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See How Malcolm CasSelle Has Ignited the Cryptocurrency Industry

When it comes to selling in-game virtual assets, OPSkins is a global leader. It’s also the leading bitcoin merchant you would find on this planet. The company has a large number of global users who make frequent micro-payments on a cross-border basis. Its ability to handle decentralized protocol has increased its user demand and market size.

All this could not have been possible without the leadership and expertise of Malcolm CasSelle. Although OPSkins is a renowned marketplace for virtual assets, it suffers some limitations in technology. This made Malcolm think how the virtual assets could be traded in a decentralized marketplace. WAX or World Asset eXchange is the new blockchain platform OPSkins has launched for trading virtual assets.

If it were not for WAX, fraud and fragmentation would not have been resolved. These two problems have affected the virtual asset markets. WAX has solved these major problems using a widget with an enabled blockchain. With this widget, it becomes easier for the platform users to sell their virtual goods or sell them without the need to click off the game. Looking at how fragmented the virtual market has become, Malcolm CasSelle has come with the WAX type blockchain to unite it.

Malcolm believes this blockchain will go a long way to solve the existing security concerns, language problem, and improve the payment processing steps. He says that people would only be able to sell and tokenize their virtual assets once a frictionless market has been created.

Malcolm CasSelle is the WAX President today and still the CIO of OPSkins. He has transformed the way online video games operate today. He has made it easier for people to sell and buy items from these video games. Before he came to WAX, Malcolm was working at Tribune Publishing, now called CTO. He has contributed to the immense growth of this company.

Through his leadership, it’s now easier to leverage digital assets. He had at one time worked at Digital Media as the general manager and SVP also. He had started his own company known as Timeline Labs that Digital Media acquired later. Malcolm CasSelle is remembered for the startups such as Xfire, MediaPass, and Groupon joint venture he established in the digital industry. Zynga and Facebook are some of the companies he has invested in beside funding in blockchain verticals and big data.

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OSI Industries is a Top Global Food Processor Focused on Success

OSI Industries has enjoyed phenomenal rates of growth over the years and have become one of the foremost food processors in the world. This private company was singled out as one of the largest by Forbes magazine in 2016. They have come a long way from a standalone butcher shop serving Chicagoans in the early 1900’s. The depth of resources and abilities of the company drive their business around the globe. They maintain more than 60 facilities in 17 countries and help feed millions.

Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who founded Otto & Sons which served citizens of Chicago. They ran a butcher shop and meat market for decades and were part of the community’s fabric. They did well and eventually expanded into the wholesale meat processing industry.

A milestone for Otto & Sons was the handshake agreement with Ray Kroc as they became the first meat supplier for McDonald’s. This proved to be the catalyst for extraordinary growth in the decades to come. This early example of the franchise model allowed both companies to prosper at an amazing rate.

Flash freezing is a technological advancement that enabled Otto & Sons to provide hamburger patties to distant locations. They adopted this technology and continued to grow apace with McDonald’s. Eventually, they built a plant dedicated solely to the McDonald’s portion of business. This was in 1973 and featured the financial talents of their future CEO Sheldon Lavin. His banking and investing skills proved to be the difference in launching this endeavor.

Sheldon Lavin acquired the company when the original family retired from the business. A name change to OSI Industries happened in 1975 to better reflect their global activities. It also spoke more accurately to their reliance on technology and manufacturing abilities.

Lavin recognized early on the opportunities for global expansion along with McDonald’s. They successfully continued key relationship over the years and forged important new ones around the world as well. In 1987, OSI Industries began a joint venture in Taiwan which was their first attempt to enter the Asian market. The Philippines followed as well as China and eventually Japan. They maintain facilities throughout the region now as their expansion continues.

The abilities of OSI Industries goes beyond production manufacturing. This is evidenced by their state of the art Culinary Innovation Centers where they craft unique, fresh products for worldwide markets. There is one in Aurora, Illinois as well as Shanghai, China and both help their retail partners develop winning dishes that customers love.

Read This Article for more information about OSI Group.

Multimillionaire Real Estate Expert Nick Vertucci Releases Book ‘Seven Figure Decisions’

People interested in earning money in real estate are in luck. Nick Vertucci, a multimillionaire real estate expert, has released the book “Seven Figure Decisions”. It is not only is a personal memoir of Vertucci’s successful career in real estate, it is also a guide which outlines the six basic building block that are required to make money in the industry. Subtitled ‘Having The Balls To Succeed’, the book details Vertucci’s rollercoaster journey from living in his van to building a successful computer, losing it all and becoming a successful multimillionaire through real estate.

