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Barbara Stokes And Green Structure Homes, What You Need To Know

Green houses seem to be growing, excuse the pun, by leaps and bounds. In Cullman County, Alabama, there is a need for more modern green houses and there is one comany who is filling this void. Barbara Stokes CEO of Green Structure Homes announced that Stokes Development, LLC will be opening a center in this area to build more of these eco-friendly homes. The comapny plans to invest eight million dollars in the new factory and that increases their hiring power too. Eighty more employees from the local area will be used during the first phase alone. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Both Barbara and her husband Scott spent time looking into locations to build, but, both agreed that the area of Cullman was their home and that the business was best suited right there where they live, work and play. The Stokes family owns a home on Smith Lake and they just felt that it was a great area with friendly people who would provide everything the business needs to nurture and grow. The 99,000 square foot business building will be in the Cullman Industrial Complex which the company bought in the month of December from the city.

The company will be making around 500 plus homes each year. The style of homes being produced will be of a Katrina styling. These are made from a super light gauge of steel and produced using technology that is state of the art. They are resistant to a number of things including mildew, mold and even hurricanes. By using a recycling content of around sixty percent from local sources, including Decatur and Birmingham areas, building these homes is a winning situation for the everyone in Alabama. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

These homes are cottage style but there is always the ability to offer expansion and can be as large as the four stories that are often used or seen in hotels and condos. The materials the company use make this safe and easy to accommodate.

Although that company does a lot of things local, they got some funding through a program that was offered through the Alabama Center for Foreign Investment. For examples, sixteen investors from Korea and China gave some of the investment money for the project. This was the first project offered through this ACFI. They were happy to offer the starting funds because Barbara Stokes has an amazing reputation in the community and the project will be great for the community.