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The Various Top Positions of Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum achieved a B.S and a B.S.E.E from Yale University. That is not his only education achievement; he achieved an MS from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and went to Harvard Medical School where he attained an M.S as well as an M.B.A from Harvard Business School. His education success resulted to him being the president of Yale Advisory Council and is part of the advisory board at Harvard-MIT HSR program; this is due to his hard work in these institutions.

According to INC42, Jim has more than 25 years of professionalism in healthcare, entrepreneurship as well as investment thus making him a very well-known business man. He began Foresite Capital. Jim is also involved in matters to do with financial and competent views so that he can make a good approval in the healthcare world. At Foresite Capital Investment Company, Jim holds the position of Chief Architect. His excellent skills have helped the company to keep developing.

He is not only a leader at Foresite Capital but the co-founder of a number of biopharmaceuticals firms and holds positions in health care investment practices. Jim Tananbaum started GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GENZ) right after graduating from Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as Harvard University in the business and medical schools. This foundation created two drugs that has apporoximately cost $80 million. Jim sold the company for $1.6 billion in the year 1998 due to it being among the best drug manufacturers worlwide. Furthermore Jim is also the co-founder of Theravance,Inc and for a while hold the position of the CEO. His hardwork encouraged him to make a collaboration between Innovative (NASDAQ: INVA) and Theravance Inc and this led to$3.2 billion. Check out ideamensch for the details.

Moreover Tananbaum is a partner at Sierra Ventures and a founding partner at Prospect Venture Partners II and III, on the other hand he majored in inventing healthcare services investment planning. This so much position indicates how hardworking Jim has always been to achieve success. The main aim for beginning Foresite Capital was to offer excellent investment platform. Jim has always taken care of the needs of his clients before attending to other duties.

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Taking a Closer Look at OSI Group

OSI is one of the biggest companies that is privately held in the US. Its main business is the supply of food products which have been value-added to the major food-service and retail outlets around the globe.

OSI has a rich history of food processing innovation having been in existence for more than 100 years. The company started in 1909 as a family business. It was founded by Otto Kolshowsky. It operated as a meat market and a butchery. It then grew into being the first supplier of freshly minced beef for McDonald’s in 1955.

Between the 1970s-1990s, the company continued to expand its operations and entered the European and Asian markets. During this period the company also began dealing with other products such as poultry. Beginning the 21st Century, OSI Group continued its expansion into China while also seeing a diversification in the products that it dealt with to include the production of hot dogs, bacon and sausage.

This aggressive expansion saw OSI buy a number of companies in the markets that they wished to enter. Examples of these companies include;

1. UK Flagship Europe
Flagship Europe is known as a supplier of products such as frozen poultry and pies. Its list of supplies to the market in the UK also includes mayonnaise and sauces. The deal to acquire flagship was finalized in December 2016.

OSI’s acquisition of Flagship was meant to give the company a greater presence in the European market. Indeed, the president of OSI was quoted as saying that Flagship’s portfolio complements OSI’s strengths in processing. He added that the acquisition would also help OSI better serve its customers.

2. Baho Food
Baho is known as producer of snacks and convenience foods. It serves the retail and food service markets. The company has its roots in the Netherlands and owns five subsidiaries. These subsidiaries have their operations in the Netherlands and Germany where there are also processing plants. However, the company has a presence in more than ten European countries.

With such a presence in Europe, the acquisition by OSI makes a lot of sense since OSI seeks to entrench itself in the European market. This is just as was the case on the acquisition of Flagship.

With such ambitious and aggressive expansion, OSI Group’s revenues in 2016 topped the $6.1 Billion Dollar mark while Forbes ranked it at position 58 on the Forbes America’s Largest Private Companies List.

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The Life and Career of Christopher Burch

In the video, the first thing that Burch points out is that he thinks about most in life is creating a path or road to the success of others. Everyone seems to want to go back to a time when life was simpler, and with this mindset, he looks through the eyes of when he was a little boy. His father had him working in construction when he was just 13, and by the time he was in college, he was already in tune with how to make money. He was constantly thinking of ways that he could make money and be an entrepreneur, this included selling hotdogs and selling sweaters door to door on his college campus. While he grew up with a learning disability, this gave him time to figure things out and have a certain sense of humility.

At Burch Capital, Burch states that one of the things they pride themselves on is not the initial investment, and not the fact that many of their investments have done very well, but when the people or investments gets in trouble they want to be the first ones to put their arm around them and they are going to try either emotionally or financially to help them and that is critical for what they do. In everything that they do, they want to amaze, listen, disrupt and love. He also spoke about sometimes the investments are about the people, the product and the numbers, but at Burch Capital is about all three. He also explained that before launching Burch Capital, they understood that they needed to be reasonable in price, sheek in design, and needed a thing where the offered great value to the entrepreneur and small businesses. And one of the final things that Burch mentioned in the video is that creativity comes from childhood.

Christopher Burch is the CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital, which is a private investment company that is based in New York City. Burch is an active investor for a variety of businesses that includes a wide range and the co-founder for the luxury fashion brand of Tory Burch. He has always had a devotion for the power of branding, and currently has applied his sense of sales and marketing to business interest that has spanned to include financial services, apparel, technology, hospitality and consumer products.

In Burch’s nearly 40 year career and as entrepreneur and investor, he has participated in the rise of over 50 companies. This happening by combining an intuitive understanding for consumer behavior and direct and international sourcing experience, and has built a long track record of connecting innovation with impact. The Burch Creative Capital’s brand portfolio has included recent introductions of Cocoon9, ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, Nihiwatu and TRADEMARK to the list of established brands that have previously embraced by Burch, that includes Jawbone, Faena Hotel + Universe and Voss Water.

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