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I don’t think enough people were outraged in 2010 when the Supreme Court came out with the Citizens United decision. This illustrates the importance of the Supreme Court as five conservative justices were able to fundamentally change our democracy. It all started back in 2008 when a crazy right-wing group tried to air a fake documentary about a Democratic candidate.

Citizens United is that crazy right-wing group. The fake documentary was to run for 90 minutes at the same time a Democratic presidential primary debate was taking place. The FEC shot them down after they refused to divulge the financiers of the fake news.

The conservative political action committee sued the FEC, but they were shot down again by another federal court. Unfortunately, the conservative Supreme Court shocked the world when they decided to pick up the case against everybody’s expectations.

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The court decided that Citizens United has the right to air the documentary as well as the right to hide the financiers. Then, in a crazy twist, the prevailing decision bestowed citizenship rights upon each corporation in America. Now corporations have the protection of the Bill of Rights including the freedom of speech. They can spend freely to influence you and others during election cycles. This is simply undemocratic.

Five years later, in 2015, End Citizens United rose to fight for democracy. The political action committee is looking to kill the decision through an act of Congress or a constitutional amendment. They would like to work with all politicians. Unfortunately, no Republican candidate has come out against the decision. That’s because the GOP benefits greatly from massive donations made by corporations.

That only leaves Democratic candidates for End Citizens United. And they have found their poster child in El Paso, Texas. End Citizens United has endorsed Beto O’Rourke in his Senate run against Ted Cruz. And they have found a young, good-looking and articulate ally.

End Citizens United absolutely loves the congressman from El Paso for his ability to raise funds using small donations from individuals. He is the living embodiment of End Citizens United and he is virtually tied with Ted Cruz as the midterms near.

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