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Jim Larkin Was A Hero To The Irish Worker

Jim Larkin was a trade unionist, an activist, and a labor organizer who started the General Worker’s Unions and the Irish Transport. Otherwise known as James Larkin or Big Jim, he was the first person to use the phrase, “A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.” Jim was born in January, 28, 1874 in Liverpool, England, and was raised in the slums of the city.

He didn’t much in the way of formal education and worked a spread of different jobs when he was younger to help support his family. When Jim worked his way up to the foreman position at the Liverpool docks, he realized that the workers there were being treated poorly.

This started what was to be a life-long mission of Jim’s of helping workers to be treated fairly and earning a decent wage.

In 1905, Jim Larkin became a full-time trade union organizer, and in 1907 he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union after being transferred to Dublin.

In 1908, he laid out the political agenda for ITGWU, which stated that there would be pensions for all workers after they were 60 years of age and that there would be work for all unemployed people at 8 hours a day.

By 1911, Jim was working to start-up inexpensive strikes that would have an effect, and he also made Liberty Hall the ITGWU headquarters, which was to be a cultural powerhouse to promote his ideas and help workers.

Instead of being satisfied with these efforts, Jim also started-up and became the editor of the Irish Worker, which was a paper that was very successful in pushing forward the agenda of the ITGWU.

After the founding of the Irish Worker, Jim Larkin and the ITGWU became involved in “the Great Labour Unrest.” During this time the union grew to 15,000 strong, and because of the efforts of Jim and the ITGWU, the congress put together the Labour Party.

Throughout 1912 and 1913 Jim organized many different strikes and eventually lead the 1913 Dublin Lockout where 100,000 workers went on strike for many months. The result was the right to fair employment for workers.

When World War 1 began, Jim Larkin organized large protests and encouraged the Irish people to not get involved. It was Jim who encouraged the Irish to not fight in any war that had nothing to do with Ireland.

Later on in 1914 and beyond, Jim would travel to America where he would make many speeches and inspire a great many people.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s Background And Bradesco Success

Fiscal policymakers, governments, currency, the banks that circulate currency are arguably the backbone of our modern world. Without money, technology wouldn’t be so widespread and affordable, everybody might not always have food, and our world wouldn’t be as developed. As such, financial institutions often hire seasoned, educated, professional executives to lead their organizations – just like Banco Bradesco had hired Luiz Carlos Trabuco in 2009 to take over as CEO of Bradesco after a respectable 40 consecutive years with the company.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in Marília, São Paulo, Brazil in October of 1951. Mr. Trabuco graduated secondary school at a young age, quickly deciding to take his talents to the College of Letters, Sciences, and Philosophy within the University of São Paulo. Following the completion of this bachelor-level program, Luiz Carlos Trabuco then went on to the School of Sociology and Politics Foundation of São Paulo. This second degree has always been and still is helpful in communicating with others in business – without communication, there’s no business!

With two degrees in tow at the age of 18, Mr. Trabuco went to Banco Bradesco’s branch in his hometown, about four and one-half hours’ highway ride, to work as an entry-level clerk. After landing this job in 1969, he worked diligently enough to earn a spot at Bradesco’s headquarters in São Paulo, traveling across the countryside of Brazil yet again for a company he’d only been with for two years, proving his loyalty and trustworthiness almost instantly.

Working in various positions over the thirteen years from 1971 to 1984, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also involved in beefing up communicatory abilities at Bradesco. In 1992, Bradesco switched Trabuco to a private pension group belonging to Bradesco, only six years later to be bumped up to president of Bradesco Previdéncia.

Virtually every Brazilian resident is familiar with the Lagoa Christmas Tree, which was backed by another Bradesco subsidiary Mr. Trabuco would work with in the near future.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco served in this expert advertorial role until 1999, earning the title of executive vice president of Bradesco’s insurance division. He even managed to climb the role of president at this subsidiary until moving on to Bradesco Seguros, of which he assumed the role in 2003. Mr. Trabuco only stepped down in 2009 to sign as Banco Bradesco’s chief executive officer.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has experienced a fruitful tenure at the helm of Banco Bradesco. One of the most recognizable financial events that Luiz Carlos Trabuco has been responsible for is the $5.2 billion purchase of the HSBC Bank system in its entirety. $5.2 may seem like a lot of money, but not when considering the amount of growth Bradesco experienced from this transaction could be completed at a minimum of six fiscal years performing at top speed.

Although Banco Bradesco is behind Itaú Unibanco, having been hovering at a more-than respectable 2nd place since the 2008 merger took place.

As Luiz Carlos Trabuco has had a long, successful career spanning more than 48 years, especially being showcased at the top of the 5th-largest nation out of the world’s 190-plus sovereignties. As such, he’s won many awards, the most prestigious and most recent being Entrepreneur of the Year in Finance by Isto É Dinheiro, coming several weeks after the HSBC acquisition was announced by Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

In 2009, Mr. Trabuco was named among the top 100 influential Brazilians residing in the South American country. Luiz Carlos Trabuco won the Insurance Person of the Year two years in a row, from 2006 to 2007 – 2006 being a year with three awards taken home.

