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Sawyer Howitt, a Young Entrepreneur and Talented Racquetball Player

Sawyer Howitt is a high school senior born in 2000. Sawyer has great ability to understand the operational and financial needs of a business and the connection to the customers even with no formal coaching in this area. He is smart and able to work with spreadsheets in addition to coming up with compound presentations as well as taking annotations in any meeting.

Born in Portland, Sawyer Howitt focuses on business and finance, an area which he is greatly talented. At his tender age, he has worked with people from all walks of life more so in the charitable projects aimed at supporting different areas of education funding and women rights, and internships in various organizations.

Sawyer Howitt’s hobbies are fishing and sports, but he mostly likes racquetball, a sport which is family oriented and owned by a private club in Oregon. Sawyer Howitt has gained reputation as the most hopeful player in racquetball having grown up the ranks even though he is only in high school.

Presently, Sawyer plays for the Racquetball Club of Portland and achieved most of his skills from practicing in Lincoln High school where he won many matches and rose to the top of the game. He was mostly active in the 2015 tournaments and he has the capability of playing both men’s singles and doubles as well as mixed doubles, though he has only played the men’s singles. Fanatics of this game are confident that Sawyer Howitt is talented and soon he will be a renowned racquetball player in the world.




How Does Richard Blair Of Wealth Solutions Help Clients?

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions helps all his clients ensure that they may invest well for retirement, and this article explains how he gives advice to all clients who are in need. Each client will learn something new about their retirement, and they may trust all the advice that Richard has given them. There are many new tactics that may be used for retirement, and Richard is willing to try them all.


#1: What Is Wealth Solutions?


Wealth Solutions is a retirement and investment services company that helps retirees above all else. The clients that are coming to his company need a number of services that will help them protect their funds, and they may ask Richard how they should invest for the future. A basic retirement account is supplanted by the services that are offered by Wealth Solutions, and Richard will begin to alter the way his clients invest.


#2: Alternative Investments


There are many alternative investments that may be used by a client at Wealth Solutions, and someone who wishes to retire well may spread around their money using Richard’s advice. Richard often tells his clients to invest in real estate, and they may use their summer homes as rentals. Someone who moves into a retirement community may rent their existing home as a source of income, or they may hold onto a timeshare that provides income.


#3: Planning For A Specific Retirement


Specifc retirement principles are applied to every account, and the client will have the ability to change their retirement date at any time. Retirement is an easier process when the customer feels as though they have freedom to do so, and they may choose to retire earlier or later given their plans for the future. A client who needs an extra decade may add to their plan, and someone who wishes to retire early may ask Richard to change their trajectory for retirement.


Everyone who comes to Wealth Solutions will find it quite simple to retire well. They will notice there is quite a lot of money to be earned based on Richard’s core beliefs, and he will sit down with each client to show them how they should retire. Retirement is not a complex process, but it must be managed by an expert. Richard Blair is a retirement expert who knows how to help his client retire now or many years in the future.


Cotemar Mexico, One Of The Best Workplaces Out At Sea

Cotemar is a company the redefines the oil and petroleum sector in Mexico. Offering services in the oil industry, Cotemar takes pride in being a company with a rich Mexican heritage. The company believes in upholding their mexican values and tries its best to contribute to the country through the field of oil and petroleum development.


Cotemar believes in offering the best in class services when it comes to their work. They know that by doing this, they can propel themselves to a better position in the industry which aids their growth and development. They aim to establish themselves as a prominent industry in the oil sector and plan to reach a high level of success as they stand with some of the worldwide leaders in oil and petroleum extraction.


Cotemar believes in only using the highest technology of resources while undertaking their operations. The company has some of the best technology in place to aid all their operations and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the enterprise. The company has some of the most modernized and advanced technology when it comes to the boats and other big machinery which the company uses to carry out all its operations. Through these high-tech machines, Cotemar has been able to increase the amount of work they do, increasing the overall output of the company.


