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Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers Successful Story

Alexander Pall popularly known by his stage name Alex Pall is a multi-talented artist of the Chainsmokers born on May 16th 1985 in New York City. He enrolled in the New York University and pursued a bachelor’s degree in art history & music business.

Alex Pall worked as a professional DJ to gain his initial phase of his career. He so much enjoyed his job because he was extremely passionate about. Alex Pall later joined hands with DJ Rhett Bixler to form The Chainsmoker leading him to quite his DJ job.

The Chainsmokers later re-formed as an EDM DJ duo that was under Alex Pall’s management: Adam Alpert is now the manager after Bixler left. With the aid of Adam Alpert, Alex met Andrew Taggart. By then, Andrew was an Intern at the Interscope Records. The duo talked, they discovered they had a common interest and they embarked on mixing songs of indie bands.

Their first single was released back in 2012, ‘Erase’ in which they collaborated with an Indian singer & actress, Priyanka Chopra. After releasing their second single, #Single for free, Dim Mak Records picked it and released it back in 2014. Since then, the duos got their breakthrough accomplishment as the song charted internationally.

Alex Pall shared with his fans that the Chainsmokers have songwriters as well through the duos have to write the lyrics with them, the songs are about them. The Chainsmokers worked with Halsey on their trendy hit ‘Closer.’ According to Alex Pall, the duos were extremely humbled to work with her. The song went viral and gained favor from Chainsmoker’s fans.

Alex Pall net worth is estimated to be $12 million. The best bit that proves the Chainsmokers beyond words success is being ranked 3rd on Forbes earning $38 million. Rose, Memories, and #Selfies are some of their excellent amount songs & album sales. Alex Pall living in a $2.695m house situated in Laurel Canyon cannot be questioned.

The Chainsmokers donated to the Pets For Vets Foundations $2k, the organization that aids shelter to pets. The duos also teams up with Cadence and Cause to offer basic educational needs to the less fortunate. This shows how the duo enjoys charity work.

Graeme Holm And Infinity Group Australia Get Prestigious Recognition

Many entrepreneurs are on the mission of succeeding in their business endeavors. Graeme Holm is an entrepreneur that has achieved that mission. He saw that there was a need for a service that wasn’t being provided to the families of Australia. He found and implemented a solution that has been more than effective since the company was founded in 2013. Graeme Holm co-founded the Infinity Group Australia and it has now received prestigious recognition from the Australian Financial Review.


The Australian Financial Review provides its 1.8 million readers with an annual list of Australia’s most innovative companies. The information is gathered from over 1,000 companies to filter out which ones are the best of the best. The top 100 in all of Australia. This year, the Infinity Group Australia got to be on the prestigious list. The financial services company ranked number 58 on the list and was recognized for its ability to innovate services in its field.


The list is judged by a group of experts and the companies were rated based on the effectiveness of the problem that they solved. Other qualities of the companies that were judge was the quality and uniqueness of the solution and the level of impact that they have had in the real world. The panel also addresses the effectiveness of its innovation, the strategy that the companies use, their resources, and the overall process that is implemented. The Infinity Group Australia received the honors from the AFR out of a list of 1,000 potential awardees.


The Infinity Group Australia is now in the top 5.8% of all the nominated candidates. The one that accepted the honorable award was the co-founder of the Infinity Group Australia, Graeme Holm. During his acceptance speech, he gave all the credit to the employees of the innovative financial solutions company. The successful entrepreneur stated how proud he was of the passion and honesty of the team at the Infinity Group Australia.


Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker founded the Infinity Group Australia in 2013. Graeme Holm wanted to provide a better banking experience for the families of Australia. He wanted this because he noticed how the current banking system was lacking in its ability to provide a customer based banking system. In his 17 years of experience in the financial services sector and has used that experience to help the many families of Australia that were not receiving the financial services that they deserved.


It was his desire to help the people of Australia and his passion for continuously innovation that propelled Graeme Holm to launch his very own company. What Graeme Holm hopes to provide for the people of Australia is a personal trainer for the people’s finances. This unique approach has led it to be a top-ranking innovative company. It has now become one of the most trusted financial leaders in Australia. The recently honored company has now evolved in the best way possible to best serve the many families in Australia. The Infinity Group Australia is based in Bella Vista, New South Wales in Sydney. Learn more :

Alex Pall Seeks To Blur Lines Between Musical Genres

Music falls into one of several genres. Most people will distinguish between varied forms of music including pop, country western and classical. Many people love listening to all kinds of music. Those who create music like Alex Pall and his partner at The Chainsmokers, often want to explore new ways of creating music that blends all kinds of musical genres in new and exciting ways. While they started out creating dance music, they are now looking at ways to create songs that transcend the boundaries between each type and create something that is entirely new and solely their own. It is this ability to think about ways to create something out of the box that has helped bring them a base of passionate fans happy to follow them in whatever musical direction they choose to go. As huge music fans, they listen to many kinds of genres. They both love all types of music including indie, pop and hip hop. This has helped understand how various songs from varied types of genres can create moods and make life exciting.

Using All Sorts of Influences

Their own type of music comes from all sorts of wonderful musical influences. While they started out just sort of mimicking the songs they heard around them, both Alex Pall and his partner came to realize that he and his partner could do something more. They started to work hard, spending a great deal of time practicing their own musical skills. Their hard work quickly started to pay off with an increased ability to make something of their own. Hard work and the ability to take inspiration from their own devotion to music is something that has helped them gain many fans. Many of their fans appreciate just how much the music they create can help them look at musical genres in exciting and different ways. It was also this realization that helped begin the basis of their career. As they started to explore varied types of genres, they gained more confidence in their ability to perform and to create amazing and wonderful music.