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There is a misconception about freedom checks. People speculate that they are handouts. Well, they are not. One needs to understand how to make investments and the commitments to achieve the potential that freedom checks have. People are always carried away with advertisements from untrustworthy companies presenting freedom checks like handouts. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill.

Freedom checks experts like Matt Badiali will tell you that time and effort must be involved to master these checks. One needs to understand limited partnerships and the 26-F statute. Badiali’s newsletter, Real Wealth Strategies, explains that one needs to analyze the deep end of free checks. The Congress created master Limited Partnerships in 1981. This was a strategy by the government to make it easier for citizens to invest. An advantage that master limited partnership offers is they have cash available to return to investors because they don’t pay corporate tax. Read this article at


The statue 26-F was also set up to put more clarity about Master Limited Partnerships. To receive these tax reliefs, the MLPs must demonstrate that they obtain ninety per cent of their income from natural resources, real estate or commodities. By law, the MLPs are required to pay ninety per cent of their income to its members. This income comes to members inform of checks. This is part of the government strategy to ensure that natural resources are utilized to the maximum. The system is working, and in recent years, import of gas from the middle east has dwindled. This is after production of fuel in the USA has increased to fulfil its demand. Considering some MLPs have experienced gains more than 5889%, it proves that MLPs could be “cash cows.”

The sweeping tax reform bill by the Republicans was passed. This is good news to those have invested in MLPs. There are massive tax reliefs for investors, more so to MLP investors. For an expert like Badiali, he aims to alert investors, mainly the typical American that there are investment opportunities and how to achieve them. From rough estimates, according to Matt Badiali, this year, there are 34.6 billion in freedom checks to investors. There is a possibility that companies will begin distributing the checks on a monthly basis or a quarterly basis. The MPL is a simple investment choice but narrowing down to the right MLP is a precarious process, and one may need guidance. Content on MLPs from the right people like Matt Badiali could be the key.