The company knows that safety can be one of the most pressing issues at hand when it comes to their operations and their employees. Numerous employees are sent out into sea every day to carry out the work that Cotemar does. However, the sea can be pretty unpredictable, and natural calamities can result in some devastating accidents. To mitigate these unfortunate events, Cotemar has in place numerous security measures to make sure that their employees are safe while they are out at sea. In addition to this, Cotemar has a large fleet of highly efficient lifeboats to go to their employee’s rescue if the need arises.


Besides safety, Cotemar knows that keeping their employees in the best of spirits and taking care of their physical and mental well-being is as important as the operations of the company itself. Life at sea can be hard, but the company makes sure that their employees never have to face a troubling situation. Numerous employees of Cotemar have claimed that they love the work ethic that Cotemar has and have praised the way the company treats its employees.

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A Look At Investing In Luxury Wines Through UKV PLC

Luxury wine investing is an investing strategy that is not well known. Despite not being very well known to the average investor, investing in luxury wine has been proven to be a very effective and low risk investment commodity. A study done on luxury wine investing shows that most luxury wines have steadily increased in value and offered above average returns to investors.

The logic behind fine wine investing is the following. Fine, vintage wines are produced in limited stocks. When they are just made, they already fetch a high price. When their stocks become depleted, the remaining few stocks of vintage wines naturally increase in value. This is simply due to supply and demand. Fewer of the vintage product available while demand stays the same or even increases means that the price of that stock of vintage wine will rise. As the price rises, investors can make a profit by reselling their original investment. This is how wine investing essentially works.

Luxury Wine Broker, UKV PLC

UKV PLC is a broker that is exclusively dedicated to investing in fine wines. You can purchase a wide assortment of luxury wines from UKV PLC. The wine broker will also buy any fine wines that you may already have for a fair market price depending on current market conditions.

The headquarters of UKV PLC is in Croydon, which is in on the outskirts of London. They also have an office in the actual city of London. UKV PLC has wine investing specialists who can help you formulate a wine investing plan as part of your portfolio. Wine investing consultants can be scheduled to come to your own home, an office location or a meeting can take place at company headquarters or its London office. You can browse the selection of wines available for sale through UKV PLC at

The Midas Legacy And The Practice Of Giving

One thing that The Midas Legacy is great at is giving. The experts of The Midas Legacy is very happy to give their clients the tools needed in order for them to reach a higher level of life fulfillment. Given that the experts of The Midas Legacy has achieved a lot when it comes to experience and knowledge, they are willing and able to bring their experience and lessons to their clients so that they can achieve any goal that they have when it comes to anything that they seek for their lives. As a matter of fact, giving is one way that people can find the life fulfillment that they seek.

One thing that The Midas Legacy understands is that giving can open people up to receiving better things in their lives. This is why they give new people that subscribe to their services a free book which is called The Midas Code. In this book has a lot of information that people can use in order to get what they want out of their lives. People that read this book tend to find themselves with different lives because of the principles used in the book as well as the company.

There are many different ways to achieve life fulfillment. This is one of the reasons that The Midas Legacy is willing and able to help the individual with each issue that he or she has. One of the most important aspects of helping an individual is developing a relationship with this person. The relationship has to build and lift up. If there is a part of the relationship that is one sided, then it is not going to help either party. The person has to also make contributions to the relationship so that he can continue to receive the help that he needs.

While The Midas Legacy is here to help people, the individual has to be an active part of his own transformation. If the individual fails to take the journey, then he will find that the help that he has received is not all that effective.

David Osio: the Seasoned Financier and an Active Philanthropist

For years, David Osio has worked closely with charitable organizations whose sole purpose is to improve people’s lives, their culture, and art. He collaborates with these organizations to help them develop and expand their philanthropic initiatives. Osio has worked with the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) as the member of the Orchestra Board. He sponsors EPK events for the Children Orthopedic Foundation, which in turn conducts medical research for children. Wayuu Taya Foundation, UMA Foundation, and the Fundana Foundation are some of the other organizations that have benefited from Osio’s philanthropic support. Due to his unwavering engagement in charitable acts, Osio has received multiple international awards and recognition.

