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Ara Chakerian Looks To Change The Patient Experience In Clinics

Ara Chakerian is a successful entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who has worked many years within the healthcare industry. He is a managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings, which is a leading investor in healthcare companies. Ara Chakerian went on to found TMS Solutions in order to work with patients who suffer from resistant depression.


Ara Chakerian has had a great deal of success in business over all. He has invested well in the healthcare industry and understands the trends that go along with operating in such an environment. He observed several issues over the years that made him want to create the concept of TMS Solutions. It has always been tough for doctors to manage their clinics with the various Health Care insurance packages that are out there for patients. Chakerian studied the limited insurance coverage policies very carefully. He looked to bridge the gap between the health care providers and their patients.


TMS Solutions was created to promote clinics in the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento area. It has assisted thousands of patients by offering a new dynamic facility. Each clinic is constructed with consult and treatment rooms. The spaces were designed by Josh Heitler and intended to give the patient a serene feeling while inside. There are a number of different aspects that go along with promoting comfort. Ara Chakerian felt that this is very important since they are dealing with people who have psychiatric issues. He hopes that visitors of the clinics will become followers of the concept and look to promote it as a brand. Check out Medium to know more.


Ara takes each day how it comes to him and allows activities to develop. He does not force any issue and stress himself out with to do list. Chakerian has the experience to understand that he should not do business with friends. He has successfully partnered with other business people to create profitable situations. Ara is very appreciative of the fact that his success is a part of his life circumstances. You can visit their Facebook page.



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Neurocore Works To Dispel Myths Regarding Depression

Major depression is a serious problem in the United States that affects 16 million adults annually. The most common sufferers of depression are adult women but all people are at risk to be affected and can sometimes experience depression with no apparent cause.

Depression is a treatable condition and the majority of sufferers experience full remission with treatment. Despite this fact, two-thirds of the individuals that suffer from depression never seek help and this many presume is due to the negative, and most often incorrect stigmas surrounding depression and mental health in general. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers identifies four facts regarding Major Depressive Disorders.

Depression Can Develop With No Outside Factors

While many factors have been seen to contribute to a depressive state in an individual there is no single factor that can be identified as the cause. However, it is more likely that a person who has recently experienced a negative life-altering event can become more susceptible to developing depression. Family histories of depression can also put a person more at risk for the disease.

Symptoms Of Depression May Not Be Visible

Symptoms of depression can vary but general signs of the disease are feelings of numbness, sadness, or emptiness. Changes in sleep habits and drastic weight gains and losses could also be signs of depression. Individuals with ‘high-functioning’ depression can appear to be just fine on the outside but be suffering from severe emotional distress within. Read more about Neurocore at

THere Are Various Depressive Disorders

There are a variety of depressive disorder types and some of the more common ones named by Neurocore are:

  • Major Depressive Disorder
  • Persistent Depressive Disorder
  • Post Departum Depression
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder

Depression Affects The body

The National Institute of Health identifies headaches, shortness of breath, and stomach irritations as physical signs of depression. In addition to this, imaging has shown that the brains of depressed people even look and function differently from others.

About Neurocore

Neurocore Brain Assessment Centers provide brain assessments and training programs for the benefit of children as well as adults. The company was founded in 2004 and now leads the way in the neuroscience industry. Neurocore maintains eight offices in Michigan and Florida.



There is a misconception about freedom checks. People speculate that they are handouts. Well, they are not. One needs to understand how to make investments and the commitments to achieve the potential that freedom checks have. People are always carried away with advertisements from untrustworthy companies presenting freedom checks like handouts. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

Freedom checks experts like Matt Badiali will tell you that time and effort must be involved to master these checks. One needs to understand limited partnerships and the 26-F statute. Badiali’s newsletter, Real Wealth Strategies, explains that one needs to analyze the deep end of free checks. The Congress created master Limited Partnerships in 1981. This was a strategy by the government to make it easier for citizens to invest. An advantage that master limited partnership offers is they have cash available to return to investors because they don’t pay corporate tax. Read this article at


The statue 26-F was also set up to put more clarity about Master Limited Partnerships. To receive these tax reliefs, the MLPs must demonstrate that they obtain ninety per cent of their income from natural resources, real estate or commodities. By law, the MLPs are required to pay ninety per cent of their income to its members. This income comes to members inform of checks. This is part of the government strategy to ensure that natural resources are utilized to the maximum. The system is working, and in recent years, import of gas from the middle east has dwindled. This is after production of fuel in the USA has increased to fulfil its demand. Considering some MLPs have experienced gains more than 5889%, it proves that MLPs could be “cash cows.”

The sweeping tax reform bill by the Republicans was passed. This is good news to those have invested in MLPs. There are massive tax reliefs for investors, more so to MLP investors. For an expert like Badiali, he aims to alert investors, mainly the typical American that there are investment opportunities and how to achieve them. From rough estimates, according to Matt Badiali, this year, there are 34.6 billion in freedom checks to investors. There is a possibility that companies will begin distributing the checks on a monthly basis or a quarterly basis. The MPL is a simple investment choice but narrowing down to the right MLP is a precarious process, and one may need guidance. Content on MLPs from the right people like Matt Badiali could be the key.


