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Talos Energy, An Investor in Natural Gas and Oil Properties

A joint investment by London’s Premier Oil Plc, Houston-based Talo’s Energy LLC and Mexico’s Sierra Oil & Gas started drilling the Zama-1 well in May. This well is the first survey well to be founded by anyone else apart from Petroleos Mexicanos, a state-run management since 1938 when the country nationalized its energy business. For the first time in approximately 80 years, a private firm has located a new oil well in the waters of Mexico, signifying the latest step in the country’s effort to restore foreign competitors back into its energy industry.

The new oil well, located in the Sureste Basin in the state of Tabasco, contains nearly 100 million to 500 million casks of crude oil. The drilling process will probably take around 90 days at the cost of 16 million dollars. The three corporations secured rights to the venture in 2015, after the first bidding round while Mexico voted to bring back private investors in its dwindling oil sector. Tim Duncan, the Chief Executive Officer, and president of Talos stated that announcing such historical innovation in not more than two years following the acquisition of the block was a perfect indication of the benefits of allowing smaller enterprises to engage in essential reforms.

The basin’s structure shows that the project has a high environmental probability of success. Charlie Sharp, an analyst of Canaccord Genuity Ltd., noted that given all the suggestions for the market of Mexico, Zama-1 well is one of the incredible ventures in the sector this year. According to a statement by Premier, Talos Energy the operator of the well owns 35% of the shares, Premier 25%, and Sierra holds 25% of the investment.

Talos Energy is a private firm that deals gas and oil, and its focus is on the exploration and the acquisition of natural resource properties. It mainly focuses on the Gulf Mexico and Gulf Coast. The company enjoys the support of investment funds associated with Talos management, Riverstone Holdings LLC, and Apollo Global Management. Talos Energy owns reserves of an estimated 100 million BOE and generation of over 30,000 BOE daily gains to the benefit of the corporation.


The Impact of AI In Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence (AI), also known as machine intelligence (MI), was established as an academic discipline back in 1956. Due to the fantastic advances that technology has today, the AI has become a necessary part of the technology industry and assisted in solving problems in the field of computer science.

So far, a sentient AI has wormed its way into the world of digital marketing. In this day and age, when technology has been steadily on the rise for more than a decade, companies have been able to widen their reach of consumers to other countries and build stronger connection than what they previously had before. Artificial Intelligence has also been a great help for business to business (B2B) since this has enabled them to connect with other companies for them to sell their products while building a strong relationship with their customers.

Many businesses have turned to digital marketing as their marketing tool to sell and advertise their products and services to their customers. Everyone has gone digital and, therefore, this makes it easier for businesses to connect with their consumers.

There are some social media platforms that businesses use to market their products and services. For example, anywhere their current and potential consumers are, as long as they have their mobiles phones on hand, the business is already selling.

A sentient AI learns by analyzing various data. There are marketers today that are using AI to increase their conversate rate optimization (CRO) and produce a highly personalized website. When you log on to or visit a website, the AI will be able to gather the data it needs such as your general location, the device you are using, demographics, and interactions you have in the website. A sentient AI will be able to use the gathered information and show consumers the contents that matches the data it analyzed.

Since AI has behavioral personalization, consumers will have the convenience of being able to receive push notifications tailored to what they want.

Marketers have also integrated an AI to chat boxes, specifically in the customer service part of the business. The chances are high that the “person” you are talking to, whose name can be either Jen or Emma or some other average name, is an AI. These AI’s can respond to consumers and answer their questions appropriately is because they can detect patterns and repetitive issues which enables them to identify the cause of the consumer’s problem.