Published by Lioncrest Publishing, Vertucci’s book is rated five stars, is an Amazon bestseller and more than a thousand copies have already been sold. The digital version of the business memoir is available on Amazon Kindle and the paperback version is being sold on Amazon. The book goes into how after losing everything when his computer company failed, Vertucci overcame his fears, changed his mindset and went on to earn a fortune in real estate. In the tome Vertucci explained that he had a mentor who helped him alter his thinking, develop a strong mental foundation, go through a real estate training circuit and build his real estate investing business.

Vertucci’s hope is that “Seven Figure Decisions” will help people struggling to build their real estate careers understand the life-changing philosophy he developed that helped him overcome his mistakes. Over the course of its 350 pages, the book shows the steps Nick Vertucci took to create a stronger, more sustainable real estate business. “Seven Figure Decisions” is Nick Vertucci’s rags-to-riches story. It outlines how starting out without any money or education, Nick Vertucci created a tech company, made lots of money, lost it all and became a multimillionaire through real estate.

For people with dreams of becoming rich, the book offers a revealing look into the life of someone who has been able to do it twice. It covers the years that Vertucci spent learning about the real estate industry and developing the tools and expertise he shares through his nationally embraced real estate educational program the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The sought-after program equips students with the information they need to do well investing in real estate. As founder and CEO of the academy, Vertucci provides students with real-world insights into successful real estate investment strategies.

Through his Irvine, California based The Nick Vertucci Companies, Vertucci also hosts events and seminars designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge of the lucrative ‘Turn-Key’ system he developed as a real estate investment expert. The book and the academy are all designed to teach people how to find, purchase, repair and sell or rent bank-owned properties.

Matt Badiali is a Strategic Investment Guru

Bayan Hill Publishing has been making a ton of headlines lately. The underground investment-related publishing company has been having luck. Most of their chief staff have been making solid recommendations. Recently one person has been an incredible standout. Matt Badiali, the publisher of the Real Wealth Strategist, has been making some picks that are pocketing him — and his readers — lots of money. Read more about Matt on

Now, before this entire article becomes a praise piece, it is important to notice that Matt Badiali has had some bad picks. Honestly, not many, but some. Matt is an interesting character. He has been all over the place in the natural resources world. Matt has traveled the world doing everything from exploring caves to studying wheat plants. It may sound weird, but he does these things to get a better insight into his market picks. It seems to work.

Matt Badiali eats with T. Boone Pickens and knows CEOs across the natural resources industry on a first-name basis. This ability to grow and connect with industry leaders has shaped Badiali into a force of prediction. While Badiali may be a financial guru, he is also a master of understanding the industry. He has a masters degree from Florida Atlantic University in Geology.

This degree helps Badiali understand the natural resources industry in a way that many investors aren’t capable of. His advice has earned his followers quite a bit of money in the market. Matt is also famous for his Freedom Checks video. Read the Q&A session with Matt on Frontline Profits Live.

The video, which is now viral, shows him holding up a giant shining check. He alludes to an industry that many investors may not be keen to. This industry, of course, is Master Limited Partnerships, which we have all figured out by now. His investment advice has been solid on MLPs, however, and some of them have been skyrocketing up in valuation.

All in all, Matt Badiali may be the best pick that Bayan Hill has made and they make great chief officer picks. Matt’s advice has gotten plenty of people plenty of money. So, if you are thinking about joining the natural resources investment game, Matt Badiali may be a good place to start. His newsletter is simple, to the point, and skips all of the cookie-cutter advice that typical financial advisors jam down your throat.


OSI Group Bought a Food Processing Plant In Chicago, Illinois

OSI Group has recently acquired a food processing plant located in Chicago, Illinois. They intend the new plant to help their company continue to grow. They also intend the company to help them continue to deliver its customers high-quality food processing services. The newly acquired food processing plant is also a food storage warehouse. It is located near another OSI Group plant in Geneva, Illinois. The company is one of the largest food processing companies in the food industry. They have a number of food processing plants in a number of states. They have food processing facilities in Illinois, Utah, Iowa, Wisconsin, and California.

When the Tyson Foods plant closed, a lot of people lost their jobs. When OSI Group bought the plant, they also hired many of the people who lost their jobs. The company wants to hire employees who are hard working people. They want to hire people who want to help their company continue to be a high-quality food processing company. They strive to make an environment within their company that is challenging for their employees. They also strive to make an environment that is rewarding for their employees. They may have employment information on their website for people who are interested in working with their company.

