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A New Super PAC Created to Battle Republican Candidate

There’s a new super PAC on the block and it is aiming to help the Democrats win more votes. This new creation already got its coffers filled with $15 million, much of it from a renowned hedge fund manager, George Soros. And its name is Immigrant Voters Win PAC.

The aim is simple: Bring at least 400,000 more new votes for the Democrats during this year’s elections in the swing states such as Nevada, Colorado, and (especially) Florida. In fact, Florida is a state with many Latinos who in the past have been swing voters. This year, Soros wants them on Hillary’s side.

Many Mexican-Americans will vote against Trump after he mentioned building a wall with Mexico and potentially deporting more than 10 million illegal immigrants, with many Mexicans included.

There are some motivated anti-Trump Latino activists already. One is Cristóbal Alex, who heads the Latino Victory Project. He feels insulted and attacked. As he said, “From the first day Trump attacked us, he called us rapists and thieves.”

To be exact, Trump referred to Mexican criminals, not to every Mexican. However, for Mr. Alex, that’s bad enough. What’s more, he also worries that a wall with Mexico would separate many families.
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Another potential target of Immigrant Voters Win PAC are the Muslims, especially after Trump’s comment to ban temporarily Muslim migration. Many of these voters are already convinced whom to vote for. So, this super PAC isn’t only about convincing people to vote for Hillary Clinton, but to come to vote in the first place.

George Soros is an immigrant to America himself. He made billions of dollars as a hedge fund manager and financial markets speculator. He’s recognized as one of the best investors in the world. He’s also known for his political actions. Back in 2004, he raised $200 million on failed anti-Bush campaign. We wonder how much he will raise now since $5 million is a rather small amount with a man who got billions and doesn’t like Trump.

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