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Lime Crime’s CEO, Doe Deere, Is Colorful and Vibrant

Jump on one of the many social media platforms, and you will find Doe Deere on there communicating with her fans. Many fans check in on a daily basis just to see the selfies she’s posted. She is a beautiful woman, and her makeup is always just right. Her makeup is an expression of her inner soul. Her company is Lime Crime, and she is a big name in the cosmetic industry. She’s more than just a painted face, she is a business woman with a drive to succeed.

It may seem that Deere has always been a fashionista with the perfect colors adorning her face. However, she stated in a recent interview that she started out by gluing gems to her face. She knew so little about colors and choices that she experimented with fake jewels first. One thing she learned from the beginning was that she loved glitter. Everything always looks better when glitter is added to it.

Her love of makeup grew over the years. In 2008, she started Lime Crime Cosmetics. It all started with an eBay storefront. She created some products from home and wanted to see what the world thought of her stuff. She signed up for an eBay site, and she couldn’t keep her products in stock. She decided it was time to go big. She launched Lime Crime and has never looked back.

If asked about the journey, Deere will tell anyone that it has been hard. She came into an industry where big name companies like Revlon, Cover Girl, Max Factor, and Maybelline dominated the average price market. She had to fight to fit in, and that often came with controversy. However, no matter what has come her way, she has always been able to shake the dust off her feet and keep on going. Today, she is doing better than ever. Her husband and mother are by her side, and they help her to manage one of the hottest make-up companies around.

For those who wonder about the name, her real name is Xenia Vorotova. She is proud of her Russian heritage, but she knew that people would never be able to pronounce it. One day, while playing in a band with some friends, they told her she looked like a doe deer caught in a headlight of a car. She tended to give off that vibe that “no one was home.” From that moment on, she called herself Doe Deere. Her friends loved it and the name change was official. No, it’s not a traditional name by any means, but it fits this colorful princess beautifully. Learn more:

How WEN Cleansing Conditioner Works For Your Hair

You must have heard about hair care line WEN by Chaz Dean. They advertise their products everywhere. Most people are conversant with the one that has gorgeous woman shaking her hair around. The women swear that the cleansing conditioner works magic. Some people have tried the cleansing conditioner, and their reviews are positive.

One of the users gave her reviews. According to, the lady decided to test if the conditioner could transform her thin hair into luscious strands. If you love beauty products, you must be aware that trying out new products can be risky. Regardless of the risk, the condition worked out perfectly for the client.

The user explains that on day one, she read the instructions to understand how much of the cleansing product was recommended. You can read the instructions on the Wen bottle. She used the minimum amount recommended for any hair length. Her hair strands were shaking in their roots. Make sure you massage the conditioner on your scalp while pulling on the ends. Let it soak for few minutes then rinse.

According to, she explains that no hair strand fell as she took her shower and her hair felt thicker than before. You can see results even on the first day. On day two, she explains that her hair became shiny and voluminous. At first, she was worried about the tremendous improvements. On the third day, things got better. She washed with the cleansing conditioner and blow dried her hair. Her hair was healthier and pretty shiny. She went on using cleansing conditioner for seven days, and she admits that it is a great product especially for people who have fine hair.

About WEN by Chaz

Their cleansing conditioners are all-in-one shampoo, styling treatment, and conditioner. The company has a brand that works well for any hair type. However, you have to choose an appropriate formulation.

The conditioner is designed to give beautiful, healthy, and shiny hair. It is the first step to getting smooth hair. Its formulation cleanses hair without harsh sulfates to ensure that you have strong and moisturized hair. Wen is Sephora available. It can also be bought online via Amazon.

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Watch Out: Emily’s Got Bigger Shinier Hair, Thanks to WEN by Chaz

We all seek perfection when it comes to our hair, ladies. We want the super gloss, volume and movement we see on those beautiful, famous heads.

Some of us try harder, because we’ve been cursed with fine, thin hair that does its own thing. Beauty blogger Emily McClure falls into that category. Her limp locks frustrate her on a daily basis, but she was looking for the ultimate hair transformation and hoped to find it in a bottle of WEN.

WEN by Chaz is the famous, no lather shampoo experience designed to heal your hair from the inside out. The celebrity stylist developed the unique system of cleansing conditioners with an holistic approach. Chaz Dean removed the harsh detergents you find in store shampoos and conditioners and made his own line with healthy, plant-based ingredients. See,

His WEN by Chaz will deliver incredible shine, fullness and strength to hair of any type found on the planet. His line is so effective, Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his star clientele since 1993.

Emily chose the FIG cleansing conditioner for her medium length, limp locks and wrote a post about it for She even snapped hair selfies to chart her progress in a 7-day experiment.

This is what happened for Emily: She enjoyed the formula, giving her thicker, softer hair. As long as she took the effort to blow-dry and style her mane, Wen by Chaz was working miracles. Even her friends were envious of the new shine and body to Emily’s hair. Her selfies show a great, crowning glory with zero evidence of fine, thin strands.

To get fab results from WEN, Emily advises sticking to a daily morning WEN wash and putting muscle into your beauty routine. Laziness will not work with WEN. Need Wen? Order online via Amazon or Sephora.