Ex Wall Street Executive Paul Mampilly Shares his Stock Picks

Paul Mampilly took up writing as a career after 20 years as a Wall Street executive. He worked in the financial industry at several of the New York City-based financial companies. He spent years with such employers as Bankrs Trust, ING, Deutsche Bank, and also with smaller private investment firms. Paul moved to the United States from India. He studied at Fordham University in New York, and he earned an MBA in 1996. Follow Paul Mampilly on Stocktwits.com.

Paul worked himself up the financial corporate ladder, and he achieved a great amount of success. He also had a great deal of responsibility managing portfolios that were valued in the millions of dollars. As a successful Wall Street professional, Paul had busy, stressful days that frequently lasted well into the late night hours and beyond. Eventually, he chose to close that chapter of his life.

As a writer, Paul Mampilly transcends his financial experience into his written words. He currently works at Banyan Hill Publishing, where he has been since 2016. This investment firm publishes numerous financial publications, newsletters, and feature articles on the topics of the many investment products that are available to today’s investors. Their editors and writers are financial experts in the areas of stocks, bonds, commodities, cryptocurrency, and more.

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Paul found his niche as a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is able to pursue his dream of writing, coupled with his prior experience and financial expertise. He is the author of his own newsletter, entitled Profits Unlimited. He undertakes an extensive amount of research to provide his readers with timely features. In just a short period of time, over 90,000 subscribers have signed up to receive Profits Unlimited. He is also the senior editor of Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum, two of his other newsletters published by Banyan Hill Publishing.

He analyzes the stock market, and he will hand-pick individual stocks that are worthy of his further analysis. Then, he will share his findings with his readers. Paul Mampilly is dedicated to helping them grow their money with the help of his advice and guidance. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

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