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A Look at Robert Deignan’s Career Journey

Robert Deignan sits at the helm of ATS digital services as the co-founder and also the chief executive officer. However, like any other human being, Robert was not born a CEO. Instead, it has taken him decades of hard work and experience to build himself into the man that world sees today. Born in Florida, Fort Lauderdale to be precise, Robert Deignan began his journey to success at St. Thomas Aquinas High school. Later, he got the opportunity to pursue higher studies at Purdue University after he received a full football scholarship in 1992. He graduated with an organizational leadership degree in 1995, which he used as a stepping stone to becoming the great and innovative leader he is today.

Robert’s Career Growth

Soon after the completion of his studies, Robert worked at Miami Dolphins for a year before proceeding to NY Jets where he also worked for a year, before joining hands with a fellow entrepreneur to establish Fanlink Inc in 1998. That marked his first entrepreneurial venture, and since then, he has worked hard to propel himself to the top. It is through Fanlink that Robert first discovered his passion for technology, and what it can do. Unfortunately, the company did not stay afloat for long, and only two years after its inception, it was dissolved.

Fortunately, twelve months later, Robert secured the senior position of executive vice president at iS3. After close to a decade of successfully marking milestones at iS3, Robert was confident enough that he had what it takes to establish his firm. He said goodbye to the company in 2011, and co-founded inbound calls experts, and also established ATS digital Inc.

Today, under his belt, ATS is a digital company that helps myriads of consumers to solve technological hiccups which they might be experiencing. From connectivity to general troubleshooting issues, ATS digital has what it takes to solve them remotely, and simultaneously ensure that the computer of the client is kept safe and stable, thanks to Robert’s diligent leadership.

However, even though he is incredibly successful today, Robert still has a soft spot for sports. When he is not at ATS, you can find him on the shores where he is mostly found during his free time, and where he participates in offshore fish tournaments.

The Chainsmokers Rock the Music World

The Chain smokers are a duo team consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall who have a pervasive background in Music. They first came into the production scene with their first single in 2014 which was known as “Selfie.” However, it’s in 2016 that they were able to blow off the charts with their three hit singles which topped the Billboards top 10. They have come up massive singles and went ahead to come up with two of the biggest albums of the year 20177, thus putting it across that they were more popular and influential than anyone could have imagined.

Among their top tracks include “Closer,” which features the popular pop star Halsey which held on to the frames of the charts for the past year. It went ahead to make history as having the most weeks at the top 10 on the list of the Hot 100 of all time. It stayed at the top for a remarkable 32 weeks which is the longest since LeAnne Rimes set the record years before with “How Do I Live” many years back. This achievement was, however, watered a little bit later on in the year 2017. The hit song also went on to become one of the longest running hits in the U.S history. It also had the most weeks inside the top five and went ahead to set a record.

For most of 2016, the Chain smokers only saw the best of the charting run, and this went on to the year 2017 which saw them enter into historical records. The hit singles such as “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Closer,” “Paris,” and among their most recent “Something Just like This” which features Coldplay. They now have the highest tier as the second longest stay on the charts. They had an incredible run where their names appeared somewhere between Number 1 and 10 for more than 61 weeks constantly. They now are at the second place just behind Katy Perry who had 69 weeks on the top 10. The success of Chain Smokers saw them own up to 3 positions at one time which has only happened 14 times before where it’s even rarer with a non-solo act.

Jeremy Goldstein Approach on Stock Options

Jeremy Goldstein is the solution for the companies that come looking for specific legal advice that regards employee benefits. He has an expertise of above 14 years in the field and has been a respected business lawyer across the New York. He is the founder of a law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC which is also located in New York. Read more: Exclusive NYC Wine Dinners Hosted by Attorney Jeremy Goldstein and Friends over 56000 for Fountain House and Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensch

He is the brain behind that successful company that is one of the largest boutique companies in the NY. He has a wide array of skill in the field and possesses qualities of a good leader. Jeremy has also been a very productive member of several boards across the globe and has worked tirelessly towards the realization of his dreams.

