São Paulo. This second degree has always been and still is helpful in communicating with others in business – without communication, there’s no business!

With two degrees in tow at the age of 18, Mr. Trabuco went to Banco Bradesco’s branch in his hometown, about four and one-half hours’ highway ride, to work as an entry-level clerk. After landing this job in 1969, he worked diligently enough to earn a spot at Bradesco’s headquarters in São Paulo, traveling across the countryside of Brazil yet again for a company he’d only been with for two years, proving his loyalty and trustworthiness almost instantly.

Working in various positions over the thirteen years from 1971 to 1984, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also involved in beefing up communicatory abilities at Bradesco. In 1992, Bradesco switched Trabuco to a private pension group belonging to Bradesco, only six years later to be bumped up to president of Bradesco Previdéncia.

Virtually every Brazilian resident is familiar with the Lagoa Christmas Tree, which was backed by another Bradesco subsidiary Mr. Trabuco would work with in the near future.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco served in this expert advertorial role until 1999, earning the title of executive vice president of Bradesco’s insurance division. He even managed to climb the role of president at this subsidiary until moving on to Bradesco Seguros, of which he assumed the role in 2003. Mr. Trabuco only stepped down in 2009 to sign as Banco Bradesco’s chief executive officer.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has experienced a fruitful tenure at the helm of Banco Bradesco. One of the most recognizable financial events that Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been responsible for is the $5.2 billion purchase of the HSBC Bank system in its entirety. $5.2 may seem like a lot of money, but not when considering the amount of growth Bradesco experienced from this transaction could be completed at a minimum of six fiscal years performing at top speed.

Although Banco Bradesco is behind Itaú Unibanco, having been hovering at a more-than respectable 2nd place since the 2008 merger took place.

As Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had a long, successful career spanning more than 48 years, especially being showcased at the top of the 5th-largest nation out of the world’s 190-plus sovereignties. As such, he’s won many awards, the most prestigious and most recent being Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance by Isto É Dinheiro, coming several weeks after the HSBC acquisition was announced by Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

In 2009, Mr. Trabuco was named among the top 100 influential Brazilians residing in the South American country. Luiz Carlos Trabuco won the Insurance Person of the Year two years in a row, from 2006 to 2007 – 2006 being a year with three awards taken home.

Crowd Source , Fabletics and Kate Hudson a Perfect Trio

In today’s consumer market the power of the crowd, which are crowd sourced reviews are what is determining what consumers are buying. Consumers read the personal recommendations by people they are not connected personally with and trust the reviews enough to help decide what they will purchase. One of the brands that get reviews in this medium is Fabletics and since its 2013 launch, the company has grown 200 percent. This growth brings the company to over $235 million in revenue with over a million paying members.


TechStyle Fashion Group the parent company of Fabletics corporate marketing officer Shawn Gold gives the reviews credit for the fast growth of the company since he believes they drive increased customer gains. Gold said the reviews also improved loyalty for all brands.


Online reviews are a big part of the decision making process for businesses since consumers are becoming more dependent on the internet and a recent study proves the point. This study was a BrightLocal study that shows people trust reviews at 84 percent, which is as high as a review by someone they know personally. The founder of Trustpilot CEO Peter Holten Muhlmann half of the surveyed customers at least once a month do research over the internet for a business. That figure is up 23 percent and in the surveys, 50 percent of customers say they use online reviews often. Further, 60 percent of the customers said negative reviews changed their mind about using a business.


The L2 research firm found similar results with 76 percent of the top brands found on review sites. Then the product page drives purchases with the number of brands having an increase of 70 percent in the past several years.


Vibes another firm that did a study found that 65 percent of in store mobile searches were for reviews, while only 33 percent of the searches were comparing prices. The firm concluded customers are more concerned about good reviews more than they worry about prices.


