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Venezuelan Singer Livens Grocery Lines

There’s a spirit alive and well in Venezuela. It’s name is music! Amidst troubling facets of present Venezuelan life like long grocery lines, as reported by Open Corporates certain people in this country have the desire to express themselves with a talent that brings joy and hope to anyone within an earshot.
Travelling musician Jonathan Acosta and his band are enriching the streets of his home town Lara, and other places throughout the country with music that is entertaining, yet brings to mind the need for Venezuelan solidarity, as it pertains to modern economic woes.

A rich and exuberant tenor, Acosta sings of the joys of living in Venezuela to throngs of weary shoppers. According to a dateas article, he along with a talented group of back-up instrumentalists, he bursts into areas where people wait for access to everyday items. His beautiful voice and traditional song styles create smiles, and even a spontaneous dance.

From classical piano and guitar performances, to unique village demonstrations, Venezuela has mesmerized the world with musical talent. Jonathan Acosta is a common-man sensation who is worthy of being noticed by the world arts community. He lends his art and voice to people like Jose Velasquez who are negotiating strange economic times, but maintains the highest quality of Venezuelan performance standards. Bravo Jonathan Acosta!