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Fortress Investment Group: Successfully Managing Assets with SoftBank

Fortress: Asset Management

Fortress Investment Group is a successful investment firm located in NYC that specializes in fund management. Fund management deals with clients portfolios. Fortress Investment Group is a singular, private equity firm that began their enterprise in 1998. Fortress has been in business for over 20 years. With two decades of experience in assisting clients in maximizing potential funds and advancing their portfolios. Fortress Investment Group has earned a name of quality in the financial industry. Visit

Fortress was founded by three initiators, Wesley R. Edens, Randal Nardone and Rob Kauffman. Fortress Investment Group officially began their efforts in 2007. Fortress officially became the first private equity entity to trade their stocks on a public level on The New York Stock Exchange. Fortress Manages in excess of $70.2 billion combined alternative assets, private equity, credit funds and hedge funds.

Fortress Investment Group is currently utilizing a system known as direct-lending in order to advance their business efforts and capabilities. Investors utilize private credit through Fortress. Aircraft leases and real estate ventures are examples of ventures Fortress engages in. In order to benefit in business and maintain adequate business relations with partnerships and affiliates, Fortress adheres to proper business ettiequte.

SoftBank and Fortress

SoftBank and Fortress are affiliated through their recent acquisition. The direct-lending fund is anticipated to close for over $2 billion. There are numerous patents for the fund portfolio. Over $400 million has been raised for the current portfolio. These types of company advancements are overriding traditional finance efforts such as insurance, pension plans and sovereign wealth funds. Buying and selling stocks takes place on demand and only using using the net value for asset management. Following the end of the business day, proper NAV is calculated. Following the calculations, portions of the company’s stock will potentially be sold in order to pay off their investors.

Fortress allows the advancement of flagship credit. Flagship credit is when an entity limits their opportunities to existing investors. Fortress has been a popular topic of discussion regarding financial investments and company goals.



Considering His Impressive Background It Is No Surprise That Wes Edens Is Finding Success Running A Train Company:

If you want to drive from Fort Lauderdale to Miami, prepare yourself for a journey that could take you well over an hour on a bad day. This is all within a distance that should take no more than forty-five minutes. To say the least, this stretch of road has become the nemesis of morning commuters. These folks have recently been receiving some much needed relief in the form of an innovative new train service that is called Brightline. This Brightline is a service provided by none other than one of the world’s financial experts. This is Wes Edens. With credentials such as co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and co-owner of the Bucks from Milwaukee, Wes Edens is a businessman known for his ingenuity and ability to run successful ventures.

This privately owned train service, the Brightline, began serving the Miami to Fort Lauderdale route in May during 2018 and has quickly been a hit with its customer base. The success has been of a significant enough nature that there are locations around the country that are trying to get in on this good thing. There are currently calls for Wes Edens and Fortress Investment Group to put Brighline hubs into connections such as Atlanta to Charlotte and St. Louis to Chicago.

Another big piece of Wes Edens news that has surfaced recently is the fact that he is expanding his holdings in the world of professional sports. Wes Edens has partnered to buy a controlling state in a famous soccer club from the English Premiere League – Aston Villa. His partner in the venture is Nassef Sawiris. The team has been working really hard in recent years and playing hard as well. The hope is that the addition of a critical ownership partner like Wes will help get the ball rolling to take the team to the next level.

Fundraising and Philanthropy: Stream Energy Takes The Lead

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about Stream Energy helping communities all over the United States. In the efforts to assist those who are recovering from Hurricane Harvey, the company teamed up with other businesses to promote a systematic way to get people back on their feet again. With that noted, Stream Energy felt that it was important to introduce communities to an easier way to save money on their utility bills and Internet. As that went underway, the Habitat for Humanity partnered up with Stream Energy to help homeless families find a place to stay.

While the company has grown to support charities, they still find the time to do what they have set out to do. Particularly, the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army teamed up with Stream Energy to provide clothes, food, and temporary shelter. While north Texas is still regaining the strength to move on again, Stream Energy is still the number one chosen company that civilians call to see what they can do to earn the comfort of a new home. With Stream Energy reaching out to banks and loan companies to see if there can be an arrangement for some families, funds are being raised to contribute to the cause. In fact, the company promotes funding drives to help children have the supplies that they need for school.