OSI Group has a lot of experience working with many different types of food products including pork products, beef products, pizza products, and vegetable products. Their pork, beef, pizza, and vegetable products include burgers, beefsteak, meatballs, meatloaf, cooked sausage links, cooked sausage patties, roasted pork, bacon bits, bacon strips, pizza, crusts, breads, fresh dough, onions, corn, lettuce, and tomatoes. They also process poultry products such as breaded poultry, poultry strips, poultry nuggets, poultry patties, and turkey products. Some of the other food products that they process include cookies, flavored sausages, beef hot dogs, pork hot dogs, poultry hot dogs, pepperoni, chicken fried steak, flatbread, pulled pork, pulled chicken, pot roast, steak, beans, chili, and soups.

OSI Group continues to strive to deliver high-quality food processing services to their customers. They have been successful in a very competitive food industry. They have also worked to have a reputation for being a high-quality food processing company. They intend to continue to grow and expand their company and they intend their new food processing plant to help their company continue to be one of the best food processing companies in the food industry.

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Role Model Susan McGalla

Even today, the glass ceiling for women is still very apparent with many high profile business organizations. However, more and more organizations are opening their doors to women and creating a very diverse place to work. The fact is that a workplace with equal numbers of men and women or others from varying backgrounds opens the organization up to new and more creative platforms to share new views on old subjects. Still, some organizations are very reluctant to add more women to their organization. However, Susan McGalla is one woman that has managed to break through the glass ceiling and become a role model for other women.

Susan McGalla’s Key To Success

It appears that Susan McGalla was destined for success, even during her younger years. Susan states that it was her upbringing that prepared her to work with a diverse group of people, especially men. Often, women have struggled with an organization because they struggle to gain respect from their male counterparts. However, Susan McGalla is one woman that easily gains respect from both men and women. McGalla started out, aiming for success. She was a very ambitious woman from the very start. Therefore, her meteoric rise to the top of her profession was fully expected. She led one organization in the position of President. Later on, she started her own consulting firm, P3 Executive Consulting. Today, she holds a high executive position with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan McGalla And Women In Leadership

Certainly, Susan McGalla is one very successful woman that would like to encourage more woman to pursue the leadership role with their organization. However, many women still find it difficult to be accepted in leadership roles at their organization. Therefore, young women should start to discuss this matter with other women and men. This is the only way to find an ultimate solution to the problem.

About Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a very successful business woman that has reached the top of her career through blood, sweat, and tears. She’s worked in several executive positions through the years. Today, Susan McGalla works with the Pittsburg Steelers in an executive position.

Banker, Accountant And Investor Sheldon Lavin Dominates The Food Processing Industry

For over 40 years Sheldon Lavin has been working to expand the food production services American company the OSI Group offers in countries around the globe. Lavin is the company’s chairman and CEO and has been able to help the OSI Group to satisfy the dietary needs of customers in 85 countries. It is the fulfillment of a plan he formulated when he took over the company in the late 1970s. And now his expansion plans have borne fruit. The work Sheldon Lavin put in over a period of several decades was recognized by Vision World Academy and resulted in the academy naming Lavin their 2016 Global Visionary.

Sheldon Lavin has been able to help the OSI Group make a smooth transition from providing clients in the United States with beef patties and quality cuts of meats to designing specialty food products to supply a diverse global market. Lavin targeted markets in Asia, Europe, the America’s and Australia, worked with the governments, the sources of ingredients necessary to produce the food, marketing agents and consumers to penetrate the markets. It has required innovative strategies, creativity and an understanding of the unique needs in those markets for Lavin’s company to succeed.

The key to the success the OSI Group has enjoyed is the effective food production systems Sheldon Lavin and the staff of the OSI Group have created. The company has gone on to win numerous awards from a vast array of international organizations for their quality products, incredible customer service and environment management. Plus, the father and grandfather has cultivated a family atmosphere at the OSI Group even as the company has grown to have a staff of over 20,000 people. Lavin has an open door policy that allows him to develop a rapport with everyone from the janitors to the vice presidents.

Sheldon Lavin’s background is in finance and accounting. He also spent several years working as a banker. He became involved with the OSI Group almost by accident. The owners of the company came to Lavin looking for financial help to upgrade their equipment and move to larger facilities. Sheldon Lavin, who was also an active investor, was very much impressed with the company and began investing in their stock. By the beginning of the 1980s Sheldon Lavin was able to take over the OSI Group and build it into legendary status in the global food processing industry.

Saito Sounds off on Start-Ups


As an advisor from the Innovation Center for Start-Ups in Tokyo, William Saito boasts a unique knowledge base. These days, he believes that there are many hurdles placed in front of promising start-ups. Also, he believes that Japan possesses an unusually high number of obstacles for creators and idea people who want to get their concepts out into the world. Alluding to the tough geopolitical situation we find the world in right now, Saito has said that budding entrepreneurs should not let themselves be limited by uncertainty. In fact, if anything, he believes that people should allow their imaginations to thrive during financial crises and other tough times. With the ethos that sometimes it’s good to join the market during dramatic times, Saito believes that there is no time like the present when it comes to getting an idea up and running.