As the CEO of Davos Financial Group (DFG), Osio has played a significant role in formulating and enforcing both domestic and global strategy. For the last two decades, he has converted DFG into a globally recognized business that has offices in the main cities around the world. Having graduated as a lawyer in 1988, Osio first worked as a Director in the Legal Desk MGO in Venezuela. During that time, he served as a legal advisor for multi-national clients such as Consolidated Bank.

Educational background and career

David Osio has a lot of experience in financial services and business management. His professional expertise has enabled him to contribute immensely in areas of financial advising, financial law, and banking. Therefore, he is considered a key player in the Venezuelan and Latin American market. He is a graduate of the Venezuela-based Catholic University Andres Bello. He majored in finance, international studies, and banking. From 1996 to 1998, he studied at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies (IESA) in Caracas. He later studied Management Investment Portfolios at the popular New York City-based Institute of Finance. David Osio specializes in Asset Management, Portfolio Structuring, Tax and corporate planning, and Banking services.

Work experience

Mr. Osio heads the Davos Financial Group, and he was instrumental in overseeing the expansion and growth of the company. This has resulted in the company trading in the international market thereby increasing the income of the company. The company has offices in New York, Geneva, and Lisbon. Osio has created a center for financial services through licensed companies and customized services; hence, meeting need and demands of each client while still assuring them of quality services. He has also strived to make Davos Financial Group one of the leading financial companies that provide specialized services in Venezuela.

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Veteran Technology Investor, Shaygan Kheradpir, is the New CEO of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir is in charge of Coriant less than a year since he exited Juniper Networks. The technology guru took over from Pat DiPietro, who will become Coriant’s Vice Chairman. DiPietro will also return to his previous role as Marlin Equity Partners’ Operating Partner. Marline Equity Partner created Coriant by merging several optical network providers including Tellabs, Sycamore Networks, and Nokia.

Shaygan is ready

Shaygan is not taking over leadership at Coriant blindly. He has worked in close cooperation with the senior management team during his brief tenure at the Marlin Equity Partners. He has professional expertise of steering Coriant into a recognized global brand.

DiPietro statements

Speaking on behalf of Coriant, DiPietro said that Coriant was lucky to have a talented and veteran executive as its manager. He stated that Shaygan’s strategic insight focused on operational execution would be instrumental in the growth of Coriant.

Shaygan roles

As the CEO of the firm, which has nearly 500 clients and annual revenues of over $1 billion, Shaygan will oversee the growth strategy of Coriant. Additionally, he is required to come up with innovative marketing strategies to differentiate the firm from other competitors such as Huawei, Alcatel-lucent, Infinera, Cisco, Ciena, and others. He has held senior managerial positions in established companies and implemented innovative products. Therefore, his recent appointment is creating a buzz in the telecommunication industry. Originally posted on LightReading:

Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a creative genius, technology investor, and leading innovator. He is the Board Chairman and CEO of Coriant, a leading supplier of groundbreaking networking solutions to leading network operators in more than 100 countries. He has unparalleled experience of more than 28 years in the sectors of technology, financial service, and telecommunication industries. Shaygan began his career at GTE Corporation and eventually, he became the CIO and Executive Vice President of Verizon.

Under his leadership, Verizon’s operation was modernized and automated. He pioneered several product initiatives such as FiOS, one of the greatest infrastructure programs in America. He became the Chief Operation and Technology Officer of Barclays, and subsequently a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. Shaygan pioneered the development of the historical TRANSFORM program that was implemented across 50 countries. He is the world’s first technology executive to have sat on Barclay’s executive team. Shaygan next joined Juniper Networks as the CEO and designed an Integrate Operating Plan for the firm. As a Marlin Equity Partners’ Operating Partner, his focus was majorly on technology and telecommunication investments.

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Andy Wirth Says California Resorts Will Bounce Back From Drought

The California ski area was hit hard by the recent drought conditions. In a recent interview on KCRW’s Press Play With Madeline Brand, Squaw Valley Ski Resort President Andy Wirth spoke on how the drought affected his resort as well as others in the area. Although Wirth conceded that the the ski industry suffered greatly, he is optimistic about the future.

