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Life and career of Rodirgo Terpins.

Rodrigo has made history in Brazil as a rally driver at only 41 years of age. He is the senior brother of professional rally driver Michel Terpins. Rodrigo mainly participates in Prototype T1 races and his brother is usually his main teammate. Due to their spectacular driving skills and capabilities, the duo has gained recognition in Brazil.



Rodrigo Terpins participated in the popular Bull Sertoes Rally. During the registration process, he was able to select Fabricio Manchiana as his driving partner. They managed to finish in 6th position in the tournament with a good time of 58 minutes and 9 seconds. Rodrigo’s brother, Michel, took part in the same competition and managed to finish in 5th position with Sves Borries as his driving partner. The duo managed to finish the race in 56 minutes.



Rodrigo believes that determination and hard work have helped him achieve success in the sport. He says that his past competitions motivate him to focus more on current and future tournaments.



Since Rodrigo has a large fan-base, he uses Social media to interact with all his fans. He has accounts on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. In today’s world, it is essential to create a good reputation online, and that is what Rodrigo does. Check out




To get updates on Rodrigo’s upcoming events, visit his Tumblr page. His LinkedIn page focuses on maintaining professionalism as a rally driver who has years of experience. Just in case you did not catch up with the 22nd edition of the Bull Sertoes Rally, using social media can help you get all updates.


Additionally, Rodrigo has a personal website. It contains all of his biographical information, details about his past, and all the interviews he has participated in. There is also a website for the Terpins brothers with photos, profiles, and interviews of the duo. Therefore, it is difficult to miss information about Rodrigo on the internet.



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