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Services provided by Securus Technologies

Security is very important to every citizen including the inmates in our prisons. The introduction of Securus technologies has changed how everything works nowadays as some of the traditional methods of detecting crime are no longer useful owing to the advancement of communications technologies provided by this company. Organizations whose duty is to ensure safety, facilities used for correction and the law enforcers all are using the products created by the firm. The study indicates the company services inmates over the one million mark including all their families. In America, the company estimates the number of clients they have to be around 3,400 going upwards.


The technology is capable of working on different kinds of phones such as the Android-powered, iPhones, tablets among others. Various plans are in place namely the direct billing, collect calls, an inmate being able to pay their bill which is referred to as inmate debit and they offer prepaid calling. Among the latest innovations includes one being able to survey phone calls which is a huge transformation. This will help identify any inmates selling drugs in the facility. Reports from authorities have indicated that the use of these technologies has helped keep the prisons and the jails safe something that was barely seen before.


In other instances where the technology has been so successful is giving out information treated as evidence through phone calls where the authorities acquire search warrants and can incriminate the culprits. The facility’s headquarters is located in Dallas, Texas. This is the place interested clients need to visit to take a look at the mentioned and many more products the company is offering. They explain how each of them works in every setting. Those using their products each day can testify how effective they are. Many trying to commit criminal activities have gone down thanks to the intelligence Securus is offering.

Securus Technologies Aiming to Become the Leading Service Provider in Correctional Industry

Securus Technologies started its operation in the year 1986 and since then has been dominating the correctional sphere. The primary aim of the company is to ensure that the correctional industry continues to advance and new technologies are developed to help the law enforcement agencies as well as the inmates. The inmates using the communication products and services offered by Securus Technologies are highly satisfied as their services are not only advanced and efficient but also economical. It doesn’t burn a hole in the pocket like the services offered by other inmate communication services does. Securus Technologies understands and analyzes the need of the inmates as well as the law enforcement officers before developing its products to ensure that the requirements of the end users are satisfied.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, has announced that the company is focusing on developing new technologies that would increase the communication opportunities for the prisoners. The communication opportunities for the prisoners are limited at the moment, and highly expensive as well, which Rick Smith thinks can be changed with the help of advanced technology in the future. Securus Technologies has invested close to $600 million in its attempt to acquire new patents in the correctional technology, which would give the company an added advantage over its competitors. The investments would also help the research and development initiatives of the company to help build better and more updated products for the correctional industry.


Securus Technologies has been receiving rave reviews for its products and services for its customers, including the law enforcement officers. Many of the law enforcement personnel write letters of appreciation to the company, which the Securus Technologies recently published in a press release. The press release showcased the amount of love and appreciation received by the company from the stakeholders of the correctional industry. In the years to come, Securus Technologies aims to become the leading service provider in the correctional sphere.


Securus Technologies: Providing Protection Where We Never Knew It Was Needed

Securus Technologies is a leader in prison technology that has invested over $600 million dollars in new and innovative technology to keep our prisons safe and to also allow inmates to have access to affordable cell phone services while they are in these institutions.


The company was founded several years ago and since its inception it has been an innovator in not just making sure that the security of prisons and correction institutions across the US, Canada and Mexico are safe but by also offering extended calling services to inmates and their families. Their calling services are used by over one million inmates and the cost and services can be fully managed online by an inmates friends or loved ones without any hassle.


Securus’ mobile calling solutions also offer maximum security. The company provides security solutions that monitor calls in addition to many other offerings. The monitoring of those calls can be incredibly helpful in the justice system. For example, a recent article featured on PR Newswire showed actual client testimonials from Securus’ client base. One specific client wrote in to share how Securus’ technology helped them track and monitor a call where an inmate who was in jail being accused of a crime had been speaking to his brother and attempting to create a false alibi. This information was sent to the prosecutor to help make sure that the man accused of the crime had an additional piece of evidence showing his poor moral character, which spoke to his level of guilt.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas and employs over 500 people. The company serves over 2,000 institutions across North America, including the US, Mexico and Canada. In addition to its cell phone offerings, they also provide a wide range of security solutions that assist in things like finding and disabling contraband cell phones.


How We Use Securus Technologies to Stay Ahead of Crime

My job in law enforcement is to be able to catch criminals or try to prevent them from doing harm if they are on the run. When working on the fugitive task force, we have to really be on our game because these suspects will stop at nothing to break out of jail and then cause problems once on the run. Each and every person in the state are in danger if we can not get these suspects gathered up and where they belong in a timely manner.


Once I am on the trial of a suspect, I usually go to where they are most comfortable, back with family. I stake out family residences, tap phone lines, and even widen the net to include relatives and close friends. The problem gets worse when we are dealing with gangs, because the network is so vast and it could include many states where these suspects can seek refuge.


In order to get ahead of the crime, I go back to where it all began, the jail. With the help of Securus Technologies and their new inmate communication system, we can now listen in on calls the inmates make like never before. The LBS software that I was trained to use gives me the chance to listen to these inmates talk about things they think they are hiding from us. In the past, they would chatter about drugs and weapons in code, now e can clearly decipher their conversations and get moving on investigations.


The CEO of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, says he Dallas TX based corporation and all thousand of his employees are working towards one objective, making the world a safer place for all to live. Now with the help of the inmate call technology, we can pinpoint where a fugitive may be when members in jail are talking about getting him help on the outside.


Securus Technologies brings home a Gold Stevie Award

Securus Technologies took home a Gold Stevie in the category of Best Customer Service Training Department during Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service banquet, according to PR Newswire.