Furthermore, William Saito has stated that he thinks companies can be ruined when they are started during “bubble” eras. With an unusual amount of access to resources and funding, some groups can become lazy. They don’t stick to budgets or make otherwise irresponsible decisions. But when a brand makes its debut when times are tough, executives and employees are forced to make their budgets work. They have to be serious when presenting their ideas to investors, because there are so many barriers to getting funding. Therefore, plans and strategies must be thoroughly researched and executed. In this way, constraints can actually be a good thing. There tends to be less waste and more efficiency in a less freewheeling economic environment.


Saito has also weighed in on some of the cultural aspects that affect the market. In Asian countries, for instance, he believes that investors tend to be a great deal more conservative. Saito’s perception of the situation is that investors from these countries are extremely risk-averse. They do not want their products to fail at all, whereas investors in with more of an American or European background are more willing to work with a company that has failed and picked itself back upon again. Supporting the free exchange of ideas, Saito enjoys attending symposiums and other events where entrepreneurs, as well as students and investors, can interact and see the world through other perspectives.


Jose Hawilla: Tips New Businessmen Should Keep in Mind

Being an entrepreneur is an easy task. Not all the people in the world can be able to make it in this industry without the help of a mentor. In the modern times, things have become extremely tough, and this is why most people are being forced to abandon their businesses so that they can look for employment. There are several individuals, however, who are performing so well despite the numerous challenges in the market. A business owner must be highly skilled and willing to take on new challenges so that they can perform well in their investments. Apart from working hard and having a great personality, Jose Hawilla believes that business owners should be in a great environment that is suitable for entrepreneurship. Not all places are considered to be idea for investments in the tight markets. You can visit



During an international business index that was held two years ago, America is considered to be the best entrepreneurial company in the world, and it has been recording highs of 86.2 for a long time now. Canada took the second position in this international index, followed by Denmark. Taiwan was the forth in line with almost seventy percent. Countries such as Iceland and Switzerland have also been respected for having a great percentage over the years. America has done so much when it comes to small investments, and it has given its investors loans to ensure that the businesses are running in the perfect way. Check out



Starting a small business is considered to be an easy task for most people. However, it is crucial to note that these small investments play a big role in the economy of a nation. These investments have offered employment opportunities to more people in the world compared to the large businesses. The small investments export a variety of products when compared to the bigger ones. According to Jose Hawilla, governments should take their time to support the small businesses that are in their initial stages. Jose Hawilla is one of the businessmen who are doing so well in Brazil. Jose Hawilla takes on any business challenges with a lot of ease, and this is why he has been doing well.



Want to Bulk Up? Enhanced Athlete Says to Eat Carbs.

Bodybuilding is a vigorous sport requiring many hours of training and a highly regimented system designed to chisel your body into an enhanced, proportional, physique. Continuing to increase and definite muscle “bulk” is one of the key goals of bodybuilding and can often be one of the sports more challenging goals to obtain. The experts at Enhanced Athlete suggest adding a few more carbs to your diet, especially when your energy levels are low and you are feeling exhausted.


To get the adequate nutrition needed to bulk up muscles, you must learn how food interacts with your body, and to feed your body the proper food it needs at any particular moment. Neglecting the nutritional needs of your body will diminish the effects of your training and trying to force your body to perform with no energy is detrimental to your physique’s training and will slow your muscle gains significantly. Have a snack of white rice, or add some low-sugar jam to a rice cake if your body is craving energy, particularly post workout, but keep your sugar intake below 15 grams and completely avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). This Is a good first step in creating an appropriate diet regime for muscle gains and is sugar intake recommendation Enhanced Athlete makes.


Enhanced Athlete has studied the effects of sugar consumption, including its effects on the pancreas, energy levels, and sugars overall implications for a bodybuilder’s diet. In addition to its sugar research, Enhanced Athlete has studied a good deal of other health, diet, and exercise topics and provides a comprehensive vlog, about the results it finds. The Enhanced Athlete vlog contains bodybuilding technique and additional nutritive product information as well.


Enhanced Athlete, and its sister companies Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching have created a line of nutritional products, high-performance gym wear and a coaching system that will give you the fast results you are looking for. Entering the sport of bodybuilding and making the great transformation in your physique will take work and with Enhanced Athlete, you can find the products and gear necessary to quickly meet your goals