Jeremy Goldstein has played important roles during some essential transactions of the various companies located around the globe. He has been involved as a witness when dealing with huge or rather significant transactions. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

Jeremy is in no doubt a great person. Some of the companies he has been directly involved are Chevron, AT & T, Verizon, Duke Energy, Merck and also Bank One.

Jeremy has also served on various boards ranging from profit making to great non-governmental organizations like one Fountain House which is an NGO committed to ensuring success for the people suffering from mental illnesses.

He is also a law journal publisher, and his pieces have been read by so many lawyers across the globe.His experience in the business industry has become a source of inspiration to so many people.

Jeremy Goldstein happens to be a great asset when it comes to matters employee benefits. He has been on the frontline advising corporates on how well they should pay their employees. He sticks to stock options despite the decision by many companies not exercising them and that comes with so many benefits.

Boraie Development: Taking Over the Property Development Industry in New Jersey

The New Jersey city is currently flooding with young and modern-day professionals who are all about fashion and class. The desire to live in a place that blends modernity and convenience is overwhelming for this group. As a result, there is a rise in demand for luxurious living apartments in the market.

The Aspire, New Brunswick

The Aspire apartment building in New Brunswick is where style meets luxury. It is a rental tower housing project under Boraie development. The apartment perfectly fills the gap in modern living in NJ. New Aspire consists of spacious studios, one- bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. It is conveniently located right at 135 Somerset Street. Being at a close proximity to the New Brunswick train station; it is easily accessible to the residents. Also, it is near to a wide range of public amenities such as learning institutions, hospitals, shopping centers as well as dining and entertainment facilities to supplement the life of residents.

Moreover, the elegant building is fitted with exceptional features and amenities for a tranquil lifestyle. The 24/4 doorman lobby is a guarantee for maximum security for everyone living here. There is a private parking that is directly accessible from the lobby and an indoors-individual bike storage area. Residents also enjoy the modern fitness center and a state-of-the-art resident club. Additionally, the apartment is supported by the residents’ portal as well as an on-site management system. The two green roofs are also open for residents use. Besides, the place is pet-friendly. You can visit for more.


The Newark-Boraie Partnership

Boraie development is currently in partnership with the Newark star, Shaquille O’Neil. O’Neil spent his entire childhood at Newark; hence his desire to make it a better place. With the help of Boraie, he seeks to renovate a movie theatre on Springfield Avenue, a place he frequently went. The place reforms into the modern CityPlex 12 Newark, costing him about $7 million. Besides, he is collaborating with Omar Boraie in developing classic commercial as well as housing facilities across New Jersey.

Shaquille O’Neil will offer financial support as Boraie development uses its skills and vast experience in the industry for successful completion of lined projects. The two parties also aim at establishing modern facilities in New Jersey’s downtown areas. Furthermore, their future plan lies in the development of an affordable housing apartment, movie theatre and a rental retail complex at Atlantic City. For more details visit Bloomberg.

About Boraie Development

Boraie Development is a renowned real estate Company, based in New Brunswick, NJ. Its major activities revolve around the development, management, and marketing as well as the sale of properties. With the help of financial institutions, expert architects and skilled contractors, the company always delivers quality buildings to the market.



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Talos CEO Tim Duncan Negotiates $2.5 Billion Merger Deal From His Mother’s Dining Table

It is unlikely that many grownups would decide to discuss job secrets in front of another person even if they are closely related. But nothing deters Talos Energy Chief Executive Officer Tim Duncan to discuss a high-profile deal from his mother’s dining table. On this, Tim later said, “I ensured that I made long calls each night to ensure that I am up to speed on what is happening on the deal.” The deal Tim was discussing later went through. He was negotiating how to acquire the ailing Stone Energy Corporation, which was at the brink of shutting down due to bankruptcy.