The ski area was hit with what Stanford meteorologists describes as the “ridiculously resilient ridge,” according to Wirth. This weather anomaly prevented moisture from reaching the mountainous regions. The result was a massive reduction in snowfall. The available skiing acres dropped by some 20%, as well as overall visitation.

Brand asked Wirth how an unlimited drought could possibly affect the area. “We’re ready,” said Wirth. “It all has to do with your business model and how well you prepare.” Wirth says that his resort could withstand several drought seasons if forced to do so. Learn more about Andy Wirth: and

A great deal of new and improved methods of creating artificial snow and other alternatives enlisted by the resorts could help if a long-term drought occurred.

Good news is on the horizon. Stanford meteorologists have predicted that this year’s ski season should be normal. In fact, if the El Nino conditions hold up, there will be a massive amount of snow this year. “Absent the ridiculously resilient ridge, everything should be fine,” said Wirth.

Andy Wirth is a businessman and CEO who has given a great deal to the California ski community.

After spending 25 years with Steamboat Springs Resort in Colorado, Andy Wirth was installed as the new CEO of Squaw Valley. The resort has undergone a number of changes to make it one of the most popular resorts in the area.

Andy Wirth is a member of several local boards including the Lake Tahoe International Airport. He is married with three children.

Phillip Diehl on the Demise of the Penny in the US Money Reserve

In the United States today there are many things that are open to debate. There are many ideas that officials have in order to improve this country, and some of these ideas are downright controversial. One idea which has been open to increasing debate in the present time would be the abolition of the penny.

A recent interview on CNBC Sqwauk Box (Embed Code: ) actually discussed this very issue. Philip Diehl, who is a former U.S. Mint Director and now the President of the U.S. Money Reserve was recently on the Sqawk Box news show and espoused a number of arguments for the abolishment of the penny.

To begin with, Mr. Diehl felt that the penny had outlived its usefulness and that it is “not needed anymore.” One of the main points that Diehl made about the US Reserve was that if an individual bends over and picks up a penny they are actually making less money per hour than minimum wage.

If you apply analysis to this statement, you would definitely find out that it is true. If an ordinary individual were to pick up a penny, they would probably need about ten seconds to do it. There are about 3600 seconds in an hour and dividing it by ten would leave you with 360. Thus, stopping to pick up a penny will only merit you about $3.60 an hour give or take.

The commentator questioned Diehl, saying that some feel taking the penny out of circulation would lead to inflation because some retailers would naturally raise their prices to the next cent over.

However, Diehl felt that it wouldn’t make good business sense for an establishment such as McDonald’s to upset customers by raising their prices to the next penny.

Finally, the argument was raised that the nickel is also an example is coinage that costs more to make than what it is worth acording to his Facebook page. However, Diehl’s counterargument was that the penny is “beyond hope” and that there are methods that can be taken in order to make the nickel more profitable to produce.

Overall, an interesting and educational debate that will probably continue for a number of years into the future.

QNet Launches Compelling Social Responsibility Initiative

QNet continues to expand its presence in India. The direct selling company has been promoting its business opportunities throughout the country. QNet has taken many steps to give back to the country that has been so open to the Hong Kong enterprise’s expansions. Through its corporate social responsibility programs, QNet has done a lot to help the people in India and elsewhere.

At Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad, the local Government Primary School will receive support from QNet and its frequent partner Lions Clubs. The support is slated to do something extremely helpful to the students in need. The program focuses on the safe delivery of water to the school. In certain regions, consistent access to safe drinking water is not always easy. In fact, the availability of clean drinking water may be limited. Available water supplies could come with health risks. Bringing clean drinking water to these regions comes with costs. QNet is willing to absorb these costs for a good cause.

QNet and Lions Clubs has worked together recently on a project centered on sending a kidney dialysis machine to a small hospital. The kidney dialysis machine would have been unaffordable to the hospital without the help of QNet and Lions Clubs. The drinking water campaign is intended to assist the Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya campaign to support better hygiene. Easier access to clean water certainly eliminates a host of hygiene-related problems.

QNet has proven to be a huge success globally. QNet is now one of the most thriving direct selling company. With offices in over two dozen countries, QNet is showing the industry what it takes to be successful.

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