Having a sentient AI has been good for business owners since they can transact their business with consumers and other businesses smoothly. AI has enabled business owners to connect with their consumers and business partners in a more personalized way. Consumers can easily find what they are looking for if the content is tailored to fit what want. If they like what the business has to offer them, then they come back. If a consumer comes back, they usually bring potential consumers. There are major companies that have already integrated AI into their systems and have reported to have an increase in ROI. The investment in AI is likely to increase sometime in 2018. Follow Sentient’s profile on

Securus Technologies Aiming to Become the Leading Service Provider in Correctional Industry

Securus Technologies started its operation in the year 1986 and since then has been dominating the correctional sphere. The primary aim of the company is to ensure that the correctional industry continues to advance and new technologies are developed to help the law enforcement agencies as well as the inmates. The inmates using the communication products and services offered by Securus Technologies are highly satisfied as their services are not only advanced and efficient but also economical. It doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket like the services offered by other inmate communication services does. Securus Technologies understands and analyzes the need of the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers before developing its products to ensure that the requirements of the end users are satisfied.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, has announced that the company is focusing on developing new technologies that would increase the communication opportunities for the prisoners. The communication opportunities for the prisoners are limited at the moment, and highly expensive as well, which Rick Smith thinks can be changed with the help of advanced technology in the future. Securus Technologies has invested close to $600 million in its attempt to acquire new patents in the correctional technology, which would give the company an added advantage over its competitors. The investments would also help the research and development initiatives of the company to help build better and more updated products for the correctional industry.


Securus Technologies has been receiving rave reviews for its products and services for its customers, including the law enforcement officers. Many of the law enforcement personnel write letters of appreciation to the company, which the Securus Technologies recently published in a press release. The press release showcased the amount of love and appreciation received by the company from the stakeholders of the correctional industry. In the years to come, Securus Technologies aims to become the leading service provider in the correctional sphere.


End Citizens United Brings Government Corruption To Light

When it comes to enforcing just rights and getting people what they want, political action committees are some of most sought after and can get the job done. People want to have systems that they can depend on, and want to have policies that they can trust, which ideally should be the government. However, with the government not doing its job right and with the amount of corruption going on in the system, there is less and less hope that they can achieve something beneficial.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has had an incredible amount of sway over the people. The organization has become one of the most sought-after political action committees and has come forward in support of several things that the people truly do need.The organization was founded by a group of entrepreneurs that wanted to do something to once again give the power of the country back to the people of America. People don’t want to be in a situation where they have no say in anything, which is unfortunately how the system currently is.

Read more: End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules

One of the main reasons why End Citizens United was formed was to eliminate the Citizens United ruling, which was something that changed the course of American Politics. The American Supreme Court passed a ruling called Citizens United, which allowed people to invest and donate to political organizations without having to let the public know how much they were channeling into these.The ruling was made keeping in mind that it could potentially make for a lot more funds in the government but backfired harder that it should have. The ruling now made way for corruption in the government, and more so, made it legal and allowed workarounds for a number of the government practices. People who did not have money to donate were given less priority the government thereby creating a very visible class divide.

In the 2016 elections, this ruling proved to be one of the best things for the Republican Party since no one would now question the absurd amounts that people were trying to channel into this party. End Citizens United uncovered a great amount of evidence pointing towards the corruption that was taking place in the party during the election and tried to bring it to light. One of the most recent discoveries that End Citizens United made was strengthening the claims that Russia was indeed involved with the American elections. The ads that advertised the Republican Party were paid for by Russian organizations, through United States channels, trying to work around them to make them legal, even though it is illegal for foreign nationals to invest in the United States elections.

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Mighty Fortress Church Is Friendly and Soothing

St. Andrew’s Church located in St. Paul, Minnesota is not in operation at the moment. It is, however, the current location of a thriving art school. It’s a gorgeous brick structure that has a pleasing combination of Romanesque and Spanish Mission Revival elements. Its roof is equipped with striking clay tiles as well.

The Episcopal Church of Our Savior is in Little Falls, Minnesota. It was constructed back in 1903 and is an appealing combination of Gothic and Tudor architectural components. The lower section of the church puts fieldstone construction on display. The upper section of the building, on the other hand, showcases a half-timbered stucco design scheme. John Sutcliffe was the Chicago, Illinois-based architect who was at the helm of the construction of the church.

Christ the King Catholic Church is in Browerville, Minnesota. It’s not far at all from a vast number of other local Catholic churches. These churches were the creation of immigrants who hailed from Poland. They came to the United States toward the end of the 1800s. The sizable church boasts a majestic, dignified and stately presence. It has a convenient location in the heart of Browerville. It’s a lovely Baroque Revival building that includes stunning copper onion domes. Its steeple is intricate and elaborate in appearance as well.

