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Give The Gift Of A Magnises Membership To Friends And Family

Some feel that they have to live in New York City or one of the major cities that Magnises operates in to get the benefits, but this is untrue. Although it’s mostly people in New York City that have become members of Magnises, anyone across the USA is welcome to become a member, especially since some of the benefits expand to other areas. The Magnises membership is mostly based around New York City but has expanded into the city of Washington DC as well as San Francisco. Even the Magnises Concierge app can help to guide the member when they want to find things to do in a particular city.

If someone in New Jersey frequents New York City all the time, then a Magnises membership would be a great idea, especially if they go to New York City to party, to eat, to watch Broadway shows, and to have any kind of fun. Even some people have their professional lives in New York City when they live in New Jersey, which means that getting a Magnises membership would still be a great idea for them. There are many users that have a WorkPass on their Magnises membership, which means they are allowed access to Alley for a great price.

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Alley is a well-known co-working space, so any Magnises member can get access to their services for only $500 per month, and obtaining the WorkPass only costs $99 per month on top of the regular Magnises membership fee. With the regular membership fee for Magnises only costing $250, the discounts will easily be able to make the fee seem like an afterthought. Many who are partying all the time in New York City can find all kinds of discounts, especially when they go to bars and restaurants.

A lot of the bars are offering free bottle service, which means that purchasing one bottle of alcohol will give them another one for free. Purchasing certain foods will get additional food for free as well as getting discounts on the entire service. There are certain places that are recommended for Magnises members, especially if they like to have fun, even if it’s bowling, movies, bars, restaurants and more. To find out more about the different hot spots in town, check out the Magnises Concierge application that can be downloaded from most of the different app stores. The application is free to use as long as you’re a Magnises member.

When talking to the application, you can get some great information, especially about the prices that are being charged to get into certain nightclubs and more. Make any reservations that you want through the app. This neat application addresses its user on a personal level, which makes using the application fun. Giving a Magnises membership as a gift is also a great idea, especially if you’re already a member yourself but want a friend or family member to join, and with all of its benefits, the Magnises membership is a great gift.

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