Steve Ritchie Plans of Diversity at Papa John`s Company

Papa John’s company is responsible for a wide range of customers all over Dallas, Texas and many other places. The company has 120,000 corporate and Franchise team of members across the globe. For this reason, the company must always fulfill the customers’ interest inconsistent supply. Recently Steve Ritchie was appointed to the CEO, and the president of the company, his passion, and creative thinking skills contribute to the company team trusting him to accelerate the growth of the company. He has worked in the Pizza line for more than 25 years; thus he is experienced on what is required to make the company earn recognition.

Steve Ritchie has taken the initiative to control the company by making significant changes. The changes include changing the companies structure of the organization and implementing new ideas that involve different marketing approach. Through a published letter in the Papa John’s website, Steve Ritchie explained his aim to establish unconscious- bias training to the employees. Investing in employees is one way to improve the company’s legacy. The employees will gain skills and knowledge on how to be more productive to the company hence earning more income.

Steve Ritchie also visited Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago to discuss with Papa John’s team and franchisees on the methods to use to improve the company. They shared their opinions that the company’s culture should be edited. They also agreed that there was the need to focus on the Minority-owned businesses and provide them with the necessary resources to develop. Papa John’s company also strives to improve the working environment of all workers to motivate them more. The funds for Papa John’s development plans will be provided by the Bank of America as well as Lazard.

Since Steve Ritchie became the CEO the company`s stock has risen to nearly and Reuters gave the reports. The diversity of the company in the executive plans to develop the Minority- owned company has earned Steve Ritchie recognition; thus he motivated than ever to make things right in Papa John’s business.

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