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Super Bowl Black Panther Party

The famous Black Panther Cam Newton is making headlines with his play, fashion sense and now his name. It seems that some people can’t resist the urge to call attention to Cam’s similarities to a another black panther that bore the same name.

Is Huey Related to Cam

Huey P. Newton is the most under-rated civil rights leader in American history and his name bears an undeserved negative connotation. This black man fought so that I could become a successful writer like Jon Urbana became as well. He lived in an era when public lynchings were still a common place occurrences and he decided to do something about it. The obvious connection between he and the famous QB would be the same last name. However, Newton is a fairly common last name so it might just be a coincidence. However, the two men do bare a striking resemblance, especially when one looks at Pictures of Huey in his 20’s.

Fight the Power Cam

Cam Newton has been very outspoken about the treatment of black QB’s by the NFL, and he threatens to break the mold of the ‘feet-of-lead’ QB. If the Panthers beat the Bronco’s in Super Bowl 50, people will be forced to reevaluate mobile QB’s which could lead to the presence of more black QB’s in the NFL. Either way, I’m sure Huey P. would be proud of Cam if the original black Panther named Newton was alive to see this moment.