Fortress Investment Group: Successfully Managing Assets with SoftBank

Fortress: Asset Management

Fortress Investment Group is a successful investment firm located in NYC that specializes in fund management. Fund management deals with clients portfolios. Fortress Investment Group is a singular, private equity firm that began their enterprise in 1998. Fortress has been in business for over 20 years. With two decades of experience in assisting clients in maximizing potential funds and advancing their portfolios. Fortress Investment Group has earned a name of quality in the financial industry. Visit

Fortress was founded by three initiators, Wesley R. Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman. Fortress Investment Group officially began their efforts in 2007. Fortress officially became the first private equity entity to trade their stocks on a public level on The New York Stock Exchange. Fortress Manages in excess of $70.2 billion combined alternative assets, private equity, credit funds and hedge funds.

Fortress Investment Group is currently utilizing a system known as direct-lending in order to advance their business efforts and capabilities. Investors utilize private credit through Fortress. Aircraft leases and real estate ventures are examples of ventures Fortress engages in. In order to benefit in business and maintain adequate business relations with partnerships and affiliates, Fortress adheres to proper business ettiequte.

SoftBank and Fortress

SoftBank and Fortress are affiliated through their recent acquisition. The direct-lending fund is anticipated to close for over $2 billion. There are numerous patents for the fund portfolio. Over $400 million has been raised for the current portfolio. These types of company advancements are overriding traditional finance efforts such as insurance, pension plans and sovereign wealth funds. Buying and selling stocks takes place on demand and only using using the net value for asset management. Following the end of the business day, proper NAV is calculated. Following the calculations, portions of the company’s stock will potentially be sold in order to pay off their investors.

Fortress allows the advancement of flagship credit. Flagship credit is when an entity limits their opportunities to existing investors. Fortress has been a popular topic of discussion regarding financial investments and company goals.



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