Talkspace: Redefining Therapy

Oren Frank founded Talkspace in 2012 with the intention of making therapy easier to access and available to anyone at any time. The mental health platform, which now has a team of over 1000 mental health professionals, and over 500,000 active users, recently gained the attention of Magellan Health. The insurance company plans to work with Talkspace in the future, giving access to anyone with a Magellan Health insurance plan access to the therapy service.

The professional therapists that work for Talkspace can use methods like text messages and video chats to connect with their clients. They are trained to work with each users’ specific needs and to display empathy through text messages. Different therapy plans offer once a day text messages from a therapist, multiple text messages a day, or 30-minute video chat sessions.

A study that gave nearly 100,000 veterans access to mental health care online, showed a 25 percent decrease in mental health incidents. Oren Frank wants this kind of result for everyday people. He also hopes that widespread access to quality therapy will diminish the stigma held by some towards therapy.

Users of the Talkspace platform review the service positively, with many noticing a stark difference between the improvement of their mental health when compared to traditional therapy sessions.

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