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Successful Life of Hussein Sajwani

Hussein Sajwani is the founder and chairperson of DAMAC Properties, a development company located in the Middle East a firm founded in 1994. He is an Emirate Nationality and a father of four kids who currently resides in Dubai. Sajwani is an Engineer and Economist graduate from the University of Washington who started his career as a finance manager in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries before founding his catering venture in 1982.

He is one of the discoverers and development of market growth in Dubai. Sajwani established many accommodation residential facilities in the early 90s to house the high population in Emirates. The company is presently the best real estate development firm in the Middle East whereby Sajwani is an expert and experienced business person in property manager, finance, and administration, legal, and sales and marketing strategist.

In recent years, Sajwani is believed to have worked in a team with American President, Donald Trump to develop the Trump- international golf courses in Dubai. The Trump International Cause was launched in the presence of Donald Trump’s son, Trump Junior. Also, Donald Trump always recognizes Hussein Sajwani as one of the famous people in the business sector. Mr. Hussein Sajwani believes in creating a lot of networks all over the World and seeks to work more closely with Trump apart from his new objective to extend his businesses in Asia.

As a great entrepreneur, Sajwani identified a growing market and founded DAMAC Group in 2002. DAMAC Group is a prestigious real estate company in the Middle East that has expanded its territories to Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan. Among the properties owned by the DAMAC Group is the luxurious Villa in the DAMAC Hills and the high-class, one-bedroom apartment, the Flora in the Golf Verde. He always advises young people and the DAMAC properties staff to create business networks.

Hussein Sajwan is also a great philanthropist who believes in corporate responsibility. He has assisted the much charitable organization and among the organizations that Sajwan has assisted includes the Ruler of Dubai which provides support to disadvantaged children all over the World. Recently in the month of Ramadhan, Sajwan donated a huge amount of cash to purchase clothes for needy children.

Wen By Chaz Amazing Replenishing Shampoo

Wen By Chaz hair products are the best products when dealing with your hair needs. This shampoo will leave your hair so silky and damage free that it will amaze you, this is yet the best shampoo you will find out there. You will definitely benefit from this product, this product has no harsh sulfates. Wen By Chaz Dean shampoo gives your hair strength, body and bounce and also adds that shiny and long hair affect you need to make your hair look healthy.

This effectively combination will leave your hair feeling brand new again. When purchasing this product your hair is going to feel stronger and feel much fuller. WEN by Chaz hair shampoo gives you a sweet smell and leaves your hair with a glossy look to have all the men wanting to chase after you. This shampoo will nourish your hair better than any product out there selling.

All women need to try this product and see what it can offer for you and your hair needs. When purchasing shampoo you want to make sure you choose the right shampoo for your hair needs, if you don’t choose the right shampoo for your hair it can dry your scalp which can make your scalp feel real itchy and uncomfortable. Many people just grab shampoo off the shelves to wash their hair not knowing the ingredients used to make that specific shampoo. There are many products inside of shampoo that can cause your hair to be damaged, dry and even oily.

In the past, finding the right shampoo for you could have been real frustrating and confusing. Now that you have information on Wen By Chaz you no longer have to look any further for the best product on the market.
Purchasing this shampoo will be the best decision you have made for your hair care and needs. You definitely will not regret using this product for your own hair.


Doe Deere: From Homeless to Lime Crime

Launched in 2008, Lime Crime is a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free cosmetics brand that inspires individuals to be themselves, unapologetically. The brand is known for it’s highly pigmented, vibrant colors, and unique products. Often referred to as “Makeup For Unicorns,” Lime Crime really plays on the “fantasy” vibe.

Doe Deere, founder and CEO of Lime Crime, once had somewhat of a “fantasy” herself. As a young girl, Deere fantasized about one day becoming a fashion designer in the United States. She loved everything that she knew about the American culture from TV, movies, and magazines and she dreamed of one day experiencing it and living out her dream.

Little did she know that at the age of 17, she would be headed to America. Her mother was going to take the chance of a lifetime.

When Deere’s mother told Deere and her sister that they were going to America, they were terrified but at the same time, there was an overwhelming sense of excitement. It was finally happening! They were going to America!

The family settled in New York City — one of the toughest places to “make it” in the United States. Despite the odds stacked against them, they started working right away. Unfortunately, Deere’s mother couldn’t get her paperwork situation sorted out quickly enough, so she ended up having to work odd jobs instead of the accounting jobs she was qualified for. This made finances very, very tight and shortly after their arrival in the U.S. of A, Deere and her family solemnly checked into a homeless shelter.

It wasn’t ideal — they had one tiny room with a bed — but they made it work. For their meals, they would head down to the local church and get food from the church pantry. They were grateful for the help that they were receiving.

A social worker at the homeless shelter later introduced Deere and her family to a non-profit organization called Sanctuary for Families that helped immigrant women in need. This organization helped Deere and her family immensely. They were later able to land an apartment in East Harlem — a rough area, but they were grateful for a place to call home — and the leader of the non-profit helped Deere get into the Fashion Institute of Technology.

By 2008, the rough ordeal was over. Deere launched her very own cosmetics company, Lime Crime, and later founded Poppyangeloff, a fashion brand. Doe Deere is an absolute inspiration.

Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers Successful Story

Alexander Pall popularly known by his stage name Alex Pall is a multi-talented artist of the Chainsmokers born on May 16th 1985 in New York City. He enrolled in the New York University and pursued a bachelor’s degree in art history & music business.

Alex Pall worked as a professional DJ to gain his initial phase of his career. He so much enjoyed his job because he was extremely passionate about. Alex Pall later joined hands with DJ Rhett Bixler to form The Chainsmoker leading him to quite his DJ job.

The Chainsmokers later re-formed as an EDM DJ duo that was under Alex Pall’s management: Adam Alpert is now the manager after Bixler left. With the aid of Adam Alpert, Alex met Andrew Taggart. By then, Andrew was an Intern at the Interscope Records. The duo talked, they discovered they had a common interest and they embarked on mixing songs of indie bands.

Their first single was released back in 2012, ‘Erase’ in which they collaborated with an Indian singer & actress, Priyanka Chopra. After releasing their second single, #Single for free, Dim Mak Records picked it and released it back in 2014. Since then, the duos got their breakthrough accomplishment as the song charted internationally.

Alex Pall shared with his fans that the Chainsmokers have songwriters as well through the duos have to write the lyrics with them, the songs are about them. The Chainsmokers worked with Halsey on their trendy hit ‘Closer.’ According to Alex Pall, the duos were extremely humbled to work with her. The song went viral and gained favor from Chainsmoker’s fans.

Alex Pall net worth is estimated to be $12 million. The best bit that proves the Chainsmokers beyond words success is being ranked 3rd on Forbes earning $38 million. Rose, Memories, and #Selfies are some of their excellent amount songs & album sales. Alex Pall living in a $2.695m house situated in Laurel Canyon cannot be questioned.

The Chainsmokers donated to the Pets For Vets Foundations $2k, the organization that aids shelter to pets. The duos also teams up with Cadence and Cause to offer basic educational needs to the less fortunate. This shows how the duo enjoys charity work.