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The Artistic and Modern Designs of Richard Mishaan.

Whichever way you look at it, the best way to refer to Richard Mishaan is by looking at his contribution to the world of design, interior design to be precise. His company, Richard Mishaan Design has done magnificent works in various parts of the United States and has specifically made a lasting impression to New York City.

To stand out as he has, Richard Mishaan has drawn from his immense knowledge in fashion, architecture, and design to create brands that breathe freshness and luxury.

He is a man who wears many hats. The author of Modern Luxury and Artfully Modern is also a holder of a BA from New York University and a graduate of Columbia University School of Architecture.

The Met Home is a splendid piece of work with an incredibly creative outlook. One of the most outstanding aspects of this job is its face to face artistic entrance that has human faces cut out in halves facing each other. Richard Mishaan combined grey, black and white colors on this particular job as if to give character to the human faces. It is at the Met Home that four spectacular large spiral mats sit on the wall like dart boards, each donning a collage that keeps his eyes busy. It is simply a sight to behold.

Richard Mishaan is also the founder of Homer Design that can best be described a place of artful furniture collectibles. Homer Design features just about any furniture and home accessory that would enhance the artistic impression of any space.

One does not need to scrutinize much to see why Richard Mishaan’s works traverse the boundaries. They all have an iconic feel to it and they have been enriched by the collection of materials from which they are made. In fact, his belief that almost anything can create a super object has helped him to experiment with different materials thus creating a wide and rich collection.

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