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The Success Story of 7 Days, a Head of Hair, and a Cleansing Conditioner

Skepticism surrounds the effectiveness of practically anything and hair products are rarely an exception. To be honest, women are finicky creatures when it comes to beauty supplies, and most women live by the principle of knowing their hair so well that they already know what will and will not work for them. Most will admit, however, that sometimes the product is worth the price.

Wen hair products are some of the best in the field. A single bottle contains shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatments. A bottle of WEN Hair by Chaz Dean also contains all the essential nutrients and vitamins to ensure even the most unruly hair will come out looking like a team of stylists spent hours working on it. Again, skepticism from ladies still exists, so one woman decided it was time to do an experiment with Sephora’s Wen Hair Fig cleansing conditioner.

The WEN Hair experiment lasted one week and was well documented with photo evidence. She started after what she described as a long day by discussing the suggested serving size listed on the bottle. 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 for medium hair, and 24-32 for long hair. While she thought that was a bit much, she stated her appreciation for how immediately soft and thick her hair felt. She reported that it was noticeably soft when she was rinsing her hair and noticed less hair fall in the shower.

As day two arrived, she was slightly disappointed that her hair seemed to be greasy, but chalked it up to not thoroughly rinsing the WEN Hair product out of her hair. As the next few days arrived, she noticed that her hair was less greasy, fuller, and shinier. She did report that while styling her hair, the curls seemed to fall faster. This, however, can be the result of the hair being healthy enough to protect against heat damage by maintaining a protective barrier in every strand. Conclusively, the woman was very happy with her results, and who could blame her with gorgeous locks like that?

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Best Fashion Rules to Break

Doe Deere is a revolutionary fashion icon. She has made fashion choices that don’t exactly line up with the generally accepted rules of the fashion world. She has also made these choices in line with her makeup line. The Lime Crime line focuses on what people like rather than what they are expected to wear according to fashion.

Since she is so against all of these rules and constrictions on the way that young (and old) women are told to dress, she has come up with her own style. This is a style that is unique and encompasses nearly all of the elements of things that she likes. It also means that she is able to show people what they can do if they like bright and bold colors. She is an inspiration to anyone who has thought of or is thinking of breaking some of the biggest rules in fashion.

One thing that is definite about Doe Deere is that she loves colors. Bright colors, dark colors, pastels, and neons. She likes them all. There are many things that she has done with color including creating a makeup line focused solely on color. She also dresses according to the colors that she likes and never worries about what people are going to say about the colors that she has. One fashion rule that she breaks on a regular basis? Mixing too many colors and having more than one color scheme for her outfits. It’s something that she is able to do and wants people to know that they are able to do too.

When it comes to makeup, Doe Deere knows what she is doing. She also knows what she likes and what she doesn’t like. One thing that is well known about Doe Deere? She doesn’t like boring makeup. This means that she is not afraid to wear a lot of makeup on her eyes and her lips, despite fashion rules telling her that she has to choose one. She knows that a bold eye and a bold lip can both look great and even appealing to people who usually follow fashion rules.

If you don’t think that you can wear what you want to an event, you should follow some of the rules that Doe Deere likes to break. She knows that it can be hard to find outfits that are perfect for your occasion-specific dressing. She also knows that it is a good idea to wear what you like no matter where you are going or what you are doing. If you’re supposed to wear an evening gown, don’t be afraid to switch it up and wear your favorite school girl skirt with heels and socks.

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