Why George Soros And Open Societies Want To Save The World

After developing a successful hedge fund management firm George Soros decided to use his wealth to establish the open societies foundation. Now in his 80’s Soros is one of the most charitable philanthropists in the world, having giving over 12 billion dollars in donations over the years. Driven by a desire to rid the world of the horrors he encountered first hand as a child in Nazi occupied Hungary, Mr. Soros has dedicated his time and resources to aiding those currently effected by oppressive governments.His efforts to achieve his altruistic goals have been in place for a long time with far reaching results. Over forty years ago Mr. Soros worked to provide scholarships to black South Africans living under apartheid rule. He then supported the development of critical thinking curriculum after the fall of the Berlin Wall by building the Central European University.

The end of the Cold War saw Soros expand his philanthropic work to the rest of the world including the United States through the development of the Open Societies Foundation Open Societies Foundation is a network of foundations, partners, and projects in over 100 countries that promotes democratic governance, freedom of expression, and respect for individual rights. Mr. Soros personally travels the world in support of Open Societies Foundation and its mission while simultaneously giving donations to other organizations around the world that work towards the goal of liberating societies and giving citizens a voice in how government effects their lives.

Though he knows the odds against his ambitious hope to solve the complex and deeply entrenched problems of oppression in many societies Mr. Soros is determined to continue to use his wealth and influence to diminish their scope and instance all over the world. His philosophy of fighting seemingly unwinnable fights for seemingly hopeless causes because they are right stems from his own improbable past, including overcoming the violence of his childhood and reaching the heights of success, and knowing that with hard work and dedication anything is possible.

Bob Reina: Finally Someone Understands

When someone gets to know Bob Reina and they get to know Talk Fusion, one of the biggest things they say is “finally.” They feel as though finally there is someone out there that knows how they are feeling and what they are going through from start to finish. Bob Reina understands because he listens and he takes to heart what people say and how they are feeling. When he sees them, he has the uncanny ability to put himself in someone else’s shoes and relate to their feelings, no matter what they are, good or bad. With Talk Fusion, the video communications provider, it is built for people that are seeking more out of life. Learn more:


Bob Reina knows that because that is why he started Talk Fusion. He was looking for more out of his life, and has never been happier because ten years into Talk Fusion, he is finally seeing all of the fruits of his labor. He is seeing that he can be the CEO and founder and he can be the kind of CEO and founder that people look up to and also respect as a human being more than anything. He sees everyone as an equal and treats people with respect, kindness, and humanity. Learn more:


This even applies to animals as well, which explains his record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. When Bob Reina does something, he does it as big as humanely possible. He likes to make his mark, as he discusses frequently, on the world. He knows other people want to do that as well with their business and with their life. There could be other Bob Reina’s out there, and they need Talk Fusion to help them get started and get off the ground. Once they use it and use it all of the time, the gates have been opened for them.


It becomes part of their life, and it allows them to be themselves. People always tell others to be themselves, but Bob Reina is making it a reality for so many people that were once lost and they feel like they have found themselves again. Learn more:


Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy: What Can it Teach You?

If you are at all interested in real estate and getting into the field as an investor, you will need to learn the ropes from an expert. Nick Vertucci is a professional who has created a real estate academy that gives people the opportunity to get started in this field with information that will be foundational according to To learn some more info on his real estate academy and what you can expect from a professional of his background and pedigree, read on and apply these principles.

Who is Nick Vertucci?

Nick Vertucci is a real estate professional who came about this area of business honestly. He became an entrepreneur in his early 20s selling computer parts. His entire life philosophy has revolved around the fact that your past is not dictate your future. Vertucci grew up as a working-class kid raised by a mother who had to take on long hours of work, and he has since become a successful businessman in his own right.

As a result, he dedicated his life to nonstop study, training and research on real estate, which is his chosen mission in life. He understands that success comes through perseverance and never giving up, while striving for a higher purpose on

The sense of freedom that Nick Vertucci enjoyed once he decided to take his life by the horns has been tremendous – which is why he is taking it upon himself to teach others the system that has been so fruitful for. He does so in the form of his real estate Academy.

When it comes to this real estate Academy, a number of people have walked away with glowing reviews about how Nick Vertucci afforded them the opportunity to carve out their own entrepreneurial path at The Academy lays out the nuts and bolts approach to getting involved with real estate, so that you are able to get out there and begin earning as much money as possible as fast as possible.

By following the principles taught in this real estate Academy, you too will be on your path toward making millions of dollars in real estate on The success of this Academy is tried and true and will give you a great foundation for your endeavor into real estate. Getting started is free, so visit the website in order to learn a bit more about this real estate Academy and exactly why it will be one of the best investments you have ever made.