Jason Hope’s Futuristic Speculations about IoT

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist as well as a futurist situated in Scottsdale in the city of Arizona. He is passionate about charity work and technology. He is the current director of Arizona Science Center situated in Arizona. He is an alumnus of Arizona State University where he acquired his finance degree. He also attended the Arizona State University W.P Carey School of Business where he acquired his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). After his graduation, he engaged himself in developing a mobile communication company. Today, he is active in philanthropist, and an investor in startups as well as the biotechnology industry.

Apart from his being a philanthropist and an entrepreneur, Jason Hope is also interested in politics as related to business in Arizona State and in the United States of America as a whole. He is also fascinated by the Internet of Things given his love and enthusiasm in technology. He deems the Internet of Things as a viable concept and not a science fiction as deemed by many people. IoT is transforming the manner in which vehicles, medical equipment, and other machines operate.

According to Jason Hope, IoT is expected to improve air travel in the world. Mr. Hope and other futurists believe that the incorporation of IoT in air travel will turn air travelling into a stress-free, luxurious, and entertaining activity that will present travellers with the best travelling experience. Jason Hope also holds that the Internet of Things will have positive impacts on both consumers and companies.

IoT will be beneficial to air travel in terms of safety, customer service, baggage handling, fuel efficiency and so on. In terms of safety, IoT is expected to connect every part of the plane to a wireless network. The collection and analysis of data and tracking of scheduled maintenance will increase and maintain safety in air travel. IoT is also expected to improve customer service through personalized travel, easy check-in procedures. The installment of beacon technology in luggage tags will improve luggage handling in the airports and planes. Jason Hope is optimistic that technology provides the world with limitless possibilities that will transform the way people live.

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NewsWatch TV Review  Helping Companies Increase Their Profits

If your company is looking to market its products and services to a huge target audience then advertising through NewsWatch TV is a good idea. Many companies have tried to market their products and services through NewsWatch TV over the years and have got positive results. One such company is Saygus that manufactures smartphones. The company started their Indiegogo campaign and took the help of the NewsWatch TV to reach out to as many investors as possible. It helped Saygus not only to fulfill their investment goals but also surpassed their funding goal by over $300,000.

Saygus did not anticipate that they would get such a good response from their customers and it was made possible by NewsWatch TV. NewsWatch TV is aired to over 96 million homes in the United States through its broadcast on ION and AMC. It showcases a wide range of infotainment and news services covering a wide range of topics starting from the latest news to technology and gadgets, and much more. The fact that many celebrities have also appeared on the show in the past has helped in attracting more audience towards the NewsWatch TV. Some of the celebrities that have appeared on NewsWatch TV are Carl Lewis, Dr. Oz, Diane Lane, and many more. The goal of the NewsWatch TV is to help its client achieve their marketing goals by giving them the platform to advertise and showcase their products and services comprehensively.

NewsWatch TV aims to help companies showcase their products and their benefits to the customers. Since the show has a viewer base in millions, it helps companies to reach out to them even if the show extends a 30-minute period. More companies are looking to collaborate with NewsWatch TV to increase their market share and also grow their profits in the coming days.



How Is It Working With NewsWatch TV?

What Is NewsWatch TV?

NewsWatch TV is a trusted broadcast media source for breaking news regarding entertainment, consumer, technology, and health. This program is a series that began production in 1990 and produced thousands of episodes that aired on popular networks such as AMC and ION. Consisting of stories about a wide range of subjects such as travel, finance, and automotive, this broadcast media is a favorite among celebrities. These segments are shown nationwide in the United States, attracting many stars for interviews, such as Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper and Mila Kunis. Additionally, there were many companies to appear on the show, including NASCAR, Discovery Channel, and Good Year.

Headquartered in Arlington, VA, these broadcasts reach over 700 million viewers in 200 markets in the USA. This media broadcast source has done so much good work that it won the prestigious Marcom award, a Videographer Award in 2017, and a Telly Award in 2016.

How Is It Working With NewsWatch TV?

Working with NewsWatch TV is great because the program will help get your product seen by hundreds of millions of viewers. The professional team is very dedicated to driving sales to their partners, highly supportive of new ideas and listens to the concerns they may have. This company promotes a positive working environment where respect is of utmost importance.

There are many businesses that are involved with advertising products on NewsWatch TV. All have seen dramatic spikes in sales. Every advertisement commenced on this channel, especially anything related to technology field that consumers find useful, yield measurable results that keeps those companies coming back for more commercial time.

There have been private individuals who have promoted their crowdfunding campaigns on NewsWatch TV, and sure enough, they received their goal on time.

