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Philanthropist George Soros Offers Plan to Help Europe Deal With the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Gorge Soros Forbes Billionaire investor and noted philanthropist,  George Soros, has introduced a plan to help European countries humanely deal with the massive influx of refugees from Syria and other war torn countries who are fleeing to Europe to escape the violence at home. The arrival of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers from Syria and various other countries has created confusion and chaos that has resulted in additional hardships and suffering among the refugees. According to MarketWatch, George Soros has outlined a six-part plan that provides specific actions that countries in the European Union and around the globe should take to humanely deal with the current refugee crisis.
First, Soros recommends that the European Union should take in at least one million refugees per year. The burden should be spread equally among EU member nations. Soros also recommends that refugees be allowed to relocate into the country of their preference and be granted given 15,000 euros annually each for two years to cover the costs of their housing, health care and education.  Second, Soros calls for the EU to commit to providing eight to 10 million euros annually to Lebanon, Turkey and Jordon to help the over four million refugees there. Third, Soros wants the EU to establish a single agency to create uniform rules to apply to migrants and asylum seekers. The EU should also create a single Border Patrol agency to replace the multiple agencies from the various countries.

Fourth, Soros wants the EU to establish safe routes for asylum seekers so that they can reach their destinations in the EU safely. These safe routes will reduce the loss of lives incurred by refugees making the dangerous Mediterranean crossing. Lastly, Soros urges the private sector to get involved to help the refugees assimilate into European culture. Churches, private organizations and business groups can offer sponsorships to help support the refugees.

George Soros is a well known name in business, philanthropy and politics. Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. As a young man during WWII, he experienced and survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary. Soros left Hungary and moved to England in 1947. He immigrated to the United States after graduating from the London School of Economics. George Soros subsequently accumulated a large fortune in the United States.

George Soros has been involved in philanthropical and humanitarian work since 1979 when he provided financial assistance to black people so that they could become students at  Cape Town University. This was during apartheid in South Africa. Soros has continued to expand upon his philanthropical endeavors through the years.

Today, George Soros continues his work with the Open Society Foundation.  The Open Society Foundation is dedicated to promoting human rights and advocating for transparent and open societies. The Open Society Foundation spent over $850 million in the year of 2011 supporting worthwhile causes and promoting democracy throughout the world. In addition to being a philanthropist, George Soros is also a prolific writer. Soros has authored over a dozen nybooks on economics, society and politics. His articles and essays have been published in major newspapers and magazines throughout the world.