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Help us congratulate Ronnie and Laura Millen, our newest Executive Directors! Ronnie and Laura Millen! Ronnie, head football coach and educator, originally wanted to join Stream because he had his heart set on retiring (which he did!) and building enough income to take care of his family and travel with his wife Laura. Today, they’re pursuing a long-term goal of building a massive, active team and helping as many people as possible make their dreams come true. In turn, Ronnie and Laura will achieve their own dreams. • • • As with any business, results may vary. In 2017, the average Associate earned $178.07 while Engaged Associates earned $1,139. To learn more about “average” versus “engaged” Associates, please visit

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With all the talk about the fundraisers, it is projected that millions of families will be reached within the next 2-7 years. Ordinarily, Stream would help and try to take on the fundraising alone. But because of other companies teaming up to fight poverty together, the work is noticed much quicker.

In conclusion, the philanthropy movement is growing rapidly throughout Texas. In short, the best is yet to come for the state. As a matter of fact, Texans will feel the difference in their lives.


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How to Get Your Cut of the Freedom Checks Pie

With a new tax plan, many companies are excited. Others are not, but what matters most right now is how freedom checks play a role in this. Business owners are ecstatic, learning that they get more of a break than anticipated. With more than $34 billion paid out in July to taxpayers, it had everyone asking if this was about freedom checks. It can make a difference, if these individuals invested in certain types of companies.

One simple investment strategy, according to analyst Matt Badiali is the reason that some folks are getting a fat return. Some investors may get as much as $24,000 or more all dependent upon how much they invested with companies that are utilizing natural resources. The specific areas in which these freedom checks are paid out from include the storage, production, and even the processing of natural resources. The key component here is that 90 percent of that companies revenue must come from these areas of operation.

When Matt Badiali first introduced freedom checks, no one believed that they could be real. Many investment opportunities appear to be a scam, and while it’s difficult to know what is a scam and what isn’t, he began to make sure that he made the details very clear for all who wanted to learn more about them. He learned about this by accident, while studying geology and traveling due to his work.

Now he is sharing this valuable information about freedom checks to all who will listen to his advice. It’s timely, and because the new tax plans rolled out, these checks were enhanced for many who invested in these companies that pay dividends. It’s never been so awesome to discuss natural resources right?

Now that you know what these checks are, and how they can benefit you, isn’t it time to learn more about what companies you can invest with?

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Ex Wall Street Executive Paul Mampilly Shares his Stock Picks

Paul Mampilly took up writing as a career after 20 years as a Wall Street executive. He worked in the financial industry at several of the New York City-based financial companies. He spent years with such employers as Bankrs Trust, ING, Deutsche Bank, and also with smaller private investment firms. Paul moved to the United States from India. He studied at Fordham University in New York, and he earned an MBA in 1996. Follow Paul Mampilly on

Paul worked himself up the financial corporate ladder, and he achieved a great amount of success. He also had a great deal of responsibility managing portfolios that were valued in the millions of dollars. As a successful Wall Street professional, Paul had busy, stressful days that frequently lasted well into the late night hours and beyond. Eventually, he chose to close that chapter of his life.

As a writer, Paul Mampilly transcends his financial experience into his written words. He currently works at Banyan Hill Publishing, where he has been since 2016. This investment firm publishes numerous financial publications, newsletters, and feature articles on the topics of the many investment products that are available to today’s investors. Their editors and writers are financial experts in the areas of stocks, bonds, commodities, cryptocurrency, and more.


Paul found his niche as a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is able to pursue his dream of writing, coupled with his prior experience and financial expertise. He is the author of his own newsletter, entitled Profits Unlimited. He undertakes an extensive amount of research to provide his readers with timely features. In just a short period of time, over 90,000 subscribers have signed up to receive Profits Unlimited. He is also the senior editor of Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum, two of his other newsletters published by Banyan Hill Publishing.

He analyzes the stock market, and he will hand-pick individual stocks that are worthy of his further analysis. Then, he will share his findings with his readers. Paul Mampilly is dedicated to helping them grow their money with the help of his advice and guidance. Visit to know more.