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Highland Capital Management – Giving to the Dallas Community

Highland Capital Management is not only a $13.5 Billion asset strong company, but a remarkable donor to the Dallas community as well.

James Donero worked his CEO magic to successfully grow the company’s philanthropist budget to $3 million. Once this number was reached, it was only appropriate for James to reach out and find opportunities in which he could actively donate and successfully help improve and develop the beautiful city of Dallas. Visit to know more.

James decides to partner with president and CEO of The Dallas Foundation, Mary Jalonick, to ensure that the $3 million budget was used successfully throughout Dallas communities according to James’ preferences. And as Mary and team usually overcomes, they find the perfect donor opportunities in which James could contribute that accurately matches his style.

The reason for James’ choice of The Dallas Foundation was simple and crystal clear. The historic success that The Dallas Foundation exhibited over the years was extremely attractive and the admiration of the community relationship that he witnessed was astonishing. It was only right to partner with such an organization.

Since James has always been a supporter of veterans and education, Mary took this into consideration and constructed a plan accordingly and James loved it. With that $3 million philanthropist budget, James donates to the The George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, The Dallas Zoo and The Perot Museum of Nature and Science.


An accurate list that adequately coordinates to James’ interest, showing the excellence of The Dallas Foundation and why they are such a valued organization of Dallas.

James would continue with the good spirits of Highland Capital Management and hire Linda Owens. Linda is the former president and CEO of the Woodall Rodgers Park Founders. He acquired her to become a charitable giving manager. Through her efforts as such, she would go on to accomplish a challenge grant of $1 million for The Family Place campaign in order to build a new shelter.

The community contribution by Highland Capital Management has been a sheer advancement for the Dallas community. As it is expected for more contribution in the future, Highland Capital Management will continue to increase its philanthropist budget with its sights on reaching $1 billion. Visit their website for further details. Read more about Highland Capital at

Goettl Air Conditioning: Beyond Specialization in HVAC World-class Services

For four years running, Goettl Air Conditioning has endeavored to tackle one of the greatest societal challenges in the United States: transition into civilian life by military veterans. Many military officers find it difficult to transition into civilian life due to a myriad of factors including lack of training in skills that can enable them become economically productive members of the society. Towards this end, Goettl has continued with a tradition it started four years ago of donating tools worth thousands of dollars to military veterans who are students at College of Southern Nevada. Realizing that the graduating veterans may have loans they service, debts to pay or families that need their financial support, Goettl came up with a plan that will ensure that the veterans are equipped with the necessary tools to give them a foothold in their first jobs.

Towards Strategic Development

Founded in 1939 by the legendary air conditioning inventor Gust Goettl and his brother Adam, Goettl Air Conditioning has undergone various revolutionary changes to become one of the leading air conditioning companies in Las Vegas and Arizona. As it was celebrating its 78th anniversary in February 2017, Goettl was celebrating more than just longevity in the increasingly competitive industry. It was a time to celebrate the company’s strategic moves in the industry that has seen its name become synonymous with excellence in air conditioning installation and servicing.

The survival and longevity of Goettl Air Conditioning have been hinged on strategic management and suave operational decisions that have seen it cement its position in key markets that it operates in. The acquisition of Goettl Air Conditioning by air conditioning specialist and industry veteran Ken Goodrich in 2013 was one such strategic move. He introduced a customer-centric management approach that successfully transformed the company’s image and built customer confidence.

According to GlassDoor, in addition to the customer-centric approach, Mr. Goodrich who is the president and chief executive officer of the company also oversaw strategic acquisitions and expansions of the Goettl’s operations. The Las Vegas-based privately held company recently acquired Walton’s Heating and Air to increase its market share and service delivery capability including opening operations in Southern California. This was further enhanced by the launch of two additional affiliates to enable the company explore new service areas. With The Sunny Plumber and Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical, Goettl has the opportunity to continue with its legacy of high quality service delivery that saw it invent dozens of heating and cooling system prototypes. Goettl’s customized services also include maintenance, installation and repair of air conditioning and heating systems.