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Multimillionaire Real Estate Expert Nick Vertucci Releases Book ‘Seven Figure Decisions’

People interested in earning money in real estate are in luck. Nick Vertucci, a multimillionaire real estate expert, has released the book “Seven Figure Decisions”. It is not only is a personal memoir of Vertucci’s successful career in real estate, it is also a guide which outlines the six basic building block that are required to make money in the industry. Subtitled ‘Having The Balls To Succeed’, the book details Vertucci’s rollercoaster journey from living in his van to building a successful computer, losing it all and becoming a successful multimillionaire through real estate.

Published by Lioncrest Publishing, Vertucci’s book is rated five stars, is an Amazon bestseller and more than a thousand copies have already been sold. The digital version of the business memoir is available on Amazon Kindle and the paperback version is being sold on Amazon. The book goes into how after losing everything when his computer company failed, Vertucci overcame his fears, changed his mindset and went on to earn a fortune in real estate. In the tome Vertucci explained that he had a mentor who helped him alter his thinking, develop a strong mental foundation, go through a real estate training circuit and build his real estate investing business.

Vertucci’s hope is that “Seven Figure Decisions” will help people struggling to build their real estate careers understand the life-changing philosophy he developed that helped him overcome his mistakes. Over the course of its 350 pages, the book shows the steps Nick Vertucci took to create a stronger, more sustainable real estate business. “Seven Figure Decisions” is Nick Vertucci’s rags-to-riches story. It outlines how starting out without any money or education, Nick Vertucci created a tech company, made lots of money, lost it all and became a multimillionaire through real estate.

For people with dreams of becoming rich, the book offers a revealing look into the life of someone who has been able to do it twice. It covers the years that Vertucci spent learning about the real estate industry and developing the tools and expertise he shares through his nationally embraced real estate educational program the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The sought-after program equips students with the information they need to do well investing in real estate. As founder and CEO of the academy, Vertucci provides students with real-world insights into successful real estate investment strategies.

Through his Irvine, California based The Nick Vertucci Companies, Vertucci also hosts events and seminars designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge of the lucrative ‘Turn-Key’ system he developed as a real estate investment expert. The book and the academy are all designed to teach people how to find, purchase, repair and sell or rent bank-owned properties.