How Tim Got Himself in His Mother’s Dining

It was not Tim’s plan that he negotiates high-level deals from his mother’s dining. Circumstances had taken Tim Duncan’s whole family to stay with his mother for a few days in Texas’ higher apartment. A few days before Tim, his wife Christy, their six-old boy and their two dogs had fled their Kingwood, Texas apartment. Floods filled the streets of Kingwood, TX with water levels rising each day. Finally, roads were impassable and many homes stayed without power for several days. On the D-day, the Talos Energy CEO hoisted his wife, their son, and two dogs through the flooded streets. Fortunately, Mr. Duncan was able to order a private jet, which came to their rescue. But even before the jet arrived, the family had boarded a FEMA rescue boat from the flooded Kingwood, TX neighborhood.

The private took Tim and his family to Alabama. But the Alabama trip was short-lived. Remember, the family did not visit Alabama on holiday. The three had fled floods in their home. After staying in Alabama for a short while, Tim, Christy, their son, and 2 dogs flew back to Texas. This time the trip took the three and their two dogs to Patricia’s house. It is during their stay in Patricia’s house that Tim made several calls for long hours to finalize the Talos-Stone Energy merger.

Eventually, the deal went through and now Tim Duncan is the CEO of the rebranded Talo Energy, an oil company that has most of its assets based in the Gulf of Mexico. Talo collects $900 million in revenue each year.

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The Famous Honorable Couple OG Juan and Desiree Perez

OG Juan was born in Harlem. His first meeting with Jay Z was in the year 1996 when the founder of the Roc-S-Fella records Burke Kareem and the other two men introduced him to the Rock National icon. The two men who bonded immediately had common interests in sports and would do their business together. In the year 2003, they opened a group of sports bars that were located in various locations in New York. Their first sports bar that OG Juan and Jay Z was in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood. The sports bars were named 40/40 sports club. Their partnership and venture expanded in the next 11 years. During this period, they added more openings in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Atlanta and Brooklyn.

OG Juan Support and Loyalty to His Friends

In his songs, Jay z has mentioned the famous couple, Desiree Perez and OG Juan. The two men have been close friends for a long time and are the masterminds of the Roc Nation family and its progress. Since 1996, OG Juan together with Jay Z has helped the studios to grow. The two men understand each other well through their networking and communication. Jay Z first mentioned OG Juan in the Black Album released in the year 2003. The sports bars they established offers guidance and support to the sports individuals.

Recently, Beyoncé and Jay Z surprised the whole world of music with the recent release of the Everything is Love album. This album completes the arc after the previous release of Beyoncé’s Lemonade and the Jay’s 4:44. , and it was released without any promotion and marketing. The carters only explore themselves beyond the doors of their family, and in the celebration of the real friends, who are the foundation of their prosperity and success, Jay Z shouts out to the famous honorable couple Desiree Perez and OG Juan.

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Shiraz Boghani of Splendid

Mr.Boghani is one of the most experienced business managers in the hotel sector. He has been in the industry for over 30 years. Splendid Hotels Group consist of 19 trading Hotels in the United Kingdom. Mr.Boghani was the first hotelier to introduce the luxurious hotels and restaurant in the year 1990s.

In the United Kingdom, splendid Hospitalist is known as the fastest growing individual that offers inspirational dedication hard work which is exceptional. The group grows stronger every day. Mr.Shiraz receives awards annually for the services offered.

Splendid has 20 trading hotels including 292 bedrooms in Hilton London Bankside, The Grand Hotel, and Spa, have improved their bedrooms to 336 bedrooms Holiday Inn, Wembley. The Chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Mr.Shiraz Boghani has lately received the award of the year at the Asian Business. Find out more about Shiraz Boghani at Behance

When receiving the award, Mr.Boghani assured that the Hotel business is part of life and he is very proud of the progress. The Sussex Health Care has been doing well since the group works as a team who are well experienced. His family has been very supportive of him. Shiraz Boghani is an innovative and progressive businessman and was first to spot the business expansion of Splendid Hospitality.

