Services provided by Securus Technologies

Security is very important to every citizen including the inmates in our prisons. The introduction of Securus technologies has changed how everything works nowadays as some of the traditional methods of detecting crime are no longer useful owing to the advancement of communications technologies provided by this company. Organizations whose duty is to ensure safety, facilities used for correction and the law enforcers all are using the products created by the firm. The study indicates the company services inmates over the one million mark including all their families. In America, the company estimates the number of clients they have to be around 3,400 going upwards.


The technology is capable of working on different kinds of phones such as the Android-powered, iPhones, tablets among others. Various plans are in place namely the direct billing, collect calls, an inmate being able to pay their bill which is referred to as inmate debit and they offer prepaid calling. Among the latest innovations includes one being able to survey phone calls which is a huge transformation. This will help identify any inmates selling drugs in the facility. Reports from authorities have indicated that the use of these technologies has helped keep the prisons and the jails safe something that was barely seen before.


In other instances where the technology has been so successful is giving out information treated as evidence through phone calls where the authorities acquire search warrants and can incriminate the culprits. The facility’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. This is the place interested clients need to visit to take a look at the mentioned and many more products the company is offering. They explain how each of them works in every setting. Those using their products each day can testify how effective they are. Many trying to commit criminal activities have gone down thanks to the intelligence Securus is offering.

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