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TMS Health Solutions – Driving Away Depression

Clinical depression is a condition where a person feels low or sad for no apparent reason. Other signs and symptoms of clinical depression may include irritability, anger, anxiety, low energy levels, fatigue and loss of interest in daily life. Even the smallest task seems exhausting for a person with clinical depression. This disorder is difficult to identify and may persist for a long time undetected. It is important to recognize its signs and seek treatment as soon as possible.

If clinical depression is left untreated, it may lead to a lifetime of isolation and sadness. This places a heavy emotional burden on the sufferer as well as family and friends. A person feels frustrated and may be driven to extreme measures as well. However, clinical depression is a treatable disorder. TMS Health Solutions offers treatments of all types to help to manage this problem.

More information on this location can be found at TMS Therapy Union Square, SF.
The treatments offered at TMS Health Solutions are diverse and tailored to suit each patient’s specific needs. These include pharmaceutical therapy, which involves drugs to treat depression. These may have certain adverse effects though. TMS Solution also offers counseling to aid in the recovery process.

A certain percentage of patients with clinical depression are refractory to routine treatment. In such situations, TMS Health Solutions provides a unique therapy called Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. This involves the use of magnets in specific areas of the head to stimulate or activate them. This treatment has shown good efficacy and has no adverse effects either. Further, it has been sanctioned by the FDA.

TMS Health Solutions was created in 2007 by Brad Hummel and Richard Bermudes. It has a team of highly qualified psychiatrists who are skilled as well have a deep sense of empathy for the problems a patient faces. The fraternity of doctors at TMS includes Dr. Bermudes in the role of Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Galicki, and Dr. Rosi as Regional Medical Directors and Dr. Lonach as Educator for TMS Health Solutions. Dr. Richard Bermudes is part of the Board of TMS Health Solutions. He has many years of experience with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment.

TMS Health Solutions has divisions at several locations. These include El Dorado, Sacramento, TMS therapy Oakland, Burlingame, Roseville and San Francisco. TMS Health Solution tries to incorporate efficiency and expertise from the best psychiatrists at all its centers. The team at TMS Therapy Oakland includes Dr. Bermudes, Dr. Gilllean, Dr. Kuluva and Dr. Wallace.

Shiraz Boghani: The Man Behind The Splendid Hospitality Group

Who is Shiraz Boghani?
In business, there are only a few men who stand out because of their leadership qualities and excellence exhibited in work. Although a lot would get to rise to become future CEOs and COOs, only a few get to be pioneers themselves. Such man is Shiraz Boghani, the individual responsible for the growth of Splendid Hospitality Group.

Splendid Hospitality Group stands as one of the most prominent hotel group of companies headed by Shiraz Boghani. The group of companies is currently based in the UK and is fast-expanding to meet the hotel needs of the people, ranging from practical offers to semi-luxury hotels. Through the leadership of Shiraz Boghani, Splendid Hospitality Group has acquired hotels such as Hilton London Bankside, Grand Hotel & Spa, as well as Holiday Inn, Wembley.

Shiraz Boghani’s Success
In 2016, Shiraz Boghani was awarded Hotelier of the Year in Asian Business Awards. Mr. Boghani’s recognition is due to his successful run in the Splendid Hospitality Group, providing quality hospitable service to the clients over the past decades. With a determined mindset and a servant-leader at heart, Shiraz Boghani grew the company to acquire a total of 20 trading hotels and has been involved in various real estate projects catering to hotels and restaurants.

Mr. Shiraz Boghani is originally from Kenya. He arrived in the UK at 1969, where he began training as an accountant of a firm called Chartered accountants. He then transferred to Thomson McLintock & Co, which is now known as KPMG. In his early career, he was noted to have a forward mindset. He was adept at finding business development opportunities. After his employment as an accountant, he rose up to find investments in hotels and restaurants which led to the founding of Splendid Hospitality Group in the 1990s.

Mr. Boghani also has a charitable heart. As a man from Kenya, he is aware of hardships that people face due to lack of proper services and care from the government. He has dedicated a portion of his time for volunteerism and has done this ever since. This, he believes is a way to give back the blessings and to contribute to his community.

The success of Splendid Hospitality Group and the achievements of Shiraz Boghani is an example of hard work, passion, and humility. Leaders who aspire to rise to the top can learn a thing or two from Mr. Boghani. It is not just about acquiring things, he believes, but the life of a businessman is also determined by giving back.


TMS Health Solutions and Assistance With Clinical Depression

People who need TMS therapy Oakland, California locals can have confidence in may be familiar with a company that’s called TMS Health Solutions. TMS Health Solutions has a strong presence all throughout Northern California. People can easily access TMS Health Solutions offices in Oakland, Burlingame, San Francisco, El Dorado Hills, Sacramento and Roseville. There are two clinics for TMS Health Solutions in San Francisco as well. One isn’t far from the University of California at San Francisco. The other is in lively and active Union Square.

