Omar Boraie Helps the Families

The city of New Brunswick, New Jersey ought to build a statue in honor of Omar Boraie. They should do this because he is the very reason why they are living and thriving today. Omar Boraie is the man who turned around the city. In fact, the New Jersey State Senate recently publicly acknowledged him for his work and awarded him with the medal of compassion.


Before Omar Boraie came along, the city of New Brunswick was looking at becoming a ghost town. For many years the city was on the decline. The city of New Brunswick watched as families turned from a loving community to hating one another. They also watched as the middle class moved to other cities. The city beheld as jobs became scarce and politicians began the fight among themselves. Omar Boraie had the feeling that if he could bandage these four wounds, he would be able to naturally grow the city.


Omar Boraie set to work immediately to strengthen the family community in New Brunswick. The best way to do this was through social programs. He worked with nonprofits and churches to create social events that would allow families to grow closer to one another as well as build friendships outside their family. He asked for each of these nonprofit entities to submit to him a strategic plan. Whatever program he found to be promising, he would donate the necessary funds. One nonprofit worked with the State Theater to host a summer of movie nights to build relationships in the community.


According to NJ Biz, Omar Boraie also worked tirelessly to bring back a strong middle-class. He started, of course, by working on the families but continued by focusing on the careers. Omar Boraie built hundreds of units of commercial office space that would normally go out to law firms with partners. He then leased out this upper tier office space for a cost that a brand-new upstart professional could afford. This competitive pricing, when compared to neighboring cities, was able to convince middle-class families to return to the area. Check out for more.



Omar Boraie began working with corporations such as Johnson and Johnson to revive the job market. He realized that corporations needed tax breaks in order to grow. He worked out a deal between businesses and the City Council of New Brunswick to grant businesses tax breaks if they were in the process of hiring workers and building more factories



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