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Larkin & Lacey: Movements for Human Rights

It can be a fairly difficult prospect to let your voice be heard in the sea of information we have these days. However, the internet has made it easier to congregate and develop a platform that can influence minds and opinions on a world-wide scale. This was not possible in the recent past, which is exciting for all those involved in pressing the rights of individuals.

When discussing the various advocates for human rights, it would be impossible not to mention the Human Rights First organization. Their specialization is refugee care and rights, but they are also involved in supporting human rights defenders and the overall stability of Human Rights organizations as a unit.

It is imperative to have organizations like this. The general support they provide helps other groups get their voices heard, while maintaining integrity in their own field. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

Finding the proper balance between the two is important, and they have it down to a science. Their main core belief is that human rights protections apply universally to all those who are living as human beings.

Also, they stress that the overall change starts within specific societies and then has somewhat of a domino effect to the rest of civilization. Nevertheless, each person is to be treated with dignity and their funding pushes this agenda very effectively.

They are not the only ones however who are pushing for the overall Human rights of the people of the world. One prominent advocate for all human, civil and migrant rights is the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the ones in charge of this organization and have founded it from the ground up utilizing a settlement fund they received. They are both the Co-Founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media and have dedicated their careers to publishing the truth and exposing those who wish to subvert it.

This is exactly the situation that prompted their Frontera Fund. They were harassed by local authorities to give up their articles and notes for telling the truth essentially about the fact that they were being targeted.

After this, they were both arrested in their homes at a late time, almost like they were trying to be exceptionally discreet. They were then taken to separate stations and interrogated. Then they were released shortly after and received a three million dollar settlement for irresponsible charges and the lack of judgement of the department.

With this money, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin successfully advocate against such behavior and contortion of the law. This blatant unconstitutional act actually resulted in much fruit for Larkin & Lacey, as they used their intellect to advance their cause to other organizations advocating similar causes as well.

Their generosity knows no bounds as they continue to support and identify potential problems within the ruling authority that is becoming more prominent these days, infringing upon the freedoms of everyday citizens. Choosing to mess with writers can be a risky business, and they made sure their powerful voices were heard!

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