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Daniel Taub, The Israeli ambassador

Daniel Taub is a well-known figure in the world of diplomacy. He met with the Queen for the initial time that Daniel Taub gave his credentials to her Majesty. It was not just piece of paper Taub offered Her Majesty from the Government in Jerusalem, by doing, so it acted as a declaration that he had bowed his head, he was starting as the new duty as a representative the state of Israel to Britain.

However, he was also making a statement from his fashion style. He woe morning tail coat, the striped trouser and the shining black shoe were to be expected. The Kippah on his newly shaved gray hair served as another badge.

One important fact about Daniel Taub moment with the Queen is that he had returned to his birth place, London. Though he may have been one of the top diplomats, nothing can alter his beliefs and customs as an Orthodox Jew. Now, as he goes back to Israel that has been evident to every individual who has met him at his office.

To everyone knowledge including the Queen he had to give up his British nationalism, she asked him how it was might feel being an ambassador of the country which he migrated and lived for less than 30 years.

According to Daniel Taub, he was proud to have the opportunity that he has, raising his children in their ancestral home after an exile of more than 2,000 years. However, he said that when he analyzed at the history of his family, he knows his greatest opportunity and hope they found in Britain.

He states that he hopes to find an opportunity in the future of expressing his appreciation through bringing the two countries closer together. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

During a farewell reception at his home, his guest stated that they were sad to see him go. It is evident that he was the most liked and fruitful Israeli envoy since Shlomo Argov who survived a fatal assassination attempt.

Daniel Taub has represented his country well, in the midst of crisis, putting Israel plea to the government and keeping the media well informed on the platforms such as Today and Newsnight, and in any other platform, he could find an opportunity to interact with businessmen and women and academics.

He insists that Israel and Britain have cooperated in various areas, for instance, academic research and joint research on the corporation. He noted that when one takes a deep look at the real situation, it is not a tug of war but rather two nations working toward a common goal.