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Porfirio Sanchez Galindo – Special

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is no ordinary man. He has, in fact, worked with Mega Cable, Table Mas, Cablevision, and Cablevision Monterrey. He continues to propose new methods to commercialize and to industrialize, even wearing common T-shirts in favor of competition to show his good team spirit. He has multiple accounts on social networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. You may find him and his business there as well as on multiple Latin American radio and television stations.

He circulates more than 42,000 employees through the Grupo Editorial Televisa on a monthly basis. Within his federal jurisdiction alone, there is a men to women ratio of 63 to 37 percent – as of July 1. That number is steadily growing. Grupo Televisa employs regularly and is often looking for talented leaders from within and without, so check back for updates if you seek a position of true nobility. You must be a Mexican citizen to apply or at least a resident living in Mexico.

According to Galindo, who more than holds respect within special projects and strategy alone, there is more to note: Winning audiences, advertisers or markets from magazines for limited intelligence and collective imagination clicks is the secret. Grupo Televisa has thus mentioned that it appoints often to order improved editorial proposals for all readers and viewers at 60 times more use while bettering the range of current information channels. Televisa does it all.

More About Televisa and Galindo

Galindo has set the recent goal, for himself and for his company, to work more aggressively for this coming year’s financial plans. They may include improving ratings of current content and expanding global reach while continuing to increase audio, voice and data customer excellence in turn. The opportunity to grow is immense, and Televisa welcomes the challenge heartily as it thus plans for continued success in the next decade. This recent expansion, as brought forth by the current Chairman of the Board and the CEO of Grupo Televisa, is to be put into effect right away. Galindo could not be happier.


Josh Verne: How to Succeed in Life and Business

In his recent podcast, Josh Verne CEO of FlockU notes that there are 5 key points to becoming successful in life and business.

First, you must be a leader, not just a boss. A boss demands respect and uses his title for his purposes. A leader must earn respect by putting the needs of his people before his own. A leader is able to align his goals with his team, so they work together to accomplish their overall task.

Win-win situations are the only way to move forward. Searching for a win-win will force you to work for the very best solution, instead of whatever simply comes first.

Josh points out that we all have two ears and only one mouth. They should be used in that proportion. You must listen twice as much as you speak.

There must be a balance between life at home, health, and money. Focusing all your efforts towards one aspect of life will leave others lacking. The important thing is to make progress in all areas to achieve overall growth.

Passion leads to success. When you wake up you must want to do something. This passion will drive you to wake up early and work late all while loving what you do.

Josh Verne has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur. In April 2015 he co-founded and is currently the acting CEO. FlockU focuses on making information more convenient and accessible for college students. FlockU also serves as a hub where students can obtain the latest news on campus life.

Josh Verne also founded Workpays. Before his entrepreneurial career, Josh honed his skills at various retail outlets. He was able to drastically increase sales generating over $200 million at these retailers.