TMS Health Solutions is a firm that was brought into existence in 2007 by a doctor. It’s business that wishes to better the concept of mental health condition treatment. It’s one that wishes to transform treatment options for people. There are so many individuals out there who have all kinds of mental health disorders that plague them day in and day out. These people often aren’t aware of the fact that help is indeed an option for them. Depression doesn’t have to be something that consumes people and ruins their lives and productivity. Mental health disorders in general don’t have to be conditions that wreak havoc on peoples’ lifestyles and make them feel totally useless and aimless. The TMS Health Solutions team grasps the universe of depression. These professionals comprehend that depression makes it hard or impossible for people to continue living as they did in the past. They understand that depression makes achieving and maintaining healthy and happy interpersonal relationships with fellow human beings seem like the toughest and most elusive thing in the world. That’s the reason that TMS Health Solutions provides treatment choices that aim to change everything permanently.

Richard Bermudes, MD is the Chief Medical Officer and Founder of TMS Health Solutions. He used to work as the President of the Clinical TMS Society as well. If a person has clinical depression or MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), it may be a good idea to explore TMS Health Solutions and its plentiful paths. The team members at TMS Health Solutions are all well-versed in a reliable treatment choices that’s known as TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. This therapy has approval from the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and can help people who have depression and simply do not know what to do. If an individual is searching for five-star TMS therapy Parnassus, TMS Health Solutions can be a major help.

Highland Capital Management – Giving to the Dallas Community

Highland Capital Management is not only a $13.5 Billion asset strong company, but a remarkable donor to the Dallas community as well.

James Donero worked his CEO magic to successfully grow the company’s philanthropist budget to $3 million. Once this number was reached, it was only appropriate for James to reach out and find opportunities in which he could actively donate and successfully help improve and develop the beautiful city of Dallas. Visit to know more.

James decides to partner with president and CEO of The Dallas Foundation, Mary Jalonick, to ensure that the $3 million budget was used successfully throughout Dallas communities according to James’ preferences. And as Mary and team usually overcomes, they find the perfect donor opportunities in which James could contribute that accurately matches his style.

The reason for James’ choice of The Dallas Foundation was simple and crystal clear. The historic success that The Dallas Foundation exhibited over the years was extremely attractive and the admiration of the community relationship that he witnessed was astonishing. It was only right to partner with such an organization.

Since James has always been a supporter of veterans and education, Mary took this into consideration and constructed a plan accordingly and James loved it. With that $3 million philanthropist budget, James donates to the The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, The Dallas Zoo and The Perot Museum of Nature and Science.


An accurate list that adequately coordinates to James’ interest, showing the excellence of The Dallas Foundation and why they are such a valued organization of Dallas.

James would continue with the good spirits of Highland Capital Management and hire Linda Owens. Linda is the former president and CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Founders. He acquired her to become a charitable giving manager. Through her efforts as such, she would go on to accomplish a challenge grant of $1 million for The Family Place campaign in order to build a new shelter.

The community contribution by Highland Capital Management has been a sheer advancement for the Dallas community. As it is expected for more contribution in the future, Highland Capital Management will continue to increase its philanthropist budget with its sights on reaching $1 billion. Visit their website for further details. Read more about Highland Capital at

Tony Petrello; leading by example

Giving is far more than receiving. This is common wisdom. However, the number of people holding it close to their hearts and practicing it is incredibly low. In as much as giving is quite rewarding, it is also the most difficult principle to master. For those who manage to practice it, it becomes a source of joy and fulfilment to them. Tony Petrello, the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd, is among the few who practise this wisdom and actively tries to influence others to do the same.

As the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd, Mr Tony Petrello has taught his employees the art of giving. This he has done by being at the forefront of philanthropy in Houston. For those who frequent Philanthropic events in Houston, you will hear of his donations and participation in many projects. At Nabors Industries, MrPetrello has set up a foundation called Nabors Charitable Foundation. Through this foundation, the employees get to give towards giving educational scholarships to employee’s children and employees themselves. Tony also ensures that every year, the employees at Nabors Industries undertake a project that focuses on giving back to the society in which they work.

As a result of this giving back culture Mr Tony Petrello has cultivated in Nabors Industries, the employees found it very easy to leave their work stations to go and help those affected by Hurricane Hervey. MrPetrello says that he didn’t have to convince his employees to go help out. When called upon, the employees gave a total of 173,622 dollars towards the rescue mission through the Nabors Disaster Relief Fund. This sum was matched by MrPetrello thus seeing the company give a total sum of 347,224 dollars towards helping those affected.

