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Want to Bulk Up? Enhanced Athlete Says to Eat Carbs.

Bodybuilding is a vigorous sport requiring many hours of training and a highly regimented system designed to chisel your body into an enhanced, proportional, physique. Continuing to increase and definite muscle “bulk” is one of the key goals of bodybuilding and can often be one of the sports more challenging goals to obtain. The experts at Enhanced Athlete suggest adding a few more carbs to your diet, especially when your energy levels are low and you are feeling exhausted.


To get the adequate nutrition needed to bulk up muscles, you must learn how food interacts with your body, and to feed your body the proper food it needs at any particular moment. Neglecting the nutritional needs of your body will diminish the effects of your training and trying to force your body to perform with no energy is detrimental to your physique’s training and will slow your muscle gains significantly. Have a snack of white rice, or add some low-sugar jam to a rice cake if your body is craving energy, particularly post workout, but keep your sugar intake below 15 grams and completely avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). This Is a good first step in creating an appropriate diet regime for muscle gains and is sugar intake recommendation Enhanced Athlete makes.


Enhanced Athlete has studied the effects of sugar consumption, including its effects on the pancreas, energy levels, and sugars overall implications for a bodybuilder’s diet. In addition to its sugar research, Enhanced Athlete has studied a good deal of other health, diet, and exercise topics and provides a comprehensive vlog, about the results it finds. The Enhanced Athlete vlog contains bodybuilding technique and additional nutritive product information as well.


Enhanced Athlete, and its sister companies Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching have created a line of nutritional products, high-performance gym wear and a coaching system that will give you the fast results you are looking for. Entering the sport of bodybuilding and making the great transformation in your physique will take work and with Enhanced Athlete, you can find the products and gear necessary to quickly meet your goals