The TechStyle Fashion Group founders Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler thinking of starting athleisure brand thought in connection with it the perfect person to represent the stylish and reasonable price athletic wear was Kate Hudson. Ms. Hudson became involved right from the start after being approached with the brand. She is still involved in the design process and the team to ensure athleisure remains exciting and Ms. Hudson keeps her eye on sales weekly to know what in the clothing line sells and what clothes are not selling as good. The rapid growth of the company resulted in Ms. Hudson making efforts to upgrade the customer service department and a new data system to keep better track of inventory. This kept the most popular clothing from being sold out without more merchandise being added to replace the items. This was a good business move by Ms. Hudson that resulted in favorable reviews.


Kate Hudson, when asked whether she would like to be known for her acting or as a businesswoman she answers being an actress, is where she is happiest. But she is proud of the clothing line and her participation with the company.

Why George Soros And Open Societies Want To Save The World

After developing a successful hedge fund management firm George Soros decided to use his wealth to establish the open societies foundation. Now in his 80’s Soros is one of the most charitable philanthropists in the world, having giving over 12 billion dollars in donations over the years. Driven by a desire to rid the world of the horrors he encountered first hand as a child in Nazi occupied Hungary, Mr. Soros has dedicated his time and resources to aiding those currently effected by oppressive governments.His efforts to achieve his altruistic goals have been in place for a long time with far reaching results. Over forty years ago Mr. Soros worked to provide scholarships to black South Africans living under apartheid rule. He then supported the development of critical thinking curriculum after the fall of the Berlin Wall by building the Central European University.

The end of the Cold War saw Soros expand his philanthropic work to the rest of the world including the United States through the development of the Open Societies Foundation Open Societies Foundation is a network of foundations, partners, and projects in over 100 countries that promotes democratic governance, freedom of expression, and respect for individual rights. Mr. Soros personally travels the world in support of Open Societies Foundation and its mission while simultaneously giving donations to other organizations around the world that work towards the goal of liberating societies and giving citizens a voice in how government effects their lives.

Though he knows the odds against his ambitious hope to solve the complex and deeply entrenched problems of oppression in many societies Mr. Soros is determined to continue to use his wealth and influence to diminish their scope and instance all over the world. His philosophy of fighting seemingly unwinnable fights for seemingly hopeless causes because they are right stems from his own improbable past, including overcoming the violence of his childhood and reaching the heights of success, and knowing that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.

Traveling Vineyard – Financial Independence On Your Own Terms

Upon a first glance, a job with Traveling Vineyard as a Wine Guide may sound too good to be true, but with a proven track record and a relaxing atmosphere, you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Since 2001, Traveling Vineyard has brought the fun and fulfilling experience of tasting new wines to people around the nation. Traveling Vineyard is one company that’s worth more than a first glance.

Fun & Profitable

The basic idea of employment as one of Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides is that you find family members as well as friends who are able to host wine tasting events inside their homes. Any guests invited to the events can sample different types of wines, both red and white varieties, as well as sparkling wines. The atmosphere of these events is intended to be relaxed and fun, with the final goal of allowing the guests to purchase any of the wines that they enjoyed, and earning the Wine Guide a commission for each bottle of wine that’s sold.

There are many upsides to taking on a gig as a Wine Guide. Besides the obvious benefits of sampling and sharing high-quality wines, the financial benefits are significant. An exception to the majority of direct sales organizations, Traveling Vineyard has no sales requirements for its employees and allows Wine Guides to work on their own schedules, making it easy to do either on the side or as a career, while still having time for other work and family.

With Traveling Vineyard concerns about travel are a thing of the past. While you’re more than able to travel far and wide for wine parties, you can also make a significant portion of your sales online, meaning that you never have to leave the comfort of your own home unless you want to. In addition, there are options for a monthly subscription to customers, giving them a recurring selection of wines at an affordable price.

One of the biggest upsides of working with Traveling Vineyard is that it will cost you almost nothing to get started, and you can quickly earn back every penny and more. Aside from the basic starter kit, the only cost that goes to you is a monthly fee to host your sales website. By becoming a Wine Guide, you get access to promotional materials, training videos, and a vast network of other Wine Guides across the nation for no extra cost.


If you want a fun and fulfilling way to earn some money, and like the idea of being a Wine Guide, then Traveling Vineyard can offer you a proven and trusted method for gaining your financial freedom, and having the time to live your life how you want to.

