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Corporate Giving and End Citizens United

Many voters very strongly feel that candidates for any political office should not accept cash donations from corporations. They feel that this giving of money by these corporations gives them the real power in government. Because of this, more and more politicians are being very open about the fact that they no longer take checks from these organizations. So many are doing so, in fact, and it is becoming such an important election time issue, that this issue that at one time was a pretty minor issue has become a major one. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

End Citizens United, a political action committee, says that according to their research, 170 of this year’s federal candidates openly declared that will no longer accept corporate PAC donations. The reaction against PAC’s is really unnecessary and exaggerated since the monies these groups donate only really comprise a small portion of the campaign funds. This is a big reason why the politicians eschewing these monies, don’t have a problem doing so. Plus, it is effective for making them look good to their voters. Many law experts say there are a whole lot more things wrong with the campaign finance than corporate PAC money. View the group’s profile on

The issue becoming a big one in the eyes of many Democrats after the Supreme Court decided in 2010 that made such giving basically unrestricted. Up until 2016, the debate was seemingly just isolated to the political realm. However, the presidential election of that year showed that this was becoming an increasingly important issue with voters. They blamed these particular monies for much of the corruption found in the government. For this reason, both Trump and Sanders were that year very vocal about not accepting corporate donations. But will the number of politicians who won’t accept donations for campaigns from PACs is growing, it still remains true that most will accept money from any source.

End Citizens United has been heavily involved in this debate since it was formed in 2015. End Citizens United is led by its president, Tiffany Muller. She is passionate about her work with End Citizens United.