Apart from the donations given by employees, MrPetrello gave them paid off to go help out. This was done despite the fact that only 10% of the 1,200 Nabors employees were affected. Instead of insisting they all go to work, Nabors CEO paid his team to go out and help. He also had the Nabors Industries’’ on site kitchen cook large volumes of hot meals which were supplied to families affected. This was done three times a day.

MrPetrello is truly a giver at heart. Apart from the influence he has on his employees to give in cash and in kind, he also has a desire to help solve the world’s problems. Having done some research on neurological disorders in children, he discovered that not much had been done in that regard. So he gave 7 million dollars of his own fortune to help put up a hospital in Texas that takes care of people suffering from these disorders.

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Betsy DeVos and Versatility

People who live all over Michigan can recognize Betsy DeVos. It isn’t always easy for them to connect DeVos to her public persona working for President Donald Trump, though. DeVos has a position as the education secretary for Trump. She’s stirred up a lot of discussion since taking on the job as well. The people of Michigan typically view DeVos as being an individual who is kind and logical. It doesn’t matter if an individual isn’t 100 percent fond of DeVos’ political opinions. It doesn’t matter if an individual doesn’t care about her charter school zeal, either. He or she will probably admit that DeVos possesses a vast range of shining qualities. Things are not exactly the lately now, however. There are many people these days who aren’t sure exactly who they pick up on in her.


DeVos was born back in 1958. Her family members who were conservatives who had a lot of wherewithal. She was a member of the Christian Reformed Church as a child. Her formative years took place in Holland in Michigan. Most of the people who lived in Holland at that time were of Dutch heritage. The city was close to Lake Michigan’s scenic shores.


People can mention quite a few soundbites about DeVos. She did a lot of political work while studying at a Christian educational institution that’s called Calvin College. Her husband is Dick DeVos. She has four adult kids. She and her husband are billionaires, too. Although there are many people who can state facts about DeVos and her personality, there aren’t actually an abundance of individuals who actually know about who she is as a human being. Betsy and Dick have given massive amounts of money to all types of political and religious efforts. Betsy has been an indefatigable figure in the education world. She works nonstop to encourage voucher use in education. She works nonstop to promote the idea of charter schools as well. People who meet DeVos frequently ask her questions that revolve around educational choice. Her eyes light up any time she hears the phrase, too. No one wants to help the educational choice universe more than DeVos does. Educational vouchers give students the ability to employ funding from the public in order to cover private school enrollment. These vouchers even sometimes allow them to employ this kind of funding for parochial schools.


People often speculate about DeVos. They wonder what drives her to keep thinking. They wonder why she’s so eager to do terrific work in politics and education as well. Her Dutch origins may actually be responsible for many things. DeVos comes from a community that has in-depth Dutch connections.


This activist doesn’t like seeing the world stay still. She likes to enhance the possibility of adjustments in politics. She likes to do so in education as well. DeVos acknowledges that there are many things that make the United States a wonderful location. She knows, too, though, that the nation is a good candidate for betterment. Learn more:


Clay Segal’s impact in cancer treatment

Today, the fight against cancer is at its peak. Many research scientists are coming up with alternative ways to cure cancer. Many of them have come to agree that the methods that were used in the past are not as effective as there are presented to be. As a result, scientists like Clay Siegal are conducting research to come up with more effective methods that can be employed to permanently treat this condition.

Clay Segal is the president, founder, CEO and chairman of the board of Seattle genetics. Seattle genetics is a company that focuses on developing and selling monoclonal antibody based therapies. Unlike traditional methods, these therapies are designed to harness the targeting abilities of monoclonal antibodies to deliver the drugs directly to targeted cancer cells. This makes it easy to kill the cancerous cells thus ending their harmful effect to the body. The therapy is designed to spare the non-targeted cells, this eliminates the effects of traditional medical therapies.

As the CEO of the company, CEO Clay Siegall has inspired innovation among his team. Focusing on the mission of the company which is to come up with new methods of cancer treatment, Clay is determined to lead his team to better innovations and research methods. His experience as an oncology researcher for over 20 years has been a great asset to the company. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics has been able to develop a therapy referred to as the ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin) which was approved as fit for consumption in hospitals by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011.

His success in his research and his experience as the CEO of a leading company in cancer research, has also made him an authority in the field of oncology. He tries to advocate for the circulation of the findings made in research. In his official wordpress page, MR. Segal tackles different issues in oncology, his main aim in doing this is to increase knowledge of the findings made in cancer research. In his posts he tries express his views concerning the progress made in oncology.