Shiraz Boghani plays a critical role by ensuring that he gives time and provides resources for many bountiful organizations. He also volunteers to support recent projects and launch of the stylish in Bankside. The company ensures that they employ the people who are professional and they have the skills to ensure that they deliver actual services to generate those fantastic experiences. Besides, they cover a wealth of understanding across a mixture of talents to ensure that the group is well placed or positioned.

Shiraz Boghani uses his extensive experience to provide leading developments in the hotel sector. He cares for his employees and allows then opportunities to exercise their skills in serving the firm’s customers. Also, Shiraz Boghani uses his outstanding leadership skills to provide managerial services to the businesses that he owns and manages. His passion for developing the hotel industry has been a motivation for the developments that he has overseen for over 30 years.

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Madison Street Capital Brings In Lawrence Alioto To Help It Improve Its Offerings For Tech Companies

Madison Street Capital, a middle market global investment banking firm, recently announced that Lawrence Alioto will be joining its Capital Markets team as its managing director. He is expected to serve in an advisory role for clients of the company who work in the tech sector related to corporate finance transactions and M&A. Charles Botchway, chief executive officer of Madison Street, commented on the new appointment by admitting that the company needed Alioto for his experience in the tech sector. He also talked about the company’s move to Austin, Texas and how Alioto will surely help with that.


Lawrence Alioto started out his career by working with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He served the company as a options and currency futures trader and also served as with PaineWebber in San Francisco as a registered representative. Later on in his career, Alioto decided to work in the business development and private equity finance sectors and got hired on with a couple of tech companies in California. He also worked at VeriTainer Corporation for almost a decade as one of its founding principals and also became the company’s president.


Lawrence Alioto has been a part of many successful financing endeavours and has a wide range of interests. Today, he serves Kaizen Oil Corp. as a member of its board of directors. His experience with developing businesses, finance, government affairs, and corporate development have made him a valuable member of many companies and endeavours. He commented on his new job with Madison Street by expressing his excitement to help the company out with its M&A transactions and also remarked on the importance of the work that the company does with middle market companies.


Madison Street Capital reputation has always been solid and something that has led to many business opportunities for the company. As a global investment banking firm, the company has led the way in its sector with integrity, ethics, and a commitment to providing the best service it can. The company is headquartered in Chicago on Madison Street and works with every client as if its goals were its own. Madison Street Capital also has offices in Asia, Africa, and other parts of North America and understands the importance of building local business relationships. The company works with other companies that come from a range of industries and prides itself for being able to understand the specific needs and nuances that are important in every individual sector.


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Considering His Impressive Background It Is No Surprise That Wes Edens Is Finding Success Running A Train Company:

If you want to drive from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, prepare yourself for a journey that could take you well over an hour on a bad day. This is all within a distance that should take no more than forty-five minutes. To say the least, this stretch of road has become the nemesis of morning commuters. These folks have recently been receiving some much needed relief in the form of an innovative new train service that is called Brightline. This Brightline is a service provided by none other than one of the world’s financial experts. This is Wes Edens. With credentials such as co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and co-owner of the Bucks from Milwaukee, Wes Edens is a businessman known for his ingenuity and ability to run successful ventures.

This privately owned train service, the Brightline, began serving the Miami to Fort Lauderdale route in May during 2018 and has quickly been a hit with its customer base. The success has been of a significant enough nature that there are locations around the country that are trying to get in on this good thing. There are currently calls for Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group to put Brighline hubs into connections such as Atlanta to Charlotte and St. Louis to Chicago.

Another big piece of Wes Edens news that has surfaced recently is the fact that he is expanding his holdings in the world of professional sports. Wes Edens has partnered to buy a controlling state in a famous soccer club from the English Premiere League – Aston Villa. His partner in the venture is Nassef Sawiris. The team has been working really hard in recent years and playing hard as well. The hope is that the addition of a critical ownership partner like Wes will help get the ball rolling to take the team to the next level.