End Citizens United Brings Government Corruption To Light

When it comes to enforcing just rights and getting people what they want, political action committees are some of most sought after and can get the job done. People want to have systems that they can depend on, and want to have policies that they can trust, which ideally should be the government. However, with the government not doing its job right and with the amount of corruption going on in the system, there is less and less hope that they can achieve something beneficial.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has had an incredible amount of sway over the people. The organization has become one of the most sought-after political action committees and has come forward in support of several things that the people truly do need.The organization was founded by a group of entrepreneurs that wanted to do something to once again give the power of the country back to the people of America. People don’t want to be in a situation where they have no say in anything, which is unfortunately how the system currently is.

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One of the main reasons why End Citizens United was formed was to eliminate the Citizens United ruling, which was something that changed the course of American Politics. The American Supreme Court passed a ruling called Citizens United, which allowed people to invest and donate to political organizations without having to let the public know how much they were channeling into these.The ruling was made keeping in mind that it could potentially make for a lot more funds in the government but backfired harder that it should have. The ruling now made way for corruption in the government, and more so, made it legal and allowed workarounds for a number of the government practices. People who did not have money to donate were given less priority the government thereby creating a very visible class divide.

In the 2016 elections, this ruling proved to be one of the best things for the Republican Party since no one would now question the absurd amounts that people were trying to channel into this party. End Citizens United uncovered a great amount of evidence pointing towards the corruption that was taking place in the party during the election and tried to bring it to light. One of the most recent discoveries that End Citizens United made was strengthening the claims that Russia was indeed involved with the American elections. The ads that advertised the Republican Party were paid for by Russian organizations, through United States channels, trying to work around them to make them legal, even though it is illegal for foreign nationals to invest in the United States elections.

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