Services provided by Securus Technologies

Security is very important to every citizen including the inmates in our prisons. The introduction of Securus technologies has changed how everything works nowadays as some of the traditional methods of detecting crime are no longer useful owing to the advancement of communications technologies provided by this company. Organizations whose duty is to ensure safety, facilities used for correction and the law enforcers all are using the products created by the firm. The study indicates the company services inmates over the one million mark including all their families. In America, the company estimates the number of clients they have to be around 3,400 going upwards.


The technology is capable of working on different kinds of phones such as the Android-powered, iPhones, tablets among others. Various plans are in place namely the direct billing, collect calls, an inmate being able to pay their bill which is referred to as inmate debit and they offer prepaid calling. Among the latest innovations includes one being able to survey phone calls which is a huge transformation. This will help identify any inmates selling drugs in the facility. Reports from authorities have indicated that the use of these technologies has helped keep the prisons and the jails safe something that was barely seen before.


In other instances where the technology has been so successful is giving out information treated as evidence through phone calls where the authorities acquire search warrants and can incriminate the culprits. The facility’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. This is the place interested clients need to visit to take a look at the mentioned and many more products the company is offering. They explain how each of them works in every setting. Those using their products each day can testify how effective they are. Many trying to commit criminal activities have gone down thanks to the intelligence Securus is offering.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Successful Career in Medicine

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a well-respected scientist who is changing the lives of numerous patients in the oncology department. The scientist is well educated and experienced, having attended some of the best learning institutions in the United States. According to his portfolio, the scientist acquired his doctor of medicine specializing in internal medicine. The scientist has a Ph.D. in experimental medicine which was acquired from an institution known as First Pavlov State Medical University. Mikhail has had the opportunity of working with some of the leading institutions in America, acquiring a lot of expertise. His skills enabled him to acquire a position at an institution called Roswell Park Cancer Institute. His input in the organization has been felt for several years now. Follow Mikhail on Google Scholar.

Doctors have been doing their best to come up with the right cure for the people living with different types of cancers. Despite the numerous advancements made by people in the field, people are still losing their lives due to cancer. Cancer has become a killer in most nations of the world. Doctors and the medical community are worried by the increasing number of people living with the medical condition. Very few people can access the right form of treatment with the limited resources and few options available for cancer patients. Medical professionals have no choice but to rely on the expertise advice they get from scientists such as Mikhail Blagosklonny. The businessman has introduced a new form of treatment for cancer patients.


Just recently, Mikhail Blagosklonny published research on the use of a drug known as Rapamycin for the treatment of cancer and reversing the effects of aging on the communities. According to Mikhail, this form of a drug will have numerous benefits to the medical community. Apart from being an effective cure for cancer patients, individuals who have undergone any form of transplant can rely on the drug because of its healing properties. The scientist has also explained to the world about the relationship that exists between cancer and anti-aging.

Apart from his significant input in the oncology department, the businessman is the chief editor for one of the top scientific journals in the world, known as Oncotarget. The journal was only launched into the market several years ago, and it has been able to assist the community to access information concerning cancer and other forms of ailments affecting the modern generation. Oncotarget has won several awards in the recent times because of its contributions to the oncology department. Read more about Mikhail on Crunchbase.

Helping Society To Better Hold Their Money

Coming into a better understanding of money enables society to realize returns on their investments. The work of professionals like Greg Secker begin with learning about the financial markets themselves. Greg then expanded his knowledge by giving it to others. People across the world seek to better their financial investment returns.

The work requires money, prices and economies to move. Getting this initial knowledge can be easy when you have a professional helping you in the process. The process put into practice by Greg helps others to get a better connection to the financial markets. This connection is possible when there’s a better understanding you have.

How A Legacy Of Success Is Extended

The reason Greg Secker extends his success to us is because of the struggle he experienced along the way. What Greg accomplishes today is a result of what he’s been able to accomplish years before the success and financial rewards proved themselves. This was necessary and in order to truly have an impact on us.

The legacy of Greg Secker is grounded on what individual investors can accomplish on their own. It often takes a large support system to see what the markets are doing and to read them accurately. The support you have access to is through the work of Greg and his passion as a leader to bring you into the world of financial success when investing.

One Objective For Greg Secker In The Foreign Exchange

Bringing the work of Greg Secker to a single point of understanding is done by one objective. The exercise of knowledge enables Greg to continue with the sole objective of making money from Wall Street. This is the only objective you need when in possession of experience. The financial markets are often known for being difficult to calculate.

Moving forward with the objective to win big financially is done by holding to the final outcome that you seek. Mr. Secker continues to seek out the winning strategies on the foreign exchange that bring success. This process and the strategies are also shared by this expert. He does so in a way that makes utter success with forex possible for all.