Danny de Hoyos, senior vice president of operations for Securus Technologies, said it was an honor the company to be recognized for its improvement in customer service.


The Stevie Awards honor organizations of all sizes in a variety of industries and the people who make them work by recognizing outstanding performance in the worldwide workplace.


The award is the world’s top honor for customer service, contact center, business development and sales professionals. More than 2,300 nominations from businesses and organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were judged during this year’s competition, according to PR Newswire. Seventy-seven professionals from around the world acted as judges for the competition and entries were considered in 61 categories for customer service and contact center achievement.


Strong recognition of the problem and commitment of the training team to help associates improve results,” one of the judges noted on the Securus Technologies nomination form. “Strong improvement in customer survey results.”


The Dallas, Texas based company is among the world’s leading providers of civil and criminal justice technology solutions to public safety and investigative agencies as well as to prisions and security companies. The company counts as clients 3,450 police and corrections agencies amd serves more than 1.2 million inmates across North America with a variety of monitoring products and services.


The award was presented during a banquet held Feb. 24 at Caesars Place in Las Vegas, Nevada that was attended by more than 650 business leaders from around the world.






GTL refuses to accept Securus challenge

Securus Technologies, the industry leader in inmate communications, recently offered its competitor, GTL, a chance to show off its video visitation system’s capabilities in a head-to-head challenge against Securus’ video visitation technology. GTL declined. For Securus, GTL’s unwillingness to participate in the contest gave a further boost to the widely held perception that Securus is the undisputed industry leader in video visitation systems.



Detractors have many words but little to say


The challenge that Securus issued to GTL came on the heels of years of hectoring and dubious criticisms on the part of GTL. Some of these criticisms were without any merit whatever, such as GTL’s ongoing claims that Securus had somehow infringed on their intellectual property rights in the implementation of their totally proprietary software.


Other claims had the color of truth but fell apart on closer inspection. These included allegations that the implementation of Securus’ video visitation system throughout the nation’s jails was motivated by corrupt or untoward ends. Specifically, detractors noted that in jails, often times, the installation of video visitation resulted in the permanent removal of traditional, in-person visitations. They contended that this was a violation of inmates’ rights. This charge was more difficult to answer, as the first part was clearly true. Many jails had eliminated traditional visitations after they had adopted video visitation systems.


However, the second part of the allegation, that it was a violation of prisoner’s rights and, implicitly, that there were untoward motives involved, is false. It turns out that there are no constitutionally guaranteed rights for jail inmates to have access to visitations, although the legal picture with respect to prisons is more complex. But, ultimately, the reason video visitation has been used to replace in-person visits at jails is solely due to safety. What’s more, inmates who would have been talking to visitors from behind bullet-proof Plexiglas and over a pay-phone-like receiver often reported a better experience using video visitation anyway.



Investigator Pro 4.0: The Latest In Inmate Communications Monitoring Solutions From Securus Technologies

Imagine there is a Don from a prominent crime family that, through dint of forces beyond his control, becomes incarcerated. Now, this Don is beloved by the local crime community. He’s so loved that despite being in jail, he runs organized crime operations from that vicinity like some kind of crime spider in the nest of a criminal web. But he’s not running his operations through those who have visitation rights. Friends and family aren’t allowed to bring anything with them, and communications are closely monitored. There’s no code exchanged in meetings–the man is clean for all observable intents and purposes. Investigators have concluded that operations are being conducted through other inmates that have meetings with visitors acting on behalf of the incarcerated crime lord. The liberated criminals pass information to satellite inmates who then relay that information to the crime lord in the prison yard. There are several suspects, but no way to nail them down and figure out who, exactly, is making it possible for the crime boss to continue his operations from the inside. Enter Investigator Pro 4.0 from JLG Technologies, subsidiary of Securus Technologies.


Securus caters to some 3,500+ correctional facilities, jails, and public rehabilitation organizations nationwide. This organization understands correctional facilities from the inside out, and have personally seen the earlier-described hypothetical situation. That’s why they developed Investigator Pro 4.0. This platform analyzes phone calls for vocal similarity. A voiceprint is every bit as unique as a fingerprint. Through this new technology, inmates can be identified communicating with “free” individuals who may have priors. It’s usually these types that are running low-key missions for organized crime syndicates.


Through Investigator Pro 4.0, police can find massive areas of organized crime and virtually clean house in such a way that the peace is truly maintained, and crime is statistically reduced.


Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Has The ConnectUs System That Helps All Of Us

Securus is the video calling company that has really helped people like me get in touch with the people that I know who are in jail. These people are in need of someone who is going to stay in touch with them, and it is very hard for them to reach out. That is why I use Securus so that I can get in touch with them without thinking about it.

I can call them at any time with the Securus app, and that is how we talk. It is just like any other video call, and it is nice for the two of us to be able to talk about what is going on that week. It is so much easier for us to talk this way, and I also have noticed that I can go on the Securus website to find the forms I need to file for some special services for my friends. They can fill out these forms on their own, but I want to do it for them so that it is not stressful.

I have filled out the forms online, and I have been able to let the forms go to the jail right from the Securus website. It has been very easy for me to get the forms in, and we have gotten some special services for my friends that needed them. That is the fastest way for me to get them help, and it makes the process faster so that I do not actually have to talk to someone at the jail.

It has been very easy for me to keep in touch with people in jail through Securus, and I have found that they make it a lot easier for me to get services when I need them. Securus has practically everything that I could want all on one website.

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