Professional, competent, and courteous, NewsWatch TV helps build character and facilitate a positive working environment for individuals and companies.


The Changes That Anil Chaturvedi Has Brought in India`s Banking Sector

With over four years of experience in investment banking, Anil Chaturvedi has already acquired a great reputation for his expertise in the field. He started his career at the State Bank of India in the Department of Development and planning. He has achieved major successes over the recent years and he is a leader that serves by example. Anil has served a vast number of managerial roles in various firms and through this; he has displayed impeccable leadership skills. He has also acquired a great reputation for his ability to lead the State Bank of India towards accomplishing its goals by acquiring over $500 million profit within a span of four years. He has received a lot of accreditation form many people, and he was named the man of the year by the bank during his term.

Anil Chaturvedi`s educational background is also admirable and having studied economics at the University of Meerut, he has fully used his skills in the field to bring growth and development. The renowned entrepreneur also enrolled for his MBA in economics from the Delhi School of Economics. His achievements in the banking sector are inspiring, and they have seen him emerge among the most sought out bankers in the world. Anil has also proved to possess and fully understand the best marketing strategies in the field of finance and banking. He has helped a vast number of firms increase their customers through active campaigns and great customer services.

Though Indian born, Anil Chaturvedi has acquired a chance to work in New York-based banks through which he has shared his ideas and expertise in banking with his team of employees. He joined Merrill Lynch banking in the city as its managing director in 2011. He has brought major developments in the firm and his ability to offer customized investment pans to the firm’s clients has seen the firm gain a competitive advantage. Besides, Anil is also a wealth investment advisor and he has shared his counsel with other people and institutions about the best investment opportunities to look out for so as to achieve success.

WARNING: You Will Get Addicted to The Chainsmokers!

The Chainsmokers, electronic dance music’s dynamic duo consists of Andrew(Drew) Taggart and Alex Pall. This New York City based DJ/production duo won a Grammy in 2017 for Best Dance Recording with “Don’t Let Me Down”. Their most recent project is a video for the song “Somebody”. The song “Somebody” is a collaboration with another “Drew”. The other “Drew” happens to be Drew Love who is a member of the R&B duo They. The official video for “Somebody” was directed by, you have guessed it, another duo (Kim) Boekbinder with ( Jim) Batt. The first frame of the video has these words written in watercolor: This is a story of temptation through time. Throughout the video there is a montage of ephemeral images created from watercolor paintings courtesy of the artist Molly Crabapple. The surrealist paintings depict different scenes of people being entertained. The initial watercolor painting have cave men and women congregating around a fire. The watercolor scenes then like magic instantly evolve from Greek orgies to Can-Can dancers kicking their legs high in front of an audience. The video ends with a watercolor portrait of The Chainsmokers performing live in front of their fans. Talk about living the dream! The video with its surrealist paintings compliments the song. The lyrics mention “The town of fancy cars, and crowded bars and supermodels while the video depicts different eras of decadence or debauchery. In other words, one person’s orgy is another’s afterparty. “Somebody” is a song about “keeping it real” within the surreal. In April after the “Somebody” video debut The Chainsmokers tweeted “It tells the story of temptation which we all deal with in our ways but often consumes us”. The song’s catchy cynical lyrics are sung over a smooth synthesized beat. The song “Somebody” can be found on The Chainsmokers’ new EP SICK BOY!

Whitney Wolfe Keeps Multiple Irons in the Fire

Whitney Wolfe always had a desire to have multiple irons in the fire at the same time. When she was in college she was constantly checking out different ideas that she could explore and present to an audience.

The Salt Lake City native was selling bamboo tote bags at the age of 19 in order to benefit those that were affected by the BP oil spill. She would also find herself in a roll of marketing executive when she co-founded a dating app called Tinder. She would market this to college students. All of these early entrepreneurial endeavors would be perfect to prep Whitney Wolfe for her role as the CEO of Bumble. This is the app that has been evaluated by Forbes as a billion dollar app. This is certainly a long way from selling bamboo tote bags as a college student.

What may be the most amazing thing about Whitney Wolfe is her strong desire to keep multiple irons in the fire even after she has graduated from college. Right now Bumble is the only app that she is over, but she has split this app up into three different platforms called Bumble dating, Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF. Even with a singular app Whitney Wolfe has still found a way to channel multiple applications that can help people connect in different ways.


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Whitney Wolfe is all about building bridges in social media. She does not overlook just how important it is to create apps that are going to play a part in increasing your awareness. This is what Bumble Bizz is able to do for people in the networking arena. It creates a much greater sense of awareness of others that are in your area that may be networking as well.

Bumble dating is obviously designed to bring awareness to other singles that are in your geographical circle.  Bumble BFF stands out as the friendship building app that actually accommodates new friendships. This is quite innovative in social media since most social media sites do not establish real new friendships. This makes Wolfe an innovator among her peers. Billion-Dollar Bumble: How Whitney Wolfe Herd Built America’s Fastest-Growing Dating App