Mighty Fortress International Church is located in bustling Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s a cozy and warm church that encourages people who want to find out more about the fundamentals of Christianity. The ambiance at Mighty Fortress International Church is friendly, attentive and thoughtful. This church encourages people in the neighborhood to visit it whenever they wish.

The senior pastor at Mighty Fortress International church is Bishop Thomas T.R. Williams. He’s been a prominent figure in the large world of ministry for more than three decades and counting now. He’s more than Mighty Fortress International Church’s hard-working senior pastor. He’s actually the individual who initially launched it. He has a solid educational background under his belt. He went to Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Rhema Bible Training Center. He went to both Bethel University and Seminary and North Central University as well.

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5AM Ventures Founder, Scott Rocklage Conducts An Interview With Ideamensch

When he came for his interview with Ideamensch, Scott Rocklage was first asked where he got the idea to create 5AM Ventures. Mr. Rocklage said that his firm is a life science-based company.

The name 5AM Ventures refers to the fact that his company is involved in the creation of new companies, especially science based ones. Scott Rocklage says that you can describe his firm as a science venture capitalist company.

The 5AM in his firm’s name is a reference to the company being involved in early business development in the startups the firm invests in. 5AM is early in the morning and his business specializes in the early phase development of science and tech startups. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg

The next question asked of Scott Rocklage was how does a regular day look like for him and how does he make it as productive as possible. As a businessman and venture capitalist, Mr. Rocklage says his days at work are far from routine. Instead he has a lot of variety during his work week. He says that at times he may be present at board meeting and conferences. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

At other times he may be busy studying the science behind new startups and inventions. Still yet, Mr. Rocklage says he could be managing the company’s portfolio during another time. Being a good communicator helps him be more productive at work says Scott Rocklage.

Mr. Rocklage was asked how he brings ideas to fruition at 5AM Ventures. Scott Rocklage says that he works with a diverse group of entrepreneurs to create new medicines that have the ability to treat and alleviate diseases. He works with scientists, doctors and business people to create new ideas and products that can help change people’s lives for the better.

Ideamensch asked Scott Rocklage what is a habit of his that he thinks has been critical to his success in venture capitalism. Mr. Rocklage says that being organized has helped him achieve a lot of things in his line of work.

Time management and prioritization are two skills that any entrepreneur can greatly benefit from. Calendaring can greatly help in this aspect says Rocklage.

Philanthropist and Law expert-Erick Lefkofsky

Lung cancer is associated with several environmental factors which contribute to the condition among them smoking of tobacco. However, it is not the environmental factors which cause lung cancer, but also the generic factors. A team of cancer experts led by Dartmouth researchers among them Yafang Li, Ph.D., has carried out a study to determine the effects of tobacco smoking on causing lung cancer. During their study, it was decided that there is a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) which lies in the human DNA and is vulnerable to disease was identified. However, the experts did not only recognize the SNP that cause lung cancer, but they also discovered another small cell which is non-cancer as well as one squamous lung cancer risk. The three SNP discovered have been published in carcinogenesis.

Erick Lefkofsky can well be described as an American successful entrepreneur who has a particular interest in cancer. Mr. Erick was born on September 1969, Erick has co-founded and founded not one organization but several successful firms among them; Light Bank a Chicago based venture Capital institution, MediaOcean, InnerWorkings, Echo Global logistics, Groupon where he is the Chairman, as well as the co-founder of Tempus. He has been an entrepreneur and an investor since he was young.

Erick began by selling carpets at the University of Michigan. After his law studies, Mr. Lefkofsky together with his friend wanted so much to buy Madison, Wisconsin but did not have enough money. With money borrowed from friends and family, they were able to realize their dream of purchasing the apparel firm. His investment spirit did not end there instead to get her with another friend; they co-founded an internet company; Starbelly in 1999. Starbelly specialized in promotional products. The digital firm experienced a tremendous expansion, and a year later after its creation, it was sold to Hola industries in January 2000. Mr. Erick did not leave the company; instead, he joined Hola Industries becoming the Chief Operating Officer.

