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WARNING: You Will Get Addicted to The Chainsmokers!

The Chainsmokers, electronic dance music’s dynamic duo consists of Andrew(Drew) Taggart and Alex Pall. This New York City based DJ/production duo won a Grammy in 2017 for Best Dance Recording with “Don’t Let Me Down”. Their most recent project is a video for the song “Somebody”. The song “Somebody” is a collaboration with another “Drew”. The other “Drew” happens to be Drew Love who is a member of the R&B duo They. The official video for “Somebody” was directed by, you have guessed it, another duo (Kim) Boekbinder with ( Jim) Batt. The first frame of the video has these words written in watercolor: This is a story of temptation through time. Throughout the video there is a montage of ephemeral images created from watercolor paintings courtesy of the artist Molly Crabapple. The surrealist paintings depict different scenes of people being entertained. The initial watercolor painting have cave men and women congregating around a fire. The watercolor scenes then like magic instantly evolve from Greek orgies to Can-Can dancers kicking their legs high in front of an audience. The video ends with a watercolor portrait of The Chainsmokers performing live in front of their fans. Talk about living the dream! The video with its surrealist paintings compliments the song. The lyrics mention “The town of fancy cars, and crowded bars and supermodels while the video depicts different eras of decadence or debauchery. In other words, one person’s orgy is another’s afterparty. “Somebody” is a song about “keeping it real” within the surreal. In April after the “Somebody” video debut The Chainsmokers tweeted “It tells the story of temptation which we all deal with in our ways but often consumes us”. The song’s catchy cynical lyrics are sung over a smooth synthesized beat. The song “Somebody” can be found on The Chainsmokers’ new EP SICK BOY!