Goettl Air Conditioning: Beyond Specialization in HVAC World-class Services

For four years running, Goettl Air Conditioning has endeavored to tackle one of the greatest societal challenges in the United States: transition into civilian life by military veterans. Many military officers find it difficult to transition into civilian life due to a myriad of factors including lack of training in skills that can enable them become economically productive members of the society. Towards this end, Goettl has continued with a tradition it started four years ago of donating tools worth thousands of dollars to military veterans who are students at College of Southern Nevada. Realizing that the graduating veterans may have loans they service, debts to pay or families that need their financial support, Goettl came up with a plan that will ensure that the veterans are equipped with the necessary tools to give them a foothold in their first jobs.

Towards Strategic Development

Founded in 1939 by the legendary air conditioning inventor Gust Goettl and his brother Adam, Goettl Air Conditioning has undergone various revolutionary changes to become one of the leading air conditioning companies in Las Vegas and Arizona. As it was celebrating its 78th anniversary in February 2017, Goettl was celebrating more than just longevity in the increasingly competitive industry. It was a time to celebrate the company’s strategic moves in the industry that has seen its name become synonymous with excellence in air conditioning installation and servicing.

The survival and longevity of Goettl Air Conditioning have been hinged on strategic management and suave operational decisions that have seen it cement its position in key markets that it operates in. The acquisition of Goettl Air Conditioning by air conditioning specialist and industry veteran Ken Goodrich in 2013 was one such strategic move. He introduced a customer-centric management approach that successfully transformed the company’s image and built customer confidence.

According to GlassDoor, in addition to the customer-centric approach, Mr. Goodrich who is the president and chief executive officer of the company also oversaw strategic acquisitions and expansions of the Goettl’s operations. The Las Vegas-based privately held company recently acquired Walton’s Heating and Air to increase its market share and service delivery capability including opening operations in Southern California. This was further enhanced by the launch of two additional affiliates to enable the company explore new service areas. With The Sunny Plumber and Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical, Goettl has the opportunity to continue with its legacy of high quality service delivery that saw it invent dozens of heating and cooling system prototypes. Goettl’s customized services also include maintenance, installation and repair of air conditioning and heating systems.

Dr. Cameron Clokie on the capabilities of regenerative medicine

Obesity is a big problem in the world today. It is a condition that those affected struggle with in a big way. Getting rid of that fat is never easy, it needs more than the just normal workout.

Obesity is usually associated with health problems. Blood pressure, blood clotting and cardiac arrests are some of the conditions associated with excessive fats. Being such a serious health issue experts in the medical sector have been trying to come up with solutions which will address it. One solution that doctors and medical specialists have come up with is regenerative medicine.

Bloomberg reported that Dr. Cameron Clokie is one of the doctors who came up with this solution. He continues to do more research to make it even better. Regenerative medicine is associated with providing solutions to many serious health problems.

According to Crunchbase, regenerative methods use stem cells among other regeneration items to create an efficient healing process. Dr. Cameron Clokie has been a big proponent of this medicine and has been insisting for its adoption by the medical care fraternity.

His efforts seem to have borne fruits since regenerative medicine has been widely accepted today. A study that was recently conducted indicates that the stem cell in the regenerative medicine can be used to heal cardiac and nervous system problems. When carefully used stem cells regenerate damaged heart tissues which help victims avoid cases of nervous system and cardiac diseases.

Stems cells are also beneficial since they can repair damaged nerves which in a normal scenario would leave a victim paralyzed. So, it is clear that this medicine is actually the solution that any obese person should be looking for to avoid instances of cardiac arrests. Learn more about Cameron Clokie: and

The good thing with stem cells in regenerative medicine is that they solve problems that we might not be knowing. Once in the body, they do not only cure one problem only. They cure all inherent problems that may be in the body. Stem cells literally cure any part of the body that may have damaged cells.

Vital of all is that it has the capability to cure most serious diseases that can be adverse to our health. Once they are in the body they will cure almost any problem. They can take on white cells and increase them which will help fight diseases such as the AIDS.