Erick Lefkofsky is a charitable man, and in 2006 together with his wife Liz the decided to found Lefkofsky Family Foundation which is a private non-profit organization founded with a purpose of positively impacting the community Erick is also a leader who since he began serving, has shown a positive impact in his management. He is a Trustee at Lurie Children’s hospital based in Chicago, Industry and World Business Chicago, the Museum of science and industry, as well as the Art Institute of Chicago. Erick is also a published author.

A Quick Background Check on Agora Financial

Agora Financial is a privately owned publication company located in Baltimore, Maryland. It provides financial advice, economic commentary, analysis, marketing predictions and education through online and print media, conferences, videos and online seminars. Furthermore, Agora Financial offers free and paid publications, and it is 100% independent as their editors do not accept money from investors for coverage in return. This also guarantees that the company produces unbiased market commentary and news.
Agora Financial is a subsidiary of The Agora Inc, and it was established in 1979 by Bill Bonner – a financial writer and essayist. Mr. Bonner serves as the president of Agora Inc while his co-author, Addison Wiggins, is the executive publisher at Agora Financial. The company produces several financial newsletters annually aimed at investor enlightenment on ways to make money from energy, technology, metals and small-cap stocks.
The first annual Investment Symposium by Agora Financial was held in 1999 in Vancouver. It was regarded to be its largest event of the year. Currently, the conference brings together prominent speakers from different parts of the globe to discuss emerging financial trends, debates and panels. The central theme of the conference is built around the Tale of two Americas.
Through the years, Agora Financial has beaten conventional media to the punch by delivering relevant and insightful commentary where others tread with fear. Located in the historic part of Baltimore, the company has grown and expanded to over 10 houses in the area. This also included converting several mansions into office space. The buildings were added modern amenities to cater for the growing publication demands while still maintaining their lavish stature.
Popular Agora Financial Publications
With its competent authors in different fields, Agora Financial creates and disseminates publications through Laissez Faire Books; a company Agora Financial acquired in 2011. The company has produced over 200 books that focus on finance and economics. Some of these world’s famous books are as follows.
1. Total Income Alert
2. Penny Stock Fortunes
3. Penny Sleuth
4. Technology Profits Confidential
5. Options Hotline
6. Outstanding Investments
7. Lifetime Income Report
8. Breakthrough Technology Alert
9. Energy and Scarcity Investor
10. Daily Reckoning
Evidently, Agora Financial has been able to equip companies and investors with the necessary information aimed at safeguarding their investment interests. The company has come up with sophisticated intelligence systems that teach investors on how to pick the stocks while avoiding unfavorable market conditions that others land into. Since their publications also come in print format, there is no need for you to rely on the physical product. You just have to be a valid Agora Financial subscriber to get started.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Tackling Prostate Cancer Together.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded in 1988 and has five branches located throughout the country. the mission of Cancer Treatment Centers of America is to help patients and do research on every form of cancer. This research can lead to possibly curing cancer in the future.
The five hospitals are located in Zion, Illinois, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Newman, Georgia, and Goodyear, Arizona. Cancer Treatment Centers of America also treats people with anxiety issues as well as depression, Now Cancer Treatment Centers of America has teamed up with the NFL Alumni Association and LabCorp to help battle the problem of prostate cancer.
The program begins on September the first and runs through October fifteenth. The program works like this: If a man is forty years of age or older and meets specific requirements, the man can get a free prostate cancer screening at no charge to him. This only applies to the first two thousand men who meet the requirements for the screening. If a man still wants to get a screening and the slots are filled then he can get a screening at a cost of only twenty-five dollars.
Football coaches like Herm Edwards, Dick Vermeil, and Bill Cowher want men to take part in the Prostate Pep talk. These are public service announcements that will get the word out to men to get tested for this disease. The best defense against prostate cancer is a good offense. This is why September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
With an NFL lineup like this men can take the first step in living without prostate cancer. The first step is to get a screening. Early detection is the best and most effective weapon in beating this disease. Even at twenty-five dollars per screening it is worth saving a life.