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The Rise of DAMAC Enterprises with Hussain Sajwani

Nothing is fascinating than a story of an investor who started from scratch and rose to the top. It is a story of hope to all the people who are struggling to start a business and those who are losing faith in the whole process. This is the kind of story that describes the life and history of Hussain Sajwani.

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and owner of the most prominent real estate firm in Dubai, Africa, and CIS. DAMAC Enterprises has been able to create a name for its self through there continues provision of quality property to their clients. Over the past years, Hussain Sajwani has been able to develop more than 20000 homes. This is a big deal because many real estate firms are still struggling to hit that target.

Hussain Sajwani was among the first people to start the real estate business in Brazil. He founded the firm in 2002. Initially, he built hotels to accommodate the overflowing population in Emirates caused by the business people. It was not until in 2002 that he realized that the real estate venture was completely unexplored and began DAMAC.

Hussain Sajwani (@hussainsajwani) is known as a titan in the business world, and this has made it easier for him to create valuable partnerships. For instance, he has been working with Donald Trump since 2013 when they first worked on Trump’s International Golf Club. Over the years, their relationship has graduated from a business relationship to friendship. Hussain Sajwani and his family were among the guests who celebrated the New Year’s Eve Party with Trump.

The invitation brought a lot of controversies because many people saw it as Trump’s way of holding on to his business partners even after promising not to pursue any personal business while still in office. However, the DAMAC Owner cleared things saying that Trump’s current position could not affect their partnership because his children especially Ivanka understands his father’s business.

Besides creating a name for himself in the real estate business, the other factor that has contributed to Hussain Sajwani being in the list of the most influential Arabs in the world is his philanthropy work. He recently contributed enough to cloth 50000 children to a group aiming to cloth two million children. See Sajwani’s profile on bloomberg.

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Town Residential Reveals The Aggregate

Residential Market Report Released
Virtual Strategy Marketing originally reported this story and information. Manhattan Real Estate has revealed and shed light on the trends as well as the quarter market conditions. The leading luxury real estate firm in New York, Town Residential, has offered information on the market conditions. This fourth quarter report for 2015, does show that there is a continued increase in price action. The average price is approximately two million dollars. The fall ‘soft patch’ has not filtered through the sales pipeline yet. The sales prices on average in Manhattan have seen at least a five percent gain.

Trends Show a Solid Move
There has been almost a 20 percent increase overall. The Manhattan condos have posted the most notable gains. These are year-over-year gains. The median sales price of these condos came in at 1,736,250 dollars. This was for the fourth quarter. The price per square foot trends does clearly show a solid move. This move is higher. The increase was up 11 percent. It was approximately seven percent higher, this is from 2015. This is an increase from the third quarter.

The Power Shifts Continuously
The overall power does continue to shift. This shift is to the buyer. They do have an approach that is cost-conscious. According To Itsy Garay, who is the Executive Vice President of Sales and Leasing, the buyer is armed with information. They are certainly able and ready however, they are not willing at any price.

The Study of Residential Sale Transactions
This study of residential sale transactions is comprehensive. This reaches all across the very distinct classes. This is from October all the way through December. This study is the aggregate that has been revealed by Town Residential.