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Rocketship Education gives Hope to Children

According to studies by Harvard University and the University of California, children born in low income households like San Jose, have an equal chance of prospering as those that are born in socially progressive countries like Canada and Denmark. However, the story has been different in localities such as San Jose where low income households are having a rough time educating their children.

Despite of the challenges, there is still hope if the education capabilities of public schools are strengthened. This is the premise in which the Rocketship Education is based. It is a nonprofit network of public charter schools that works together with the local communities including organizations, parents, and educators. The main aim of this educational concept is to create an environment that enhances quality education for low income children like those in San Jose. Its main purpose is to put the low income children and English language learners on a path of educational excellence.

These efforts have borne fruits given the high number of public charter schools under this program. Currently, there are about 25 new public charter schools which are high performing. These schools are now serving many low income communities and are creating a great difference in the lives of young children.

According to a research by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford University, Students and English Language learners in poverty-stricken areas like San Jose are gaining more than a month of extra learning in math and reading for every year they attend a high-performing charter school. There are districts which are partnering with the charter schools to improve college readiness and student achievement. Some of the districts include the Frank McKinley School District and the Alum Rock Union Elementary School District.

Business leaders in the respective districts are also playing a critical role in supporting the programs. Among notable business leaders that are associated with this program include Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix and Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook. Facebook, for example has donated engineers to build a learning platform for public schools to share it with other schools.